Queryads – A Google AdSense Alternative

Today I would like to review the Queryads ad network which is an exciting PPC program with a difference for so many reasons. The most interesting thing about this product is that it actually taps into the traffic generated by realtime search engine queries. This means that instead bidding on generic keywords, Queryads lets its advertisers bid on real search phrases that targets high quality and relevant content.

Queryads is a total ad solution which means that it has tools and reporting features to cater to the needs of its advertisers as well as publishers. Publishers of Queryads stand to make money where as the advertisers get maximum value for the money spent on their PPC campaigns using targeted key phrases.

Publisher advantages

As a Queryads publisher you have a lot of advantages over similar PPC ad networks. First of all it guarantees at least 10 cents per every click on your ad units. But wait, the best thing about Queryads is that it actually pays you 80% of what it takes from the advertisers. The 80-20 split is probably the best you can get in PPC advertising.

The publishers of this network get to choose standard ad sizes (large/medium rectangles, square ads, skyscrapers, leaderboards and other standard web banner sizes) while the ads themselves blend well with your web content. The alternative ad code section allows you to use it along with other PPC text ads (e.g. AdSense) to make sure that you show relevant ads without any conflict of interest or ToS.

The publishers are paid first of every month via PayPal when the minimum payout level of $50 is reached. The sign up process is fast and easy and you can add all your quality websites under one account. Overall Queryads is a great AdSense alternative for publishers.

Queryads for Advertisers

Realtime targeted key phrases and long tail keywords mean excellent value proposition for advertisers and that is what Queryads offers. Advertisers of the PPC program can take full control over their campaigns via automatically availing search trend reports, newer keywords and save time digging keywords. Queryads also protects its advertisers from click fraud as it has information about the actual search traffic to the publisher sites. There is no need to worry about your ads being displayed on sites with objectionable content as the publisher sites go through an approval process.

Other salient features & Conclusion

Another important aspect about the Queryads PPC product is the simplicity of its user interface for both publishers and advertisers. Once you are an approved publisher, in a matter of minutes you will be hosting your ads and for advertisers it is even faster.

Overall, this PPC advertising product promises great prospects for your online campaigns as well as make money objectives. Now, what’s preventing you from giving it a try?

This is a sponsored review but the views expressed here were not influenced by the payment made by the advertiser


  1. Its good to know they pay 10 cents per click, but the question is if they are worldwide or just for US and Canada? As I browsed through the website, I could observe that the keyword search for advertisers is a feature only for US targeting πŸ™

  2. Thanks for introducing queryads. I haven’t tried this so far

  3. i am not against new ad network but new networks ask for thousand of impressions per month which only an established blogger can attain….

  4. Wow, 80% revenue sharing by some publishers is really good. I will surely sign up.

  5. I’m kind of confused about what exactly I’d be paying for. Where would these ads be showing up?

  6. Hello Manhattan,

    Your ads will show up on publisher’s website when visitors arrive at those sites via search engine keywords.

    In other words, lets say a publisher site is getting traffic for the keyword “make money” via google.

    When you bid on that keyword “make money”, your ads will appear every time a visitor arrives at that site using the term “make money”.

    Hope you understand.

  7. The idea of tapping into users search query is amazing, why didnt Google think of this?

    I have seen some WordPress plugins that tap into users search and highlight the searched keywords on the page.

    Only thing that I have to check out is the speed at which the ads load, Adsense loads pretty fast. I have used Adbrite long time ago, and it took really long to load. If Queryads loads fast, then its all good πŸ™‚

    Honestly, Paypal payout option is far better than the Adsense check. I have lost more than one check and had to ask for a re-issue.

    Nice review!

  8. sounds very interesting; will throw it one of my niche sites and compare the two.

  9. Thanks Ajith for the Query ads, i will try it.

  10. @Pavan, I noticed that too… However, as a publisher I was approved and I tested the ad block as well. In order to improve fill rate, you could use your alternate code (e.g. AdSense) so that for relevant search hits, queryads will be displayed and if they aren’t available for the region or search relevance, they show tje alternate code.

    @John, you are welcome

    @Tushar, PPC networks don’t demand that much. You may be talking about PPM networks?

    @Arun, thanks for your views. Yes, AdSense is super fast because the page content and relevancy has already been pre-determined while crawling. Since, queryads shows live search related data it may be a dash slower but I do not think it’ll be noticeably slow.

    @Donace, @Anish, please try and provide your feedback here.

    Thank you all for your comments. As a publisher/advertiser, you may contact the Queryads support for more information.

  11. Sure Ajith, will post the results.

  12. This is the first time I’m reading about Queryads and still wondering will it be a good to remove my main adsense inventory and try this one.. More over if it targets only search engine traffic it might be a problem as we have other alternative. Though I’m going to give it a try and use adsense as alternative for a week.. lets see.. If its good enough or just an Initial hype.. Will give my feedback soon..

  13. Hello Harsh Agrawal,

    Thanks for considering Queryads. Our goal is not make you lose money as I believe google adsense is a great ad network for monetizing traffic.

    My intentions when I created QueryAds was not to get publishers to abandon existing profitable ads on their site but to simply combine those with Queryads so that those existing networks could monetize the direct traffic while Queryads monetize the search traffic.

    If there are no ads to display from QueryAds, your Adsense or other networks will continue to show not disturbing your existing revenue stream.

    QueryAds was built for sites that receive lots of search engine traffic, and we are setting partnerships with advertisers that are willing to pay a premium for this traffic.

  14. Looks interesting. Never heard of them in fact. Will read up on them before making a decision. BTW are you using them and if so how is the revenue say in comparison to Google AdSense.

    • Give it a try Rajiv πŸ™‚ Nothing to loose – however, I presume that you might get more results on US traffic and you may not see too many ads while you browse from India. That’s why putting AdSense alternate code is important via that feature in queryads.

  15. Hello Members,

    I just wanted to know that the traffic we accept comes from english speaking publisher sites right now and not just united states traffic.

    The United states is just a default which we will change to “all countries” or something.

    This is part of our plan to be able to allow advertisers to geo target their keyword ads.

  16. Great information Ajith,

    From last more than one month my Google Adsense earnings have dropped like anything.

    Suddenly there is a drop in eCPM.

    I will try this today without fail.

    And may be we could display the query ads for only search traffic and make use of alternate code feature to have google ads if query ads doesn’t have ad.

    Hope it is fast.

  17. Thanks for the letting us know… will give it a try and see what happens… πŸ˜‰

    btw, I would like to suggest to all the publishers that while signing up do insert the given coupon code…

    this is not related to affiliate program or something but it is benificial for u as it will add $5 to ur account instantly…

    Even if Ajith puts this code in his post, I don’t have any problem. πŸ™‚

    Coupon Code:QADYT


    • Thanks for this code Sapan. I haven’t verified it yet but you must have used it?

      • Ajith, I signed up for the queryads yesterday and used the mentioned code. It worked fine for me and my account got credited with $5… πŸ™‚

        Before signing up, I read somewhere that the offer was valid till the month July only, but out of curiosity I gave it a try and voila… it still works… πŸ™‚

        btw, u’ve a superb blog… the articles are awesome… and u’ve got one more loyal reader… πŸ™‚

  18. Before reading this post I did’nt know about Queryads.This might help me in increasing my sites revenue. I will surely try it and will give you a feedback soon


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