Rebate processor scam

Of late there has been a surge of mails in my yahoo bulk mail folder and many of them were related to the Rebate Processor Jobs. The first impression from such mails and related websites is that, it is a great work from home option – more like an extended data entry program where the data entry is restricted to processing rebates from home. i.e. Pick the rebate data records one by one, fill out the rebate value and submit to the customer data, make up to $15 for that much work! Sounds ridiculously simple right?

If you take a detail look into such sites, you will realize that there is a sign up fee ($30 to $40 usually) involved to become the so-called ‘rebate processor’. The reality is that what they advertise is not exactly what you will be getting. These sites are nothing but affiliate networks. They will sign you up and will be training you to sell certain products via your websites where the buyers of those products will be offered certain rebates. You will get your commission on these rebate sales and they call the whole thing ‘rebate processing’!

There is definitely some business opportunity underneath these names and hence they are not exactly scams. But again, you are not getting what they are advertising and hence it is nothing but a misleading campaign (glorified term for scam, may be). Also there are many good affiliate networks available on the net that are absolutely free of cost in terms of sign up. So these people are essentially milking your money for the training program that they are giving on affiliate nets.

As a thumb rule, any work-from-home job aspirant should be looking for jobs that do not involve upfront investment or deposit. There are many work-from-home opportunities where there is no sign up fee requirements. Even if you make a sign up fee or refundable deposit amount for certain authentic jobs such as data entry, transcription of copy editing, make sure that you are working with well known organizations and recruiters. But never ever end up paying money to become an affiliate!

So next time you see the misleading ‘Rebate Processor Jobs’ somewhere on the web, be careful!


  1. I have come across them myself, but mostly in the spam folder so have kept away.

  2. I have just spent an hour researching “rebate processing” and am convinced that it is NOT the way to go! I ALMOST got scammed!


  3. Drake, you just saved yourself a lot of time and energy! These are nothing but scams as they are not exactly what they claim to be!


  4. Dolores Chutuppe :

    Thank God for you folks, and yay me that I thought to seek some advice before going with this program!!!!

  5. thank you and a couple of other discusions on the matter… they make it sound so great….im not done with my research yet but i have already wasted an hour reading there bs thank you again

  6. @Dolores, @Ron – Take extra care before falling prey to any such programs. I am yet to see any reliable and ‘real’ rebate processing system as they claim.

  7. hi, let’s just say I m glad to have done some research about this website…as I ve already wasted over 1hour to read through all the b…shit they’ve written to almost convince me …but as I m already a victim of scam I wanted to investigate more and found this blog…very helpful !!thank u
    P.s. Even though you have little money and desparate to make more, don’t waste ur £97…u beeter off investing themin something else!

  8. Are you planning to blog more on this topic. I would like to learn more.

  9. @Samson, I do not intend to write more about it as I expressed here in they are mostly scams. You may also read others’ (Dany) comments here.

    @Dany, thanks for sharing your experiences.

  10. well i reserched and no good. how can i get rich online. help me please.

  11. I never bother to open such kind of mails…. But I know many of my frnds who had fallen prey to these kind of scams..

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  12. bobby arias :

    Thanks for posting your “rebate processing”
    review….you just saved my neck! Carry on
    your advocacy. best regards

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