Right Time to Start Your New Self-Hosted Professional Blog

In the last post I did a comparative study on WordPress.com and Blogger.com (blogspot) free blogging platforms. Many experienced readers and bloggers shared their thoughts there in and felt that it is always better to go for a self-hosted professional blog keeping your long term blogging plans (or even career) in mind.

host a blogAnd there is no better time than right now to register your domain(s) – as a first step towards building a professional blog – because GoDaddy is offering 99 cents domain names! by using the coupon code ‘99DOMAIN‘. I first read it on SlyVisions today and I thank Sly for sharing this information.

How to Go About It?

The following would be the steps involved, if I were to set up a new self hosted professional blog.

  • Finalize the niche or area (e.g. Food, Equity Markets, Fashion) that you want to focus on or write about in your new blog
  • Check for the availability of any good expired domain names using this link
  • If you get any good expired domain names, do a background check of the same using archive.org (wayback machine)
  • Register the domain – expired or new domain, if you couldn’t find any expired ones
  • Find a hosting provider to host your domain and blog contents, I had written a paid review on ‘Web Hosting Geeks’ which is a good place to compare web hosting services. If you do not want to spend money on hosting for the time being, use one of those FREE web hosting services such as Free Hostia which supports PHP, WordPress, POP mails etc. As for this blog, I use HostGator as my hosting service and I am extremely happy with them!
  • Further, please read my article series on how to setup a professional blog that explains the step by step approach to create, optimize, promote and monetize your blog
  • As for the WordPress blog themes, there are a number of sites where you can find excellent free themes, but I found this mother-of-all themes download post at TechZoomIn yesterday and it talks about 1500 plus theme downloads

What does it take?

In fact, setting up a professional self hosted blog can keep you busy only for a few days. But establishing a blog can take weeks or even months together and you really need to put in a lot of effort. But, if blogging is your passion and with additional motivation that comes with the money making prospects, it can really keep you going. And believe me, it is exciting to watch your baby blog grow!

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  1. Wow Nice post dude.. I recently got a VPS hosting… from LiquidWeb and has to move my site there…. I was facing some issues with my earlier shared hosting…

    TechnoSamrat’s last blog post… TheWorld Browser With Multi-threaded frame, Intelligent Ad blocking, Blacklist filter and Built-in Download Manager

  2. Amazing ajit, totally flatted into dollarshower 🙂

    Good to share dude…….and Thanks for the link .

    TechZoomIn’s last blog post… Monthly Round Up:Best posts on TechZoomIn from Nov 2008

  3. Ajith

    You always inspire me to make my blog even better. You provide some great insight and resources writing posts like this.

  4. Though you have given that search for good dropped domain, but according to SEO point of view many webmasters avoid drpped domains.

    Chetan’s last blog post… My First wordpress plugin released

  5. Hey You! Tis the Season for happiness and sharing. Thank you again for such wonderful information. Is there a magical equation for adding “time’ to a day. If you you come up with something let me know.

    I will be visiting this site a great deal the first part of the year. You share great things in such simple terms. I am looking forward to a new challenge. My blog needs some updating!

    Tammy Warren’s last blog post… A Glance Into a Year of Blogging

  6. Very good post for those who are willing to host the blog on self-host.

    Nihar’s last blog post… NiharsWorld turns 1 today!

  7. @Samrat, thanks for the compliments… So is your new hosting a dedicated one? How much does it cost??

    @TechZoomIn, thanks and you’re most welcome!

    @Bruno, that is one of the greatest compliments I have ever received in blogosphere! Thanks a lot 😀

    @Chetan, it is not always bad to use the dropped domain. You just need to check two things (1) How the content looked like in the past (2) The kind of backlinks it is having to make sure that rated or prohibited sites are not linked to it. Once this is done, you could actually buy. After buying, if you still have issues you could request Google to remvoe bad backlinks etc. FYI, DollarShower was an expired domain, when I bought it 😀

    @Tammy 🙂 welcome back and hope you had a great Thanks giving! Oops, you are asking for something that I don’t have – I mean, ‘time’. Btw, congratulations on the milestone of completing an year with A Day To Share!

