SEO Challenge ’09 – Final Results and the Winners!

Folks, after seven weeks long intensive keyword optimization and hectic post schedules a few SEO heroes have emerged! Well, we almost knew them from the very beginning due to their focussed effort and multiple strategies used to win the SEO Challenge ’09 blog competition. Towards the end it was the matter of deciding who among the top three or four will be the champ!

DollarShower SEO Challenge 09 - ResultsAs I mentioned in the competiton rules the winner is picked based on the % search traffic gain obtained during this year (Jan 01 – Feb 15), as compared to the month of December 2008. And the winners are… (1020.00%) (859.80%) (851.21%) (597.44%) (226.44%)

Please join me in congratulating the winners and let us not forget each and every participant who gave them a fight! Thanks folks!

Please check out the our live scorecard for more details such as Week 1 to Week 6 numbers and final ranks. Also I am publishing the screenshots of the top three competitors with their permission. I am picking the top three because that’s where the action took place towards the end. (a couple of fields blurred on his request)

The Week 6 turnaround

The Week 6 witnessed the top three competitors accelerating really fast in a neck-to-neck competition and Simon ( managed to overtake Arun ( whereas Samrat ( missed the second rank by a very narrow margin. Week 06 performance by Simon, Samrat and Raju ( were really impressive whereas Arun slowed down a wee bit that cost him the first place!

Exciting prizes for the Top 5!

As promised the following wonderful prizes will be distributed among the top 5. Thanks to our sponsors for these prizes!

First Prize for Simon
1 Year Class ā€˜Cā€™ IP SEO Hosting by SEO Hosting (worth $420)
PPC Advertiser Campaign by Bidvertiser (worth $100)
PayPal Cash Prize by Sponsored Reviews ($100)

Simon, I hope that the class ‘C’ IP hosting will boost your SEO Optimization campaigns in the future and PPC advertising for sure is good anytime. As for cash, well, who will not take it?

Second Prize for Arun
6 Months Subscription to Online Profits (worth $288)
1 Year Business Plan Hosting by Host Gator (worth $180)

Arun, I am sure that Daniel Scocco’s new venture will enlighten you about online money making even more and you can now empower your domain(s) with a business hosting plan now!

Consolation Prizes for Samrat, Raju and Ryan
1 Year shared hosting by Host Gator (worth $120 each)

Needless to say you have just won one of the best hosting services in the business, and I am sure all three of you will maximize your blog’s performance with the new hosting option.

Congratulations once again! I shall contact you by email within two days and provide instructions on how to collect your prizes.

Dollar$hower SEO Challenge ’09 Sponsors

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A big Thank you…

I would like to thank our sponsors for the trust, Daniel Scocco for his guidance, all participants for passion and all readers of this blog for your wonderful support. I am grateful to Lax (techzoomin) for the wonderful banners that he and his friend sponsored.

Finally, let me request all of you to share your experiences and any feedback/suggestion as well. This will help us to improve for the coming editions of the SEO Challenge competition (which will be mostly in other formats).

PS: I am still dreaming about the 1000% gain and if I get there, my main blogging objective for the year is already met šŸ˜†


  1. @Frenchy, welcome back and thanks for your comments. There’ll be a second edition for sure.


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