Social Networking & Tweeting MUST for PR and Marketing

A recent report by iPressRoom reveals that twitter, SocNets and blogging skills are as important as traditional media relations skills for new PR (Public Relations) hires and marketing personnel in the US. This may not be any surprise news because the social networks, of late, have become the marketing ground for spotting sales opportunities, creating leads and most importantly a mechanism to be in touch with your customers and prospects.

Majority of the brands and corporates these days have fan pages, rooms, profiles etc on SocNets and their PR people are pretty active there as well. This trend is not something specific to any industry and hence if you are looking for a PR job you need to be a good blogger and/or micro-blogger (See the chart below).


SocNets for marketing & advertising

There are a number of reasons why Social Networks are fast becoming the place to do marketing as compared to other online advertising channels (search marketing, email marketing, forums, websites, blogs).

Firstly, most of the computer users these days use some kind of social networking sites and the average time spent on Social networks is increasing day by day.

Next, the predicted and actual growth of online advertising on Social Networks is pretty encouraging numbers. A year ago, when I wrote about the social network advertisement model, the advertisement share on SocNets was just 5% (of the total online ad spending) and now it is already 20% (Read this report)

Thirdly, the social networks seem to be the only place where people spend more time even when there’s recession related woes. Also, when compared to email and traditional chat systems, SocNets provide an easy mechanism to discover new people and connect better. This viral nature of social networks adds to the advertising effectiveness as well.

Finally, there has been exciting reports from companies like Dell ($3mn in sales via twitter) who are making the best out their Social Network campaigns. Many of these offers and goodies news (tweets) may be spammy in nature but at the end they create more sales and leads.


In short, SocNets are inevitable channels for your marketing campaigns. It is not just for the corporates. Even bloggers have started building their SocNet fanpages and a twitter profile is something like a must-have for every blogger. Via active presence on your Social Network-Media-Microblogging channels, you can definitely generate more traffic to your blog, sell your products and services more effectively and increase the conversion rate of your promotions.

Happy SocNet’ing!


  1. Social networking is important for PR, that we know. But how come this Twitter helps for PR growth?

  2. Great advise – the implementation is simple and efficient. Always the question will be: is it the most efficient way the use of your time?

    Dan Gabriel

  3. The internet really has changed so fast.. Companies are now forced or required to adapt to it so they wouldn’t be left out qquickly…

  4. One more post which is “Jarra Hut ke”

    Good. Yeah it is important but i am poor in it 🙂

  5. Social networks are very important these days. Also the internet is faster than before.

  6. @Lax, PR as in public relations. All of us seem to be Page rank maniacs that traditional ‘PR’ definitions are often forgotten 😆

    @Dan, thanks for your comment. As for the efficiency, well for PR and marketing people, it’s their job to go to public and talk while as for bloggers apart from blogging, it’s ideal to shout around to grab some attention. Am I right?

    @Melvin, absolutely… The pace at which things rapidly change, everyone is forced to adopt and change self as well.

    @Nihar, I guess your blog is anyway getting a lot of hits so…

    @Hakeem, Yep.. It’s SocNets all the way and it has changed the way we network and communicate.

  7. Recently, I became the fan of Facebook and Twitter.. and I can’t stop using it… I have to force myself to click the “Log Off” button ! 😀

    Social networks are one of my top referrals ! 🙂

  8. When it comes to referrals and affiliate marketing I’m not sure where I would be without Facebook.

    It takes a little work but in the end it is worth the time spent.

  9. @Pradeep, yes SocNets are addictive. Though, I get enough time to use them, I am slowing down on facebook/orkut for privacy reasons. I am reasonably active on Twitter though.

    @Webcam Girl, definitely – facebook is the place to be if you have a great fan page

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