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domain searchSearching for a suitable domain name is the first and foremost step in establishing your online business or your company’s online presence. However, more often than not, domain name search is a tedious process that involves slow queries or boring ‘one at a time’ look up. The web is moving faster day by day and even the common Internet search engines are moving towards the ‘instant search‘ paradigm. Can’t we have domain name check done in an instant manner as well? Of course we can and the answer is ‘PCNames ‘ that provides instant search for domain names and a lot more exciting tools to help with your domain name registration process.

What is PCNames?

PCNames is primarily an instant domain checker tool that helps you with the available domain names in all popular top level domain categories as and when you type. Its lightweight and fast user interface lets you quickly check for the availability, get related domain name suggestions and even lists the premium names in that category that is available for sale. Of course you could turn off the instant search if you wish to do so.

With PCNames.com, you have the possibility of remembering up to 50 recent domain name searches that you have made. You could also add one or more of them to your favourites and all this without having to sign up or register at this site.


PCNames Tools

One of the most exciting aspects about PCNames is the bunch of related free tools that it offers. Some of the tools that they offer include:

The bulk domain checker tool is one of the fastest I have ever experienced in that category.


In short, PCNames instant search and free domain name search tools provide you an exciting new way of searching for that special domain name you are looking for to support your business. Though I noticed minor look up errors (e.g. When I checked last, maxblogger.com was shown as ‘Available’ but actually it wasn’t, probably a minor cache issue), for most cases it was accurate and lighting fast.

A great domain search tool indeed! By the way, I almost forgot to mention those little sticky note tips that’s thrown up every time you visit PCNames.com. Awesome domain name tips there.

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  1. Great review.

    Thanks for sharing this. I will check this out.

  2. PCNames is a great tool to quickly check if domain names with the most popular extensions are still free and waiting to be registered.
    I just wish that they would display alternative keyword suggestions in their results.

  3. Checked PC Names. its interesting. hope this will help lot of people. Thanks Anjith for the review.

  4. Interesting post, thanks for your tips and insight.

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