QueryAds Affiliate Program

In October last year, I had written a review on QueryAds as an alternative to the Google AdSense program as well as an effective search advertising option. Recently they launched an affiliate program and this post is a short review on the same.

The QueryAds publisher network is an excellent value proposition for bloggers and webmasters because they share 70% of their revenue with publishers and the payout happens when a $50 threshold is reached. And now they have an unmatched affiliate program where a 10% of the referral revenues for life is given to the affiliates.

QueryAds Affiliate Program details

The following are some of the salient points of this referral program.

  • As I mentioned above, 10% of all referral income – from both advertisers and publishers – goes to the affiliates
  • Simple referral report that shows your referral income from advertisers and publishers on the same page. These reports are updated on a daily basis
  • Low payout threshold – you get paid when your referral earnings reach $50 and you are paid monthly via PayPal
  • High quality, light weight gif banners that offers better click-through-rate for affiliates

Signing up as an affiliate is a 5-minute process. All that you have to provide is your login, address details and PayPal address and you are ready to publish the referral banners (such as the one below) on your website that very moment.

Get Queryads Premium

You may sign up with QueryAds affiliate program using the above banner (my referral link). After all, the potential of earning 10% of earnings of all your referrals for life is not a bad deal at all.


  1. This sounds like a really good affiliate program. I am going to signup under you 😀

  2. Thanks for the review, I might think about signing up but our company hasn’t used many affiliate programs in the past, this was helpful.

  3. I have followed your advice in the past, and you have been right- so I might just try this. Thanks!

  4. I used now removed the code, no use for me, Chitika is better.

    • I have Chitika premium code on this site one homepage. Well I do not get too much of homepage hits but from what I saw Chitika premium’s EPC is like 11 to 23 cents almost all the time.

      • Chitika is not doing a wonderful job, but its better than other Adsense alternatives. for me an average of 1$ is getting, comparing to Adsense its a small , but i am happy with it. its better than Adbrite i am sure.

  5. There is a lot of buzz that has started to generate around QueryAds. QueryAds is paying a lot of top blogger good money to review their PPC program.

  6. This is an interesting information on makeing money onelien source.. good adsense alternative

  7. Hi Ajith,

    Thanks for the Info. I have signed up using your link above.


  8. Hi Ajith, thanks for the post and I have also signed up with your link. I am a newbie and hoping to follow you to learn internet marketing and blogging to earning money online

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