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I recently came across this amazing free SEO analytics site called SERP Analytics. At the first glance, it looked to me like a normal search site but as I started digging deeper, I realized that it has got a set of powerful tools for SERP-SEO specialists, Internet Marketers and bloggers. is an online solution and hence you don’t need to download anything to get started – not even a browser toolbar as in the case of some other solutions. Some of the exciting features of this include detailed site statistics from SEO point of view, top paying AdSense keywords, SEO parameters under live search results from Google, Yahoo or Bing etc and lot more as explained below.

Salient features of SERP Analytics

The following are some of the key features available with this suite of tools:

Search Results Analytics

The comprehensive search analytics tool allows you to analyze the search results (SERPs) for a particular keyword or domain to come up with the following information

– More than a dozen SEO parameters (such as PR, Yahoo backlinks, Quantcast rank, Number of search clicks received, whois record etc.) right under the search result. If you use the domain name for search, it is also a great way to see the SEO parameters of all internal (or linked) pages. You can customize the parameters that you want to show
– The above mentioned parameters is available for Google, Yahoo and Bing
– The SERP summary is available in a separate float window by the side of search results
– Original search results (without SEO parameters) from the selected Search Engine can be still seen in a separate window
– Archived SERPs
Domain summary lists some of the important aspects about a particular site including its top keyword ranks, search traffic received etc.


SEO Tools

The tools page of SERPAnalytics provides the following SEO Tools.

Google Data Center tool lets you to research the search results from multiple data centers simultaneously
Country Tool allows you identify SERP positioning of your keyword up to five selected countries at a time. This feature is available again for all three leading search engines

(There are a few other tools available in the SEO Tools section which seems to be reorganized and regrouped as I write this post)

Top paying keywords

Yet another cool feature of this site is the Free Top 10000 keyword tool that keeps getting updated from time to time. This keyword list can be filtered, searched for and sorted based on parameters such as cost per click (CPC), number of searches, number of clicks reported etc. This can also be downloaded as a CSV file. So next time you want some hot search words that bring more money per click, you know where to look for.



The SERPAnalytics site has got a lot more features than I could cover in this review. It is certainly one of the best SEO tools that is available online for free. Please check out SERP Analytics yourself and provide your feedback as comments here.

Happy SEO!

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  1. Hmm, this one seems like a cool and complete tool. Gonna try this. Thanks for the share.

  2. Hmmm, that top 100 000 keywords seems interesting

    Google data center could also be useful when you want to target national servers.

    This is great!

  3. Yes its like a good tool, will try it soon.

  4. Will try Ajith, thanks for the sharing

  5. Nice tool but ask some configuration changes on browser. But looking good for me, thanks for sharing this.

  6. Thanks folks for your comments. @Arafat, the browser setting change is very minimal to add to your safe list.

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  9. Excellet tool…This has covered most of the paramaters need for analytics…compelet tool
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  10. amazing tool, it give valuable info. Thanks for Sharing

  11. key words ha. it should be good. but you know it is so important to know, how can your user reach to your web. i mean which one key word do real job for increase your rank. with this solution you can find this kind of key words in Analyse tools. pardon me for my RIDICULOUS English. position tracking is wonder full service. thanks for sharing

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