How Post Frequency affects your traffic and ranks?

Today I had a look at my traffic statistics with special focus on the past 9 months window – my usual practice is to track it month on month. A quick glance at the graph revealed that the blog traffic had peaked from October last year through February this year. Further, I took a look at my archives and found that exactly during that peak period I used to post more articles at predictable intervals. The verdict: Increased post frequency = more traffic (at least for established, indexed blogs)!

dollarshower traffic 9 months

How is this phenomenon explained?

There are a few reasons why improved post frequency can increase traffic. First of all, more posts mean more pages indexed by the search engines. Moreover, the pace at which the indexing happens is defined by how often a site is updated. More indexed pages usually mean more search traffic.

Secondly, your regular readers (not search or social media visitors) will be more excited and highly likely to visit a blog that is updated at a predictable post frequency than those blogs that get updated sporadically. This holds true for those who are using feed readers to read the content as well.

Traffic rank impact

More frequent posts would mean that more pages to read on each visit. This improves the reach (or number of pages accessed per visit) which in turn increase the traffic rank – essentially Alexa. The other pattern is multiple visits per day from a single reader if there is more than one post per day. In either case, it is good to increase traffic ranks.

Page rank

One of the things that I have noticed during every Page rank update is that blogs that are more frequently updated go up in PR much faster than those infrequently updated ones. In other words, usually the homepage PR drops for those blogs that were not updated for a number of days during the PR update exercise. Of course, there are other parameters like paid links or paid reviews that could affect the rank inversely.

Linear or exponential traffic growth?

In my case when I increased the post frequency from 2 posts to 3 posts a week or so, the traffic actually went up by almost 50%. However, what I get to see on some of the other blogs is that when they switched to a daily-one-post (or even 2-3 posts a day) mode, the traffic went up by several times. This explains how increased post frequency can tremendously improve your traffic

Your opinion?

Do you buy into the above explained theory? Have you seen your traffic sky-rocketing simply because you started posting on daily basis or even 2-3 posts per day?

Happy Blogging!


  1. I have had a similar experience. A month ago I was a lot regular – One post in 48 hours. Though I did the same no. of posts the following month (15 posts), I was irregular.

    The Result:

    Lesser Comments,
    Slower Indexing,
    Rate of Growth of RSS Readers was slow,
    More no. of email readers un-subscribed an quite a few of them said the reason as “Too many updates”.

    Trying to get back to the old schedule now ­čÖé

    Arun Basil Lal┬┤s last blog post… How to display images properly on Feed Readers

    • Is it really matter on how frequent we put up a post within short time. What really matter are the contents.

      Sorry, my blog always have short of comments and rss but what matters to me – great contents.

      p/s: How long do you plan to blog and what ya’ nature of doing it?

  2. Google loves content …feed it generously ­čÖé …great post tweeted

    ZK@Web Marketing Blog┬┤s last blog post… How to Keep Your Readers on the Edge of their Seats

  3. I think the same behaviour is not necessarily true for blogs that get a large % of traffic from google as google traffic for the post remains unchanged. In such a case the impact is seen with a lag effect.

    However for a blog like $shower that must have large number of loyal users, the slower posting rate can have significant impact.

    binaryday┬┤s last blog post… My roadmap to blogging success

  4. I agree with even I experienced the same effect.Once I started posting regularly I get consistant traffic.

  5. I agree with you. but, i have defer for Page Rank.

    Recently i was saddened because my Page Rank moved from 3 to 2 ­čÖü

    What could be the reasons? i have not reduced the frequency of posts at all. it is same.. infact increased a bit

    Nihar┬┤s last blog post… Download Air Crash Investigations Season 1, 2, 3, 4 Torrents

