Overuse of Web 2.0 affecting productivity?

A familiar scene in many workplaces these days is that the PC equipped employees juggling around two or three communication or social networking applications while working. Most people are seen multitasking and many times those tasks are more personal in nature than business.

Not more than couple of years ago there used to be only IMs or chat applications that stole productive time but now there are pleanty of options. Some employers even promote internal social networking applications and instant messengers as ‘official channels’ where as the operating systems like Windows Vista is becoming social and entertainment environments themselves. To make things even more enjoyable there are fancy mobile phones and media players for assistance as well.

Is this a very good trend? Are we becoming too social online and fun oriented that the main business is often forgotten? Please share your thoughts.


  1. Very nice thought. But it is hard to find resources who are not addicted to web.

  2. Vijay, thanks for your views…true. There are a number of things to distract us from work including social networks, various online communication/chat tools, now 3G enabled mobile etc

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