Online Forex Trading for as low as $2.5 investment

Last month I had written a post on how to make money forex trading. At that time I mentioned about the eToro forex trading platform where you can start a Forex trading account for just $50 (eToro supports PayPal transfer) and start trading instantly.

The eToro trading system now has improved features such as visual trading and support forex trading with investments as low as $2.5 per trade. This means that you now have the possibility of getting Forex exposure for just a couple of dollars (Earlier the minimum investment requirement per trade was $25)

Forex Trading is no rocket science

As mentioned in my first post about Forex trading, it is one of the easiest (risky as well if not careful) mechanisms to make money online without having a blog or website. All that you need to do is to (1) sign up eToro (click the banner below to learn more) (2) Fund your account via PayPal or Credit Card and (3) start trading immediately.

eToro supports a FREE practice account where you can learn the tricks of Forex trading without putting your real money. Once you are comfortable with the buy/sell part, you can put real money starting with smaller amounts. With your eToro account you can not only trade all major currencies but also trade commodities such as Silver and Gold.

Note: While starting with $2.5 sounds cheap and good that comes with a lot of leverage risk. If you want to get started with Forex Trading in a relatively low risk way, you need to at least invest $500 or $1000 so that your margin leverage can be minimized thereby making it possible to minimize losses. For more forex trading tips, read the articles under ‘Related Posts’

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Happy Online Money Making via Forex!


  1. How long is the free practice account? I checked out the site and it doesn’t say how long it can be. I’m a little bit concerned about trading silver and gold online. So is it going to be paper silver and gold?

    • Jason, Practice account does not have any expiry and can be used as much as you want. When your initial virtual money gets finished, just keep filling more virtual money for the practice a/c

  2. I trade forex for a living and I can tell you guys that it is a great way to make money. However be careful and do your home work before you begin because you can lose all of your money very fast.

  3. I have used the free practice account. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of money so I guess I better keep practicing!

  4. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of forex trading, especially when I hear about software programs churning away 24/7 making money. But if it were that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

  5. It’s good to trade with low spread but a trader must be alert that is he getting all the facilities or not. Pay better, get facility better.

  6. i like your all forex related posts but i wanna know that if i try to publish forex related posts on my blog ” will google adsense allow it”
    i think google adsense does not allow forex related posts as they may lead to invalid clicks.

  7. etoro is nothing more than a shit now. they just see their benefit now. and they dont give a damn if you face any problem.


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