Post Launch Exercises – Take your new blog to success in two months – Part VII

After launching your blog, you may not be still in a position to attract traffic, improve your blog’s visibility and be part of an echo system of similar blogs and blogger communities. In this post, I would like to talk about a number of things that I personally did to improve the visibility of my own blog.

Phase 10. Post launch exercises
I would categorize the essential regular activities after launch into three:

  • Improving social media presence
  • Link building and improving ranks
  • Regular update & monitoring

Creating social media presence
For any blog, it is essential to have a big presence in the new Web 2.0 echo system. The idea here is to build a community or neighborhood around the services that you are offering. The following are the leading social media sites that you could leverage in terms of improving your visibility:

Blog Catalog

I recommend that you sign up with all of them and concentrate on one or two in terms of building the community. Make sure that you update your profile and also include your feed [] in the community profiles. This will improve the traffic as well as your RSS subscription.

Creating social bookmarks accounts & links
In addition, you need to sign up with leading social book marking services and a recommended list is given below:

Stumble Upon
(You need to add Yahoo! Buzz to this list, once it is open for mass subscription)

Once you subscribe with these services, you need to include social bookmark links at the end of each post by modifying your theme files (singlepost.php). There are plugins available that can cover a number of book mark services in one inclusion of this plugin. Another important thing to do is to add these bookmarks to your RSS feed as well [] (I am yet to do this)

There are a number of other services in social media and book marking category. You may try them one by one and analyze your traffic using Google Analytics on a regular basis and stick on to those services that gives you more traffic. Also, keep a watch on your backlinks using Google Webmaster Tools to concentrate more on the social bookmark services that gives you maximum number of backlinks [].

Link building and improving ranks
For any webmaster or blogger, Link and Rank are the most important short words! Both indicate the popularity and selling-power of your blog in the eyes of readers, search engines and advertisers etc.

Traffic rank and other ranks
Your site’s traffic rank is essentially an index based on the number of visitors & page views that your site gets. At this point of time the Alexa ranking (a service by Amazon) is the sole ranking system that is widely accepted and recognized. So it is strongly advisable to include your blog in the Alexa ranking system. Fortunately you don’t need a sign up for this but you can invite the Alexa bot to crawl your site by submitting your site using this link [] and entering your site information there. Please note that it may take up to a couple of weeks before Alexa starts displaying your traffic ranks.

The other ranking system (for the blogs alone) is the Technorati blog ranking. To be successful as a blogger, probably more for monetization purposes later, you must submit your blog at Technorati.

Most advertiser and partners use your Alexa, Technorati and Google Page Ranks to assess your popularity. Lower the Alexa/Technorati number, the better and for the Google Page Rank it’s the other way (higher is better).

Link Building
Having a number of sites or external web pages pointing to your site is one good sign of your popularity. Hence improving the backlinks or link building is an important activity for your success. You may read the following posts to know how to build your backlinks easily using certain tools.

Comment Kahuna – Comment away to glory!
Fast Blog Finder Review

You may also read the articles posted under the Promote Your Site category!

Regular updates and monitoring
The most important thing for any blog’s success is to keep your content updated. This has to be followed by your constantly monitoring your backlinks, ranks, traffic, feed subscription count etc. One of the things I do on a regular basis is to check my backlinks using the Submit Express Link Popularity Checker.

The other important thing is to concentrate on your communities at various social media sites. You may also politely ask people to add you to their technorati favorites or subscribe to your RSS feed etc.

Patience is the key for the days to follow. It will take a while – even with good content – before you improve your various rankings and add more readers (I am still waiting 🙂 since three months…). But you don’t need to loose your sleep over it, things will happen if you stick on to the basic agenda of providing good content! []. Also, do not forget to engage with your readers in terms of replying to their comments, queries etc.

I have covered most of our topics that I wanted to talk about in this series. I would probably dedicate the last post in this series to talk about Monetization aspects. Please provide your comments on this post, until then…

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  1. A great article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Man, I wish I had found this site before doing a bunch of these things the hard way! I look forward to pulling this FREE resource apart this weekend – I hate to work out how much I have paid so far to learn this stuff!! But I’m sure there is plenty more gold here!

    Thank you

    David Driscoll’s last blog post… Gordon Ramsay in ANOTHER Food Fight

  3. @David, thanks for your feedback… In fact, I had written a lot of posts before I became ‘visible’ in the eyes of search engines…

    Thanks for dropping by


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