SEO Challenge ’09 – Week 3 Update

We have just completed the third week of our SEO competition and I thought of providing the Week 3 update in a very short post (Short post because I have been too busy with my regular paying job due to the beginning-of-the-year formalities. Personal life has been pretty hectic as well, which is the top most priority at any time 🙂 )

DollarShower SEO Challenge 09 - Week 3 UpdateThe following are the blogs that are leading at the end of Week 3 based on the average number of daily visits the past 42 days (from Dec 15, 2008 to Jan 25, 2009): (337.90%) (200.50%) (183.72%) (150.26%) (99.19%)

Please check out the our live scorecard for more details.

Week 3 Highlights

The top 5 blogs are much the same from last week the only difference being TechnoSamrat and TechPP swapping their positions as TechnoSamrat is advancing faster. The rate at which these blogs are increasing their search visits is an example on how established, high volume blogs can be mobilized further in terms of search visits.

The top 12 or 15 blogs have great potential to increase their search traffic dramatically in the next three weeks provided they put in some more orchestrated effort into their strategies.

Last week I wondered if 500% search traffic increase from the base value is possible at all and we already have over 300% in the case of the top ranked blog.

SEO Strategies Used

I did not have much time to consolidate the strategies this week but I will be definitely doing it next week. The (hot) keyword optimization is the main strategy adopted by the tech blogs where as some of them are also supplementing it with frequent blog updates. One person has used the global translator plugin to benefit from the long tail. This basically creates multiple language copies of the same post thereby the seaches from those language clients can be tapped into as well. Another person has converted his blog into more or less a contest-only blog whereby totally unrelated but keyword-targetting content is being published there in 🙂

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Good luck for the next week!


  1. Thanks for the update. There are definitely some great numbers there…. I might take advantage of the global translator plugin and see how that helps me… Maybe I can edge my way into the top ten. 🙂

    Shirley’s last blog post… How Slow (or Fast) Is Your Website on Dial Up?

  2. Technology and multi content pushing sites are having advantage here.Because they will have much scope from all types of users on search engines.
    Not blogging sites 🙁

    TechZoomIn’s last blog post… WordPress.TV- Hub of WordPress Videos

  3. gr8 competition here.. getting a lot of enthusiasm from fellow bloggers.. Thanks Ajith for organizing this…

    TechnoSamrat’s last blog post… Search and Download Video & Movie Subtitles With Sublight Freeware

  4. I am surprised to see myself still in top 5. May be I should go and have a look at the algorithm used to calculate the %. And yeah, posting frequently will surely increase the SE traffic, that is what I realised over the past 2 weeks. But, is that what I am looking for? I don’t think so.. errr.. I don’t know 🙂

    Raju’s last blog post… 45 Awesome Websites to Watch Online TV for FREE!

  5. What hurts is that I changed themes this week and forgot to insert analytics into it for a few days, so I had 0 visits for 2 days running. Those 2 days I actually had my biggest traffic days yet, but analytics couldn’t track it 🙁

    Simon’s last blog post… Chinese New Year Animals

  6. Congratulations to all the top 5.

    I have moved my position from 19 to 11 rank. But looking at the top 5’s progress, I may not be able to make to top 🙂

    All those who are below top 5. Come on guys.. Post more content and get the traffic……

    COME ON…………..

    Nihar’s last blog post… Codec Pack for Windows 7

  7. Domain Marvelous :

    Although my performance is bad, I am still looking to go for positive percentage by the end on the competition. I am not active due to my real life job commitments; the story would have been something else if I was actively promoting my site 😉

  8. @Shirley, be careful with the global translator as it can seriously slow down your site if there is a lot of content (ie. a few hundred posts). The translation engine/bot will keep pinging your site to convert your post into 20 or 30 languages and it’s a time consuming process. Another issue is that, just incase you decide to remove it and if SEs have actually indexed it, you will get a lot of 40X page not found errors that can fetch you a bad image in Google’s books!

    @Lax, you have a very good mix of topics that even you can tap into that niche keywords

    @Samrat, thanks buddy

    @Raju, no error in the algo. You are in top 5 and yes, posting regularly really help to force the bots to crawl more often for changed contents

    @Simon, you didn’t anyway miss much buddy… You are right up there! I however, notice that your blog has become a keyword warzone 😆

    @Nihar, you can get there man – especially due to the cricket topics and the India-SL series coming in… I see that you have already laid the foundation post towards that 🙂

    @Forsaken, your bread-winning job and family first! Only then comes blogging – unless your main job is bloggin, that is 😆

    Good luck to you all !

  9. Well, on second thought, I’ll stay far away until I’ve thoroughly researched it. Thanks for the warning.

    Shirley’s last blog post… Does Your Blog Need A Makeover?

  10. @Shirley, yes… you better be careful with that plugin. Though translation works reasonably well and search visit increases, there are other repercussions.

  11. Hi everyone, I am a seo newbie, I like your post. Can I ask some thing about blog and SEO if there’s an SEO Contest? Thank you

    Ligoy na Bata’s last blog post… Dance with Google

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