SEO Challenge ’09 – Week 5 Update

At the outset, my apologies for posting the Week 5 update late by a day. I have been super busy and exhuasted with the regular work and non-blogging life. However, today when I took a look at the Week 5 analytic statistics I got energized as some really skyrocketing graphs were a pleasure to watch and I wished those were my stats!

DollarShower SEO Challenge 09 - Week 5 UpdateWe are left with hardly a week for the SEO Challenge ’09 competition to come to an end and I can see that the top 7-8 people are putting their act together with some amazing keyword job. Though the top 5 positions are still ruled by last weeks’ leaders, there are signs of some serious competition going on among positions 6 onwards as well. The following are the five blogs that are leading at the end of Week 5 based on the average number of daily visits the past 42 days (from Dec 29, 2008 to Feb 08, 2009): (728.10%) (676.90%) (559.59%) (358.50%) (172.75%)

Please check out the our live scorecard for more details.

Week 5 Highlights

Folks! I tell you what, there’re some really unpredictable results (in terms of top three) are in the offing as I can see some sudden twists for the last two days. Also please note that for the final calculation the search results of this year alone come into play and hence if somebody had very low traffic during December end may see better final results. Keep guessing who will emerge the winner!

SEO Strategies Used

I could arm-twist the top 5 to share their strategies. The following are the strategies adopted by the leading SEO experts of the competition.

Arun of

I really dont have a set-out SEO strategy, but after the contest started, I have done the following things on my blog:

1. I did a quick optimization of the pages so as to improve load times. It’s then I discovered that even simple things like removing an unwanted plugin or a line of CSS code can dramatically improve load times
2. I started using Google Trends and Goolge Keyword Research tool. But I never wrote a post so that it was a popular keyoword. I would write the posts the normal way, and before posting them on Million Clues, I did a quick SEO using the keywords available.
3. I started fully exploiting the All-In-One SEO plugin.
4. I was really regular in December and I posted lots of posts. As you had said in the announcing post, I got the visits for those posts in January and I still get them.

Well Arun, the first one is definitely not a SEO strategy. Would you like to elaborate on (2) and (3)?

Simon of

Basically I looked for trends such as the “Australian Open tennis” to blog about, and then formed my keyword rich titles using Google Suggest (seeing what was being searched for when I entered “Australian Open 2009” etc) and also using Google Trends.

Then I have also made some other posts titled buy “general product name” and then used tags to create tag pages with a specific product name being used for they tag (if that makes sense).

An example of this is the post I made titled something like “Mathews Compound Bows – Buy Cheap Matthews Bows For Sale” and than I used tags such as “mathews monster xlr8” and “mathews hyperlite”, which are specific product names – this also helps with affiliate sales on

Thanks for the details and example Simon.

Samrat of

Some of the strategies I had used..

Just changed the theme to include some ‘H’ tags. There were no ‘H’ tags initially and I took some time to add them for the post title.

Highlight the keywords most often searched. I observed that ighlighting “Free Antivirus” or “Best Antivirus for Windows” is better than just highlighting “Norton Antivirus”. As there is a great competition for common terms I was looking at the search terms for eg: “Free Apps for N72”, “Cool Games for Nokia Phones”, “Vista Freeware Apps” etc..

Take some time to analyze the Google Analytics Data. There is really a wealth of information there. Analyze the traffic to your site and set a realistic goal which will give more enthu. This is what I did for this month and moreover this comptetion gave me more enthu (Thanks Ajith!!).

Increased the post frequency from 1 to 3 and scheduled the post in a timely manner rather than flooding them all at a single shot.

Try to link back to the older post as they will definitely bring in some more traffic with the increase in Link Juice and a top posts data on home page will add more benefit with the home page PR flowing to them.

Analyze the keywords that are driving more traffic and focus on the keywords. It’s not necessary to write all the posts on the same topic. For eg if “DVD to AVI converter” is bringing a lot of traffic then you can write an article on “DVD to AVI converter for Apple iPhone” etc.

Try to write articles on the topics that can catch more attention and attraction. Do watch the Blog-O-Sphere and see what others are writing on.

Google Search trends and Google Analytics will be very useful and do concentrate on other search engines also. Google is not the only one !!!

Using the All-in-one-SEO plugin is very helpful. Do use the keywords effectively. I always use the keywords that are simple. Use keywords that
have less competetion. I use keywords that I may use when searching for a similar thing.

Using the language translator has also helped me a lot. It increased my traffic by almost 20%. But I read that it has got its own disadvanatges.

These are the startegies rather say…. things that I kept in mind…. 🙂

Thanks for sharing those tips Samrat. I guess, you have put a lot of aspects together to get those amazing results.

Raju of

I never planned for search traffic, even for this week my strategy was same – catch hold of the latest buzz on the internet and try utilizing it to my advantage. One major SEO technique I have been following lately and which has yielded major gains is usage of h2, h3, h4 tags in the articles. Structuring of articles is very essential for Google bot to crawl your
article. Sufficient and relevant images add to the advantage as well. That is it!

Raju, thanks for that. More than the ‘H’ tags, you have done a great job of picking traffic-driving most current keywords, I think.

Ryan of

I did some YouTube video marketing. It hasn’t shown any traffic on Google Analytics that I can remember seeing but my videos have had over 2,000 views.

Ryan, YouTube marketing related traffic will be more referral in nature than search, I think.

Thank you all for sharing your secrets. I would like to experiment some of these tricks as long as it is in the context of my blog and its niche 🙂

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Good luck for the final week!! Please note that all the scrutinizing of your search related visits will happen this week and any bad SEO activities will attract ban. Stay clean please to help me reduce my manual work 🙂


  1. @Nihar, you are doing exactly what is good for long term 🙂 For short term vested goals, if you try to win the search visitors ‘alone’ that may affect the reader experience of existing regular readers. Good job!

  2. Great work everybody, and thanks for sharing your tips and secrets with us! Three over 500% now, pretty impressive stuff indeed! I’m off to the post about the final result to check out the final winners now!

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