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I got an email query from one of my readers asking What is Page RPM for my AdSense account and this blog. As I mentioned some time ago, I had removed private ads from my blogs (I even removed the Advertise page) and started putting a couple more AdSense units since January this year.

Since AdSense was never my preferred income source on my blogs, I wasn’t quite interested in monitoring my AdSense reports so far. And I didn’t quite know when it started showing Page RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions) instead of eCPM. A quick look at the monthly report revealed my Google AdSense Page RPM numbers (as shown in the picture below).

AdSense RPM or Page RPM

As you can see, I run AdSense on three blogs including a niche blog. The Page RPM values for me vary from 3 to 5 at the moment and I know that it’s probably not the best numbers. However, let us go ahead find out what is Page RPM and verify the numbers as per the formula that Google has put together.

All about AdSense RPM

As per the AdSense help pages Page RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions) can be defined as follows:

Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

If you take a look at the picture above, you can verify this formula for the first blog where the Adsense RPM = ($ 161.81 / 50225 ) / 1000 = $3.22.

It is nothing but the estimated earnings per 1000 page views which was earlier known as eCPM.

Now, why did they change it from CPM to RPM? Because RPM talks about ‘Revenue’ per impressions as against ‘Cost’ per impressions. The term ‘Revenue’ makes more sense for AdSense publishers where as ‘Cost’ makes sense for AdWords advertisers of Google. In essence the formula representing both RPM and eCPM are the same except that if Google were to show eCPM for both publisher and advertiser accounts, the eCPM for advertisers will show a higher value. This is because the publishers get only 68% of what advertisers are charged

In short, I think Google has made things simpler and clearer by showing CPM for Advertisers and RPM for Publishers.

What is a good RPM?

This would be the next logical question. To be frank, I do not know the answer. For my niche blog the RPM is 5+ and I have heard people talking about an RPM of even $250 for extreme niche blogs which high Click-Through-Rate and high EPC. There are also people who get an RPM of less than 1. It purely depends on your niche and more importantly the value of keywords that you have on your page where ads are present. It also depends on which country your traffic comes from and a variety of other parameters that contributes to your AdSense success.

Quick Tip: If your blog niche is hot but your Page RPM is low, then consider writing next set of posts related to high paid keywords in that niche. Your AdSense earnings will be dramatically boosted.

I hope the concept behind PageRPM is clear now. Now, do you care to share your AdSense RPM numbers as comments here?


  1. very much true. Best CPM is around 5 to 10 with more number of page views

    • I truly don’t know what’s a good CPM. In fact, I see an increase of RPM in the last few days on this blog. But I tend to believe that for bigger blogs, $5 or $6 per thousand impressions may be good.

  2. hi iam having RPM of $42.20 and page views 32 what does this mean about ?

  3. My RPM is $0.42 and page impression in 4300 . and i am earning only $1.82 .
    i really want to increase this earning and i have tried much more things but the result are same i am receving good impresion but earning is very less .
    Can u help me please

    • Rakesh,
      Since majority of your traffic is from India, it’s expected that the RPM and EPC will be low. However. there are a number of things you can do to increase your Click-Through-Rate and RPM a bit more.

      1) First, you need to position and align your ad blocks well. At the moment, the alignment is very bad and so are some positions
      2) You need to place the Google search bar within your content width. At the moment it runs 100% width and that looks ugly.
      3) The content need to be richer – at least 400 words per page is recommended.
      4) Overall clean up of the content organizing is required – comment block looks spammy, your social widgets are cluttered and misplaced.
      5) Try 2 ad blocks max per page but each adblock should be text/image type

      Good luck!

  4. Is it really that important to get a high RPM than having a huge earning? Will all your earning be invalid if you get a huge earning yet get a low RPM?

  5. I’m starting out and make about $1.50 give or take. I have a good niche, excellent traffic for content effort and it is increasing fast. Content is SEO optimised, original and with some posts having 100+ comments. 80% of traffic is from the UK and US. Problem is that the ads served don’t really relate to my visitors. I know some of the larger competitors are selling ads direct for up to $30-40 CPM. Would be great to hear your thoughts on alternatives to increasing RPM.

    • Jason,
      Since you already have good traffic from high CPM geographies, it has to do something about your ad optimization. You may try the following:

      – Try to filter out categories that don’t make sense to your niche using Allow & block ads feature -> General categories. If your Adsense account is being used for more than one site, pick only those categories that make sense for all your sites.

      – As much as possible use large rectangle ads in both text/image mode

      – Check your bounce rate on organic search traffic SPECIFIC to your high paid keywords. If it’s very high and not much earnings then people are not finding the ads interesting.

      – Use the ad preview tool and check ads on your pages of interest. If they are irrelevant filter them out in AdSense settings as well.

      (PS: Please give a week’s time during major experiments such as category filtering. Also record your experiment date and what difference it made so that you can end up optimizing over a month or two)

  6. If RPM of $5 is a good one, then I should get a 100,000 PV site (Alexa: about 25k) a day to get $500 a day, it is terrible. Still a looooooooooooooooooong journey for me.

    • Alexa 25 doesn’t necessarily translate to 100,000 page views. I had peaked my Alexa around 30K or so sometime ago but the page views were hardly 2-3K per day then. It’s all about the reach (page views per visit)

  7. My RPM is too low….about 0.68 … how i can improve plz help

  8. hi,my website is news portal site every day user are 7-10k but RPM is very low like $0.76
    and the page views are 10-12k. what is main problem

  9. All post that I read on this topic, cover how to improve your adsense income by adjusting the number of ads, ad types and positioning etc. Is there a way to improve your RPM based on the content of the page? How does google evaluate which pages are valuable/profitable? How can I improve my earnings, except by improving ad placement and daily visits? Any info is welcome thank you!

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