SEO Challenge ’09 – Week 2 Update

The ongoing SEO competition has just completed week 2 and the buzz is really building up. I could see that a lot of participating blogs have already increased their post frequency and improvised their keyword picking abilities as well as tag optimization technics. At this point I would like to thank the participants for their cooperation in sorting out the scoring related issues via a survey last week.

DollarShower SEO Challenge 09 - Week 2 Update
The following are the leading blogs for Week 2, based on the current average number of daily visits the past 42 days (from Dec 08, 2008 to Jan 18, 2009): (183.80%) (126.00%) (82.30%) (81.65%) (73.09%)

Check out the SEO Challenge Scorecard for others’ performance.

Week 2 Highlights

The following are some of my findings from Week 2

  • A lot more blogs have entered the positive zone in Week 2 (Only 12 are in negative region now)
  • Tech blogs have excelled in tapping into hot keywords of the present
  • One blog had a few paid visits which has been deducted for calculation purpose and another blog have a few suspicious search visits that I am scruitinizing further
  • The competition is likely to end with percentage traffic increases of the order of 300 or 400 percent if the current pace is maintained

SEO Strategies Used

The following are some of the SEO strategies used by the participants.

Nihar of

Before I publish any post, I search on those lines on Google and try to find on what keywords the topic is indexed. Then I target those keywords along with new keywords and prepare the title of the post. I also try to use H1..H4 tags and use bold when using keywords.

Ryan of

Basic link building methods for my target keywords. Targeting keywords that you can rank for quickly is very important. To build links I used Link exchanges with target keyword anchor text, article directory submissions, dofollow forum signature links, and dofollow blog links.

Raju of

My strategy was simple. Catch hold of the latest buzz in the tech world (It was windows 7 last week) and write some really useful posts upfront. Catchy title also matters. I do not know if this is enough to scale up the SE traffic to the next level

Donace from The Nexus:

I have done actually very little so far. The boost of 10 extra visitors or so can be squarely credited to submitting sitemaps to the Big SE’s. I will hopefully work more on it in the coming week. Using simple commentluv link building to my latest articles

Rajiv of

No strategy as such. Only concentrate on providing value via the blog. Not just blog for the sake of blogging, but to provide value and to write about topics I feel strongly about.

Thank you all for your views and please send in more strategies for week 3 update. Also, let us know how some of you have managed to get ridiculously high search traffic! Please note that we have almost four more weeks to go and hence anything is possible! Can we look forward to somebody achieving 500% increase in search traffic?

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  1. Well, my performance has a been a bit modest as yet, but beware, I am just waiting for the final lap! πŸ™‚

    Alright, strategies:
    -better keyword targeting in urls and titles
    -controversial titles are coming soon (to improve click-through rate)
    -crafting better meta descriptions
    -use of h2,h3,em,strong more liberally
    -quickly fixing any errors that pop up in Webmaster Tools
    -viewing statistics to see what keywords people are using to find me and using it to inspire new articles
    -writing about more specific topics

    As for people achieving 500% increases, that’d be crazy… and I’d be surprised if any of the larger blogs could do it. But anything is possible. I’d love to see it!

    Shirley’s last blog post… Choosing the Best Location for Your New Blog

  2. To all: Use this tool guys and girls


    Also dont forget about google image which also add to the juice! Best of luck to you all. πŸ™‚

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… What is Time? What is the real time?

  3. The ppl here are rocking.. all the best guys.. and thanks Ajith for this wonderful contest… (I know it’s taking a lot of your time and effort…)

    TechnoSamrat’s last blog post… Tune, Optimize and Increase Your Internet Connection Speed With TCP Optimizer

  4. The strategies can be shared by the contestants.. Only then it will add real value for everyone πŸ™‚

  5. already dropped to the third place, but i expected not to be in top 5, I am sure I won’t be in top 5 next week around. Whatever the reasons be, scaling up the blog to the next level with the current strategy (as mentioned in the post above) is impossible. I am not considering this contest as a contest, but a chance to know more about SEO. I basically know “NOTHING” and all theory I used to read was meaningless. Hope to gain much more knowledge by the end of the contest. Other 4 strategies mentioned were really useful. Thanks guys πŸ™‚

  6. Domain Marvelous :

    I am performing way way bad in this contest, mainly because I am not actively blogging and promoting my site. But there is plenty time left for me to catch up with the front runners. Keeping my fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  7. Congratulations to all the Toppers.