    @Nihar, thanks.. Ah, yet another blogger completing an year! Congratulations buddy!!

    Thanks everyone and congrats once again to Tammy and Nihar for contributing to the blogosphere for a year already!

  8. Wonderful post!!
    I never thought of looking if the domain is a dropped one or a new one. I anyway picked up a name pretty unique, but you have given some real nice insights. Cheers!!

  9. btw, just thought this recent post of mine might help the new prospective-self-hosted-bloggers.



    Raju’s last blog post… Screedbot – Get Animated Typewriter Effect for Your Text

  10. @Raju, thanks for your visit and thoughts. Sometimes dropped domains can be really good. DollarShower proves that, is not it? 😆

    I took a look at your blog. It has some great content.

  11. I never thought about looking into expired domains. You got a great one Ajith!

    Your articles recently have been really helpful for getting people started. Very encouraging.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… Stuff This in Your RSS – 12/02/08 – Eleblog

  12. @Kim, thanks for the compliments. In fact wanted to write more for beginners but organizing the overall content and addressing the needs of both beginners as well as experienced people is a challenge 🙂

    Somehow, I am yet to find a way to make the content well accessible. I still feel that the search and categories are not necessarily giving the visitors exactly what they want. So right now the only way to work it out is to mix the needs of all categories of readers

    It was a very valuable feedback/point from you.

  13. this post gave me more motivation, i just recently started my blog that tackles local celebrity news here in our country philippines. I’m glad i saw your website. I love your posts. more power!

    qarla’s last blog post… Jobert Sucaldito, Nagparinig, One True Love, hindi daw kumita

  14. @qarla, thanks for your comment. Yep, I visited your new blog and congratulations on the same! How I wish there was only one language in this world so that I could have read your blog!

    You know what, until recently I was under the impression that Pinoy is an island in Philipines roflmao 😆 Later I read about what Pinoy/Pinay stand for…

  15. Great post, Ajith, but I’d like to say one little thing. Though it’s a great thing to find a domain name that will help you sell your business or topic in some manner, oftentimes finding a domain name that you just think sounds cool will work also. Names like Yahoo, Ryze, Excite and even my own blog name mean nothing on the surface, yet if you check them out you learn fairly quickly what they’re about, and all of them (well, maybe not MY site) are ranked fairly high also. So, in those cases, one could still dominate the market in their niche with a name that doesn’t have any real meaning.

  16. @Mitch, I understand your point. Definitely, depending on what you sell and what content strategies you take, any domain name would work 🙂 Actually I thought one word domain names (regardless of the meaning but if it’s something readable and easily remembered) are always hot!

    If you really think, Yahoo has one of the most boring looks 😆 but it’s a mammoth underneath those boring looks right?

    As for your latest acquisition, I like that domain name (TopFinanceBlog). Are you going to invest some money and time to change theme, banner etc? And you didn’t disclose for how much $$$ it came in 😀

  17. First, I actually did already change the theme; twice, in fact, so the one it’s got now is the one that’s going to stay. I’ve never invested in a banner for any of the other blogs I have, so I probably won’t do it for this one either. And I bought the domain name and blog for only $15; it was practically a steal if you ask me. The challenge is going to be figuring out what kind of ads to put on it that are related to the topic; I have one now, if you check it out, along with a tiny Adsense block. Thanks for the shout out on the new blog. 🙂

    Mitch’s last blog post… Is Gold The Safe Haven It Used To Be

  18. @Mitch, I just saw that you are trying to get a face lift for the new blog 🙂

  19. Well, at this point I like the theme, so that’s going to be it. The original theme was kind of bland, and my second choice would have been nice if I could have gotten it to work properly. I have put my rant out to people to change over to IE 7 already, not only for security but because, if visited with IE6, it just doesn’t work properly.

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