PerformancingAds Blog Ad Network – Follow Up

I had reviewed PerformancingAds blog advertising solution a couple of months ago. At that time this blog ad network was just getting established and as a fresh subscriber I was not having much success with it. Right now, however, things seem to be a little better and they have sent across my first month’s earnings via PayPal yesterday. (Click here for the payment proof)

Though I am happy that my experiment with this network was not a total disaster, things would have been much better had the Performancing team put a lot more organized effort into this project. I recently stopped running their ads to do yet another experiment with another network (Project Wonderful). However, I have the following findings on PerformancingAds after my 1.5 months long stint with them.

What worked well?

Initially the ad fill rate was not that great but I guess it was more to do with the traffic and rate on my ad blocks. PerformancingAds Follow-up Things would start working once you beging bidding at lower rates (I had mentioned this point in the review) as the network seems to have got a decent advertiser base already.

The on time payment is another good thing. Also, the minimum payout of $10 is good for small time bloggers. Majority of my income for last month seems to have arrived via the advertiser referral. In fact, you get 5% income for life for all advertisers that you refer and this makes a major portion of the payout as well.

What is not so good?

I had a lot of concerns on the transparency of the whole system as well as the lack of certain features that premium advertisers must have. The following are some of the things that I didn’t quite like.

  • I still do not know the breakup of my earnings as the detailed reporting system do not exist. Neither the payment receipt not the reporting system show these details
  • Customer support is pathetic, I had written a couple of mails to them not to get any reply
  • The network keeps 40% of your ad revenue as their commission which is way to high for any such network
  • Nobody knows how the publisher referral system actually works. I had 9 or 10 referrals but got paid for only one ($10). They never explained if there is any clause behind publisher referral system
  • There was a lot of hype around the ad exchange credits but all of a sudden the exchange credit balance disappeared from the system


Despite the issues (which are fixable from their end) PerformancingAds seem to be a decent option if you want to start making money out of your blog 125×125 ad banners. At any time, private ad sales is the best yielding approach, but then you must have a decently established blog for that. Until then, probably you could use this network!

Happy Moneymaking!


  1. Ajith i have performancing ads. but for me i initially got only 2 weeks ads booked. After that no ads booked. I have good traffic but no body seems to book the ad. I have also reduced the ad price.

    Any idea why?

    Nihar’s last blog post…27th Match: Chennai Superstars v Mumbai Champs T20 Highlights – ICL Season 2

  2. @Nihar, hmm that’s strange because I got 6-7 bids in 1.5 months. Probably your ProjectWonderful bid ads are getting more attention… or it could be due to ad blindness as well.

  3. Even I tried them but no bookings whatsoever so I just removed it. Might go back and recheck them sometime later on I guess.

  4. @Rajiv, Seriously, it is not working for everyone the same way – I think there are a lot of parameters to consider, I am gathering even more info. Traffic from the US/UK/Canada matter a lot I think. Then positioning of the ad – unlike Project Wonderful, where you get bids on ads regardless of where it is – is an important thing as well.

    And as the commission is very high, many publishers do not put biggeer blocks containing 4 ot 6 ads. This is another issue affecting its popularity.

  5. I dropped them. They just weren’t doing anything for me and the referral program is an absolute mystery. I don’t think I’ve encountered a program that has worse reporting to be honest.

    swollenpickles’s last blog post… Kontera versus Infolinks

  6. @swollenpickles, your sentiments reflect my views as well 🙂 I am looking forward to today’s payments and take a final call on it. Let us see if they fix the referral problem…


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