Online Advertising Campaigns: The importance of timing

Earlier this week, while analysing my affiliate sales statistics, I discovered some interesting patterns on the basis of conversions. Majority of the affiliate sales triggered by my campaigns were happening on certain week days – primarily from Tuesday to Thursday (i.e. Monday evening to Wednesday evening US time). The weekends hardly attracted any sale. During week days itself, most sales took place during the evening US time for which I get alerts in the mornings as I get up.

This was more or less the case with two or three AdWords campaigns that I am running as well as some of those sales originated via referral links from my posts. Since, I haven’t paid much attention to email marketing yet, I cannot comment on the same but I am tempted to believe that timing is very important in that case as well.

Timing is everything

In marketing – online or offline – timing is everything. All of us know, how hectic the seasonal campaigns are ahead of festive days, New year etc on traditional marketing channels such as television or print media. On television, again the time slot of commercials is important as much as the popularity of the program that bears the ad. The case is pretty much the same with online campaigns.

Timing the campaigns can fetch you more conversions per clicks and hence less money spent on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising etc. PPC products such as Google AdWords have built in features to choose day and time slots when your campaigns need to be run on top of selecting geo-targeting. This is one of the most powerful features that many online marketers do not utilize enough and the result is several times more spent on ad campaigns.

The case is pretty much the same for content based marketing as well. For example, if you have a time-bound product promotion, you might want to start advertising the same via your content (e.g. blog post) a few hours before the campaign starts which gives your regular readers the opportunity to be aware of it. And to help with your search visitors, it gives enough time for the content to be crawled and indexed. However, the same content when promoted via the social media (e.g twitter) you might want to do alerts exactly when the campaign starts and may be a couple of reminders before the offer expires.

Other parameters

Well, the effectiveness of campaign timing can be further enhanced only if you know your target audience well. This includes:

  • Geographic areas and countries in the target list
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Marital status

Almost everyone out there knows that geo-targeting is very important for campaigns – sometimes even to the county and town level. The other parameters, if not at the same weightage as geo targeting, is very important as well. For example, if your online marketing target is younger group you might want to run your ads well into midnight whereas for the product targeting older people may need to run the respective ads say till 9PM. This may sound silly at times, but believe me it saves you a lot on your PPC advertising budget.


Though I have figured out that I get most sales in the first 3 to 4 days of the week, I haven’t really stopped the campaigns on weekends yet. This is because of the fact that I still get one off sales on weekends. However, I have been experimenting with the ad scheduling timings. The only problem with AdWords is that, this facility is available only if you manually bid for keywords and that can be tedious at times.

Let me know if you have any experience with timing the campaigns and when exactly your campaigns attract more sales.

Happy online marketing!


  1. Not only the actual sales, also for list mailing, I get the best responses from tuesday through thursday, forget the weekend, your mail is waiting while the recipient dresses up for parties or spends time with his/her family and by monday its covered with spam mails, so unlikely to be read.
    Contact your list on mondays and fridays only out of desperation.

    • I also get the same response. Weekends seem less productive. I suppose you have to take in to account where you’re getting traffic from.
      I haven’t used Adwords in months. Maybe I should start again.

      • Well, AdWords works for me in certain cases of marketing 🙂 Good to know that for most people the weekend low-productive pattern exists. My traffic is like 20% less on weekends.

    • Yet to try email marketing or any list based approach. But I am tempted to believe your explanation for Mondays and Fridays.

  2. Nice Post Ajith.

    For me Less traffic on Sunday’s and Other Holidays. i think most of my visitors are surfing from office.

  3. Donace@Market Samurai Promo :

    funnily enough blog posts get the most readership during the weekends.

    Though interesting observations i’ll keep that in mind when I run my next campaign.

  4. Great observation Ajith.

    Same is the case for even readers reading the blogs. More posts are being read on weekdays than on weekends.

    Hope you can get more conversations due to this analysis in the future.

    All the best!

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