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Namaste‘ is one of the most powerful words from the Indian sub-continent! It is used to greet each other with deep respect and the literal meaning of the word is ‘I bow to you‘. Usually the spoken salutation (and the gesture with both hands as in the picture) is accompanied by a bow of the head and/or body. In Hindu, Buddhist or Jain culture, this gesture is also used while praying god, meditating or doing Yoga.

NamasteSo, what has ‘Namaste‘ to do here! It has been six months since this blog was launched and several thousands guests visited us in this time frame. However, only a few hundreds of them voiced their opinions here. (Some of them are regulars from Day 1 and we do know them well too). To know majority of the others better, we thought, it is a good idea to dedicate this weekend to greet and know each other thereby improving the interaction levels here.

What could you do?

All that you need to do is to spend a few minutes to introduce yourself (including those whom I know already, for the benefit of others) by telling us things like:

  • The town/city/country you are from
  • What do you do (profession, academics or part time job)
  • Your family and dear ones
  • Hobbies, passion and pastime
  • Favorite things in life
  • Links to your pictures, homepage, blog links, social networking profile etc
  • Anything else like your Halloween shopping, vacation plans etc

Please feel free to provide as many details as you wish. Spam to some extend is okay for today but let us not talk about SEO, Make Money, Alexa, Technorati etc πŸ˜€ However, you could also talk about things that you particularly like or dislike about this blog.

Starting with us…

We (Vidya and Ajith) have already introduced us through the About page. Unfortunately the current theme does not allow comments on that page. So here is the re-introduction…

We are put up in Bangalore, India though we are originally the natives of Kerala (southern most state in India which is famous for its greenery, backwaters, beaches, hill stations, traditional boat races, festivals, decorated elephants, sea food etc. This state is known as Gods own country!). We are both engineers by profession though Vidya discontinued her career to take care of our kids. I still work in the software industry in a middle management role. Our elder son Aditya is six years of age and he goes to Grade 1 School. He is a jack-of-all-trades! Atul, the two year old, is a special child who is severely disabled due to infantile spasms from birth itself. Majority of our time is dedicated to our kids and otherwise we love to cook, blog, travel etc. In fact, we sleep very less! Some more details about our family is available in Vidya’s blog and some videos available in our Youtube profile!

Over to you…

So now it’s your turn. We would love to make this more of an open chat and hence request all you to participate, talk to each other to make it more interactive πŸ™‚

Namaste! (AKA ‘Namaskar’ or ‘Namaskaram’)


  1. Namaskar,
    Hello Vidya and Ajith,
    This is Chetan from nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA.
    I am Computer post grad. Student, hobbies are playing games on PC, Blogging etc….. πŸ™‚
    Have a great day.

    Chetan’s last blog post…Send E-mails with others E-mail IDs.[Fake Mail]

  2. What a wonderful idea!

    I’m Kim and I live in Philadelphia, PA in the USA. I’ve lived all over the country though. I work as Research and Technical Asst for a science journal but as Ajith knows I am hoping to leave that soon to freelance full time. I have a Masters in Library Science but have never worked as a librarian. I like reading, playing pc adventure games, football (soccer), and trying to break WordPress.

    I also have a 6 year old daughter πŸ™‚ But she is my only one and as I am getting divorced (and am getting old) I won’t be having anymore. She’s in first grade and loves art.

    I have photos on flickr –

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post…WordPress – Collapsible Archives with the Clean Archives Reloaded Plugin

  3. @Chetan, good to know more about you and even more glad that you are a CompSci student too… I am not too much into gaming but to test my new graphics cards capabilities I used to keep hitman etc.

    @Kim, thanks for telling us about your family and also for the pics. Your daughter is a cutie… And good to know that you are a soccer fan too… I used to play and like the game long back before getting infected by the game of cricket (which is like a religion in India)

    PC games seem to be the common thing between you and Chetan.

  4. Hi there!
    first of all many many congratulations for completing the 6 months!!!
    Wishing for many more to come.
    get ready to give us a nice treat on the occasion of the birthday of this blog.

    I’m akhil,
    Enjoying life in the capital region of India.
    after having finished my graduation, pursuing law from university of Delhi.
    struggling with my third year. searching any able lawyer to practice under him, and at the same time,waiting for companies to come for campus selection.
    I like blogging, singing, participating in group discussions, listening motivational audio books, having many cups tea in a single day, recording natural sounds of nature, and the list goes on.
    Frankly speaking I don’t like to work 9-5, but if I’ll get a chance I’d like to work with google oneday as a corporate lawyer!
    oh, yeah. only with google.
    Thanks again!
    for your success,

    Akhil’s last blog post…1200 Rupees Worth Google Cashkey Ebook For Free

  5. @Akhil, good to know you in detail and great to have a law student here as well. We wish you all the best in your hunt for the corporate lawyer position in Google πŸ™‚


  6. I, Me, Myself and Mine!!!

    First of all apologies for not doing this on the weekend. I got a new Home Theater system and the gadget freak in me was very busy playing and fiddling with it and tweaking it and I am not even 10% done with it yet. Anyways over to I, Me, Myself, and Mine…

    The town/city/country you are from – Born in Nagpur, spent most of my childhood in Hyderabad and young adult life in Bangalore, now based in Hyderabad since 1992.

    What do you do (profession, academics or part time job) – M. A. (P.P.M.), presently on leave from HSBC Bank, my long term goal is to travel and see the world and blog about it.

    Your family and dear ones – Family of five with Dad working, mom homemaker, younger sister in the United States and my dear wife whose fulltime job is to take care of me.

    Hobbies, passion and pastime – Definitely the internet and my system, blogging, reading a lot of technology news, playing games on the system especially FPS kind of games, movies, music, travelling, reading and cricket if India is winning.

    Favorite things in life – Like to travel and see the world. Believe in experiencing everything in this beautiful world. Hardcore foodie with people calling me Chicken Rajiv!!!

    Links to your pictures, homepage, blog links, social networking profile etc. – My blog is and more information and pictures are available on it and on the link

    Hopefully we will have many more such opportunities and get to know each other more as the days pass by… Take care and God bless you all!!!

  7. Thanks Rajiv for that wonderful information… We definitely got to know more, we thought you were born and brought up in Hyderabad.

    As for food… hmm, what can I say, anything in this world (any cuisine any style) goes with me and I hog a lot as well πŸ˜†

    Congrats on owning the new Home theatre system… which brand is it?


  8. Ajith,

    The HT is Onkyo HT-S3100 Home Theater System coupled with Philips DVP3986 and a 29-inch Panasonic TV. I will be posting pics and writing a review hopefully soon!

  9. I’m Simon, from Western Australia. I’m a student and have a pretty big family. I like designing and coding, as well as soccer and basketball. I run a blog (link in my name) and that’s about it… πŸ™‚

    Simon from Otooo’s last blog post…It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

  10. @Rajiv, Onkyos are cool systems, I hear… Enjoy!!! I am sure you will as you are a major movie freak!

    @Simon, thanks for your visit and introduction… My favorite Western Australian is Adam Gilchrist, but you seem to be more into soccer and basketball…

    Good to know about your programming activities…

  11. I am ZK from Mumbai , India …presently living in Toronto , Canada working with a financial firm

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