Pros and Cons of Posting several times a day

Recently, I had written a post on blog post frequency and its impact on traffic and blog ranks. In principle, more posts would mean more traffic (and certain other benefits as well) but there are also related issues if you post too frequently or more precisely several times a day.

In this short bullet list post, let me try to summarize the pros and cons of posting several times a day.

Advantages & positive facts about multiple posts posts/day

  • Fresh content all the time: Every time the visitors hit your blog, there’s fresh content available and that is a major credibility factor. This can also help reduce bounce rate
  • Faster search indexing: Better the frequency, faster the indexing. Google loves to see updated content every time it crawls your site. Ultimately it can improve the search ranks and hence more traffic
  • Suitable for multi-blogger & corporate blogs: It is a model that works well with multi-blogger blogs and mostly corporate blogs
  • Good for news driven content: Posting several times a day works at its best when the blogs are about news driven content (e.g. TechCrunch)
  • Increased readership & subscription: Updated and fresh content would increase RSS or newsletter subscription dramatically. People hate to subscribe to blogs that are updated less frequently

Bad consequences of multiple posts per day

These are purely my views and no blogoholic or popular blogger may need to feel bad about it:

  • Quality of content: Posting multiple times a day – even if you are a full time professional blogger – is going affect the quality of content. Mostly, you will be forced to write about stale topics that people have read elsewhere or it will be all about news driven content (exception: this assumption is not valid when it is a multi-blogger blog)
  • RSS readers skip: Readers (especially RSS readers) might skip through your posts faster without reading the content properly
  • Low comments per visit ratio: Most people leave the blog without commenting
  • Reduced interaction levels: Blogger and reader engagement will be low for this kind of blogs
  • No unique content to offer: Most of these blogs will have have mixed content
  • Low productivity, imagination and bad time management: If a single blogger posts several times a day, it is going to severely affect other aspects in life and in general productivity and creativity comes down drastically

What do you think? If you do not have a multi-blogger blog, do you still consider posting several times a day consistently?

Happy Blogging!


  1. 100% in agreement with you.. The Niche also matters fr ur post frequency..

  2. Ajith, I strongly agree with you with the point “Low comments per visit ratio” and “Reduced interaction levels”. I used to update my blog once 3 days or 3posts a week, and I received quite much comments in a blog and I was able to interact with my readers.

    When I update too frequent, says 1 post per day, and I see the number of comments obviously dropped. I think it depends on what you want, if you want to get more pages indexed by Google, then you post more; if you want better interaction with readers, then post less.


  3. Great Post.

    I think posting multiple times a day has a negative impact on your blog and readers. You get less comments, quality of content decreases and readers wont pay much attention to your blog posts anymore.

    I think posting every 2 days is ideal for blogger. This way you have enough time to create a quality post.

    Good overall post.

  4. I agree with you. But bounce rate is not completed within your point. It is something more than that.

  5. A hit in the bull’s eye. Other than multi-blogger blog, I used to skip the contents if there are many posts per day. Its too boring.
    As a reader, I am ready to wait one or two days, but content should be worth for waiting. πŸ™‚
    I have seen some blogs just to make multi post per day, evaluate some stupid software or some irrelevant reviews.

  6. There is a clear distinction on whom you write for. – for your dedicated readers (including RSS readers) or just for organic traffic. There are many blogs (especially tech blogs) which are purely for SE traffic and who don’t give a damn for RSS subscribers and regular readers. They churn out articles after articles and its just their business model really.
    So, it just boils down to what you want? Authority? or just traffic?

  7. posting very often will reduce the quality of the posts…i can say this because i have experience it.. post once in a day or two and you will get much better comments, hits, response and traffic

  8. Nice post!

    I think there are more pros than cons. If you are getting big chuck %ge of total traffic from Google. Then its fine. Yeah the comments will reduce, if more posts are posted per day.

    What if a blogger is full time blogger. i think then even if there are more number of posts/day, the quality of content might be intact.

    Just posted this post. Give your view on this

  9. Nick Rodriquez :

    Really depends how you classify yourself as a blogger. If you are an ‘expert’ in your subject, then probably posting several times per day will be no hard task; and you get the benefit of a bigger “virtual estate”; or a greater percentage of online presence.

    If you are a newbie in your niche, then probably you might run out of ideas and start posting short, uninteresting, or very technical oriented posts. (Just like me).

  10. @Samrat, Absolutely!

    @Lee, right… As a blogger you have to work out your success & satisfaction formula! The niche, available time, goals etc are the parameters that we all have to juggle around πŸ™‚

    @Gary, you seem to think along my views. I personally feel like posting 2-3 times a week. It works reasonably well for me though the traffic may have grown higher had I posted more often.

    @Karthik, bounce rate varies on various parameters and just one of the many reasons is stale content and timestamp.

    @Tyrant, you are absolutely right. Many of them write repeatedly about those software reviews or gadgets that you might have already read in many places. Some actually almost religiously copy content from big blogs as well. Such blogs don’t really care about readership.

    @Raju, you have a great point here. Authority v/s Traffic and known readers v/s organic traffic. As you rightly said it’s about what kind of business model you want to establish.

    @Tushar, that was the point as well. Even probloggers tend to post less frequently if they want to provide quality content.

    @Nihar, you seem to agree with the point that Raju raised (Please see my comment). But even if a blogger is a fulltime blogger, to create more than one good quality post per day is a big thing, I believe

    @Nick, That’s another angle to it… Newbie v/s Pro or expert. Thanks for that comment Nick.

    Thank you all for your wonderful views πŸ™‚

  11. Without a multi-blogger blog, I would essentially not think of posting several times a day.
    It was indeed a smart post with good points. It was fast read & effective points for beginners.

  12. I agree with your most of points but In cons section last two point are somehow I will disagree with my perspective.
    I write almost 4-5 post a day some time it goes down to 2. But even if its 4-5 post, I catch up with something unique and new. The reason for the same is I cover latest tech updates , obviously they can’t be named as real innovation but covering latest tech updates and news increase authority and major traffic driving point.

    • @Harsh,
      It’s a time v/s quantity game, I would say. In fact, you can post multiple posts per day if it’s more like a short tip covered in 250-300 words. However, if you are into more research oriented topics and totally innovative stuff (e.g. like problogger posts) one cannot definitely post more than once a day.

      Having said that every blog business models has its merrits and demerrits. I must say that I like the way you churn out traffic and keep your readers happy via multiple short posts πŸ™‚

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