ProjectWonderful – The cheapest advertisement program for your blog

Though I had signed up with ProjectWonderful a few months back, I had not quite used it to make money. Basically, I did not believe in the bidding model for ad sales. Also, I haven’t quite started organized private ad sales out of this blog as I am mostly relying on non-intrusive ad methods such as Google AdSense to make money out of this blog.

Project WonderfulWhat I did not realize until now is the power of advertising with Project Wonderful. For the last couple of days I have been playing around with it and I was amazed to see that advertising comes for rates as low as a couple of cents per day – and sometimes even absolutely FREE! Wonder how?

It’s really wonderful!

Remember, ProjectWonderful can be used to monetize your blog by becoming a publisher. But we are talking about how to advertise using it and the following are the simple steps involved.

  • Sign up with ProjectWonderful – It does not cost you a penny to create an account
  • Using Buying Advertising and ‘My Ads‘ options, set up your blog’s advertisement in text or graphics form. Upload your ad or banner image
  • Allocate $5 to My Funds using PayPal. Please note that the money is not spent unless you bid for ads greater than 0 cents
  • Using My Campaigns search for sites that matches your criteria (tags, page views per day, minimum bid, current bid etc). Choose minimum bid or current bid as zero. You will still get a plenty of advertisers.
  • Place your bids one by one and there you go! You will start receiving traffic and subscribers soon!!

You can really get your FREE ads placed on a number of blogs with decent traffic. In fact, my ads are running on five or six blogs right now with bids ranging from 0 cents to 7 cents per day!

How is it better than ad exchange programs?

Very simple! For ad exchange programs such as ViralBlogAds or PerformancingAds, you need to actually place ad regions on your blog to get exchange credits. In the case of Project Wonderful, this is not a requirement as you can still find 0 cent per day ads that come without any credit or cash. And needless to say, it will get you some traffic just like any ad program!

So what’s stopping you now?

…go ahead and place your ads all around blogosphere! As you may have already noticed I am running a ProjectWonderful ad block on this blog, above the fold on the sidebar. This is available for anybody absolutely FREE right now! So go ahead and place your ads there while I am busy wondering what took me so long to write about it…

(PS:- ProjectWonderful is yet to collect my traffic details as I placed the ad region only today!)


  1. @TheKode, that’s the idea… Brand building and some traffic (not too much still) for FREE…

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