How Post Frequency affects your traffic and ranks?

Today I had a look at my traffic statistics with special focus on the past 9 months window – my usual practice is to track it month on month. A quick glance at the graph revealed that the blog traffic had peaked from October last year through February this year. Further, I took a look at my archives and found that exactly during that peak period I used to post more articles at predictable intervals. The verdict: Increased post frequency = more traffic (at least for established, indexed blogs)!

dollarshower traffic 9 months

How is this phenomenon explained?

There are a few reasons why improved post frequency can increase traffic. First of all, more posts mean more pages indexed by the search engines. Moreover, the pace at which the indexing happens is defined by how often a site is updated. More indexed pages usually mean more search traffic.

Secondly, your regular readers (not search or social media visitors) will be more excited and highly likely to visit a blog that is updated at a predictable post frequency than those blogs that get updated sporadically. This holds true for those who are using feed readers to read the content as well.

Traffic rank impact

More frequent posts would mean that more pages to read on each visit. This improves the reach (or number of pages accessed per visit) which in turn increase the traffic rank – essentially Alexa. The other pattern is multiple visits per day from a single reader if there is more than one post per day. In either case, it is good to increase traffic ranks.

Page rank

One of the things that I have noticed during every Page rank update is that blogs that are more frequently updated go up in PR much faster than those infrequently updated ones. In other words, usually the homepage PR drops for those blogs that were not updated for a number of days during the PR update exercise. Of course, there are other parameters like paid links or paid reviews that could affect the rank inversely.

Linear or exponential traffic growth?

In my case when I increased the post frequency from 2 posts to 3 posts a week or so, the traffic actually went up by almost 50%. However, what I get to see on some of the other blogs is that when they switched to a daily-one-post (or even 2-3 posts a day) mode, the traffic went up by several times. This explains how increased post frequency can tremendously improve your traffic

Your opinion?

Do you buy into the above explained theory? Have you seen your traffic sky-rocketing simply because you started posting on daily basis or even 2-3 posts per day?

Happy Blogging!


  1. I agree that increasing posting frequency will increase traffic. But the difficulty lies in whether the blogger can keep up to it, and preventing the drop in quality of the posts.

    It’s acceptable to give up a little quality for quantity, but give up too much of it and it backfires on you, because interest in your articles will drop and so does traffic levels.

    Charles – Big Idea Blogger´s last blog post… The Fastest Way to Achieve Results for Your Blog

  2. I did my own study, and you’re correct, the more posts I make, the more my traffic stays up.

    Last autumn, I’d gotten into a pattern when I was trying to hit 300 posts in my first year where I was writing two posts a day sometimes, and even though some regular visitors complained that it was a bit much, man, my traffic was humming.

    Mitch´s last blog post… Friend Or Follow

  3. Post frequency will some way or the other increases your blog authority… a consistent frequency is always good.rather than having 10-20 posts at a stretch.. after a long gap.. Getting indexed quickly by SE’s is very important to get good traffic from them.. and when you have great content you will definitely get the zoom… But say I have 10k posts and a single visit to each posts is better than having 10 posts and 50 visitors for each post… High post frequency will definitely show you the results in couple of months..

    Samrat P´s last blog post… Enjoy the MAC OS X Looks in Linux With Mac4Lin

  4. I’ve also noticed that traffic is related to the frequency of my posts, but you still have to make sure you maintain the quality of your content if you want repeat visitors, otherwise you bounce rate is going to go through the roof.

    Sire´s last blog post… 7 Beautiful CSS Galleries To Help You Find Inspiration

  5. Definately post frequency change traffic rank.

    Rahul´s last blog post… Tips How to Make Successful Blog

  6. Hi Ajith,

    Your explanation makes a lot of sense and is probably true. However, I don’t care that much for post frequencies on my blog as I prefer to post when I feel to. Sometimes I post incessantly, sometimes very little. If I were to post frequently in an effort to appease the traffic and search engine gods, it would work against my nature and squeeze some of the passion and creativity out of my posts. That’s just me, though.

  7. Hello friends,
    Thanks for your wonderful participation 🙂 I do not intend to reply to you all 1 to 1 but would like to highlight the summary of discussions here.

    – Most readers agreed to the fact that more posts meant more traffic due to various reasons
    – Many of us still feel that content is ‘still’ the king and it’s all about good content
    – Some readers do not worry about post frequency because they believe in writing whenever they feel like – original goal of a blog 🙂
    – There’s a school of thought that if you already have majority of your visits coming from serach engines, there’s no need to worry about post frequency

    In short, I thought majority was agreeing to the idea of having frequent posts on predictable intervals!

    Thanks once again…

  8. Fresh content updates will always drive more traffic to your blog or site. do right content with your keywords. it will helps you lot.

  9. It is important that visitors get something new whenever they visit your blog. It’s better to target Saturday and Monday night for new postings. Sometimes, we are not able to post something new at our blog due to our job schedules. I recommend that, even then try to just post a picture in the form of post, just to give it a new look.


  10. But how does a bot know if a site is updated if they don’t crawl it first? It sounds a bit strange to hear, sounds reverse somehow.

  11. Its important to keep your site fresh and external links fresh, so posting regularly is key to keeping your site known by the big search engines.

  12. How about those people who write almost fifty posts per day (no auto-pilot included). Any crack nut can earn sufficient through blogging provided he knows SEO properly.


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