    I am still at Rank no. 19 πŸ™

    Need to do something soon, otherwise i will get the same rank as i was getting in the school πŸ™‚

  8. lol Nihar if you got 100% increase or hell even 80% like techpp and technosamrat (which is a brilliant achievement by the two) that would unbelievable!

    Congratz for the people on the Top 5 especially the two tech blogs which have shown a great numerical increase as well as %

  9. @Shirley, Thanks for your strategies and I am sure they will take you to respectable levels in the next four weeks. As for the % increase it’s really possible.

    Although 500% may sound crazy, it may be possible… Take a look at Techno Samrat and Otooo… One has started posting 2-3 times a day and another doing a lot of hot keywords job. The others also have some unique plans lined up. So why stop at 500% πŸ™‚

    @Kurt, I think they are all after keywords πŸ˜† Are you missing it buddy?

    @Samrat, You are welcome buddy…and I can see that you are all charged up with your posting frequency and keywords!

    @Jawahar, some are already being shared… Perhaps, at the end I could ask one or two of them to guest post here.

    @Raju, hey come on man… don’t be modest πŸ™‚

    @Forsaken, that’s the spirit… You can definitely catch up during the remaining 4 weeks

    @Nihar, haha… that’s a good one. Were your teachers challenged by you? πŸ˜€

    @Donace, Yep Nothing is impossible! And the tech blogs definitely seem to be having a good time…

    Good luck to all!

  10. I started looking at the meta descriptions for most popular posts (will do others later) and refined categories and tags. Also more internal links to posts based on related keywords. Looking at searches but some just seem random — like ‘earning through music’ landed on ‘earning through your blog’ post—. You can’t really write a post with more ‘music’ words if that’s not your blog’s focus. Even if you ‘get into the heads’ of people who used ‘success’ to reach us, you see many were not looking for blogs! So you can guess they bounce right off… Very complicated! But we’re here to learn and improve.

    SBA’s last blog post… The Importance Of Self-Mastery

  11. I need to do something about the Keywords that I use. Not in the list this time! πŸ™

    Read 2 Know’s last blog post… Work Online with ZOHO Personal & Business Applications

  12. @Ajith: Yea πŸ™ I wish I could have participated lol.

    Anyway am getting ready for the next competition πŸ˜€ I am trying something… with google trends these days… and believe me man… this really work!! I guess you already know about the tips am talking about. πŸ™‚

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Blogs That You Read – The Why And The What!

  13. @SBA, editing old post for SEO will definitely help though it take a few days to see the effect. Also it wouldn’t be a good idea to further optimize already search-popular post.

    @Read2Know, keywords are the way to go buddy

    @Kurt, yep I had written about Google Insights and Trends sometime back I guess.

  14. This is really interesting to observe – now I wish I had participated because my traffic has gone way up recently and I haven’t done anything.

    Thanks for doing this Ajith.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… Library Lookup Bookmarklet

  15. @Kim, no worries pal. I will try to have more such competitions in the future… My available time is the only constraint πŸ™

  16. I’m at 6th rank as of now πŸ™‚

    I travelled for the whole week and didn’t updated the blog..this could cause some considerable damage to my little TechZoomIn rank in next week.

    Contest going great ajith..Rocking all you guys.

    TechZoomIn’s last blog post… 5 Simple β€œRead More/Continue Reading” Tag Design Styles

  17. @TechZoomIn, Thanks buddy and good luck!

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