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Understand all those keywords are driving traffic to your competitor sites, Learn what they are bidding for and check the high traffic keywords for your own content creation. Excellent SEO - SEM tool

I came across earlier this year when I was in search of keyword phrase based domain names for my sniper sites. Needless to say, I readily fell for it and I have been using SEMRush’s competitor analysis capabilities since then for getting ideas on registering niche domains, publishing a post or even to drive my AdWords campaigns.

This post is a short review of this amazing product. And we have an SEMRush Promo Code for you that provide FREE access to the SEMRush Pro membership (Code: 28S5-NQD7-S508-D81P)

What exactly is SEMRush?

semrush-proWell, it is NOT just a keyword research tool as you might have thought but it is more of a comprehensive research tool for analyzing keyword competition, for getting detailed ranking data for websites and to help with PPC advertising campaigns. The data compiled by SEMRush at the moment amounts to 80 million keywords and 39 million domains – and all that data comes from Google search alone.

For example, consider the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: You want to write a post about a specific topic and you want to know alternate keyword options and which competing sites rank for those keywords?

Scenario 2: From your Google analytics data you know your best keywords, but what if you want to know the % of traffic delivered by the same keywords to your competitor sites?

Scenario 3: You want to register a new niche domain name with a search phrase in it and want to analyze the real traffic that it would generate and the current traffic trend of that keyword. Google AdWords tool may not give you any trend data.

Scenario 4: What if you want to have organic research data on competitors in markets other than US?

Scenario 5: You want to drive an AdWords campaign but you never seem to rank well ahead of other ads. How to find out all those AdWords keywords used by for your competitor’s ads?

Scenario 6: Just sneak peek into your friend’s blog’s top keywords.

For all those scenarios and much more is the answer. Just check out the following screenshots to know what we are talking about here:

Scenario with screenshot

In this case, I just wanted to know which keywords are driving traffic to a top technical blog that I am following. I just typed in the domain name in SEMRush and hit search and got the following results (Click to enlarge the image)


As you can see, the keyword ‘google docs’ drives 3.3% of its total traffic. Now, if you click on this particular keyword, you will get to know all related keyword searches for this keyword and which domains are ranking for these keywords and a lot more.

In addition, you get geographic traffic specific to other big traffic driving countries, AdWords competition details, potential number of buyers for Google ads on your sites etc. I can’t explain all that capabilities of SEMRush in this short post and a couple of screenshots. Just check it out yourself.

For more information, visit SEMRush.Com

(Use Promo Code 28S5-NQD7-S508-D81P for Free PRO account access )

Happy SEO and SEM!

Understand all those keywords are driving traffic to your competitor sites, Learn what they are bidding for and check the high traffic keywords for your own content creation. Excellent SEO - SEM tool


  1. Thank you Ajith. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. The way you described the features of SEM Rush could not have been clearer.

  2. What an interesting tool – I’ve just spent about an hour checking out the keywords for my sites, and those of my friends. Thanks for the promo code.

  3. Thanks a lot Ajit for the Promo Code.. 🙂 would be helpful in understanding the keywords for my blog better.

  4. nice post bro and also pls post the adwords related post and adsense related post in future bro

  5. Thank you all for your comments. It’s an awesome tool indeed.

    Btw, when I tried to setup a new account, I can’t seem to enter the Promo code anywhere. Did you guys figure out where to enter it lol. I remember doing it sometime back.

  6. This was a great read, but I am also having a difficult time finding where I enter the promo code. I dont see it on the PayPal or 2Checkout option.

    Any help on this would be appreciated : )

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