  6. Content is king ­čÖé

    Anish K.S┬┤s last blog post… Big FM completes phase II with Shimla station

  7. This is very true. I did not post for a month or so due to various personal engagements and traffic did stop. Now that I’m back to posting on a regular basis the traffic too is up. Nearly tripled in fact…

    moserw┬┤s last blog post… Shopping At SPAR, A Unique ExperienceÔÇŽ

  8. I have observed the same. There would be more traffic on the day i posted.

    rahul┬┤s last blog post… New Hero Honda Karizma spied

  9. Ok, Ajith Is this good to post 5-6 posts per day on starts? any one can tell me!

    teratips┬┤s last blog post… How to Uninstall/Remove AVG Antivirus Completely from Your PC

  10. Content is still the king.

  11. Absolutely, post frequency definitely affects the traffic. Nevertheless, the quality of the post must be high and make sure this is what your readers want to read. I’ve experienced it before, my traffic probably went down when I just updated my blog once a week. Anyway, I’ve updated my blog 3 times a week now, the traffic has actually gone up. ­čÖé


    Make Money Online┬┤s last blog post… The Winner Of Wanted Blog Contest IsÔÇŽ

  12. Absolutely, i also monitor this kind of thing. Frequent update will improve our traffic. Plus with the unique content.

    chuckiesd┬┤s last blog post… Buying Info For Canon Photo Printer

  13. I am posting regularly in my blog, once in every two day. My current PR is 2 and I hope Google will not penalize me.

    IndianCashMaker┬┤s last blog post… Mistakes New Blogger Commit

  14. Post frequency matters a lot Ajith..I experience same variation in my traffic.

    Last month i didn’t find time to update daily and updated once in 2 or 3 days…But i seen a drastic down in my traffic stats…then decided to update daily and doing that ­čÖé

    TechZoomIn┬┤s last blog post… Importance of content for Better SEO..!

  15. I myself due to constraints haven’t posted in about two weeks however traffic to the site is still consistent via backlinks and SE.

    Though Yes I have found once I do post traffic for the following 3 days go up by 30-60%.

  16. It matters a lot. Regular posting also affect the speed at which a page get index. Some months ago i used to post about one post in 48 hours and gradually when i started to post more and more per day like 3 to 4 posts per day i noticed that google indexed the page quicker too. Say about 30 minutes after i post it it is already indexed while on blogs where it is updated less often the amount of time to index new post also is longer.

    On a blog like mine which is mostly gossips and news ( the speed of getting index matter a lot as something which is in demand right now can be totally off in some hours or the next day.

    Kurt Avish┬┤s last blog post… 3 Powerful Tips To Increase Your Blog Comment Ratio

  17. Yes, Posting frequency does affect traffic. There is a direct relationship between posting and traffic.

    But, posting frequency does not mean just writing about something to fill up your blog… If you give quality with quantity, it’s the best thing you can do for your blog.


    Curious Little Person┬┤s last blog post… +2000 Visits, +300 Comments and Miles to go Before I Sleep!

  18. Well, everyone say frequent posting fetch great traffic. I don’t completely agree with this fact. It all depends on type of content and competition too. If you are speaking about regular readers, yes, their traffic might increase as they might want to comment, but not so is the case always – when search engine traffic is considered, only few posts can make it a hit. As my traffic mainly comes from SEs, I don’t feel much a difference in traffic if I post a new article, but sometimes I get peak traffic if the keyword targeted goes hot and I attain better serps.

    Also, we should not forget the fact that many mini sites do exist with constant traffic without being updated for a long long time. Competition and hotness of topic matters.

    Pavan Kumar┬┤s last blog post… Sunday Pastime #39: SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle Model

  19. Trying my best to keep blog updated but lazyness is a bad factor :p

    Mayank┬┤s last blog post… Which category do you fit in?

  20. While traffic often goes up as posting frequency goes up I’m not convinced posting frequency directly affects PageRank.

    I have a site that has bounced between PR4 & PR5. Inbound link quantity & quality have had a much bigger impact than my posting frequency. It’s not uncommon for me to post as infrequent as once a month on that site and still maintain decent PR.

    Chris Cree┬┤s last blog post… What is Social Media?

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