Sometimes it makes sense to Start Blogging Allover again

Nobody becomes an overnight blogging hero. If somebody has claimed so (s)he is a liar! It takes a lot of hard work to take a blog and the blogger behind the same to fame. However, there are times when all that effort is not returning any results after months and years of blogging. In such cases it just makes sense to start all over again instead of sticking with your current blog.

I have known a couple of online friends who did not exactly do any wrong things in their blogging life but ended up getting no visitors to their respective blogs. Eventually they had to quit. In today’s post let me explain why it is not a bad idea to start yet another blog instead of sticking to your current blog where you have already spent your time and money without being fruitful.

When to start it all over?

The following are some of the scenarios where it is better to start a new blog and/or after discontinuing the current one that’s not doing any good to you.

#1 You picked the wrong niche

At times people blindly pick a niche that is not exactly their strong area of expertise. Once you realize that and/or starts struggling to get new post ideas in that domain, you may call it quits and start something else. Usually, this realization comes during the first couple of months of blogging itself.

#2 Monetization goals not met

Sometimes despite some good number of visits, you may never ever make good money out of your current blog due to irreversible monetization strategy opted for. In such cases it makes sense to move to something new if all avenues that you tried aren’t exactly converting well.

#3 You caused a bad image or branding problem

There are situations where you create trouble for yourself via bad brand building tactics, black hat SEO or even used strong lies to promote your blog. Once that issue grabs public attention you may not have any other go but remain silent for a while and start something new. I know of a blogger who always projected big stats about his blog and closed down immediately once people came to know about the faking part.

#4 Not in the good books of Google and no organic visits

There are some blogs that – despite having done all kinds of onsite-offsite SEOs – remain un-indexed or in low page rank forever or hardly attracts any search visits. In this case, it could be even possible that the pages are in the secondary index of Google or even the whole site hit by one of their algorithmic updates. Even worse, it can also happen due to inexplicable reasons or those reasons that only Google knows. But very often it is due to some bad monetization practices (link exchanges, link monetization, paid plugs for example) from the past or the domain name used had a bad history. It can be even due to the fact that your content itself is lean in the eyes of Google. Despite all your hardwork, if you continue to be ignored by Google, it makes sense to start afresh again.

#5 Extinct topic

This happens to some blogs (and bloggers) that start in a clueless way. Sometimes they pick a domain name and niche to write about that has time bound relevance (e.g. a programming language that’s outdated already). Once the topic relevance is no more there you have no go but stop blogging under that domain name.

Did I miss out any other points? Have you ever thought of ditching your current blog and starting another one?

Happy Blogging!


  1. You are exactly right. Sometimes I have had to start all over again because I went into the niche purely for profit, with no experience, knowledge or interest in a topic – so of course it failed!

  2. well you have given me the reson to start all over again. But $$$ is the main motive to start all over again. Dont know whats wrong with my blog

  3. A fresh start is always advisable. Even if something you tried is working and even if your blog is doing good, trying out something new in a whole new level might turn out to be great.

    • You said it in a better way than I conveyed πŸ™‚ A fresh start can always change the outlook positively by bringing in all your past experience… you are right, you can start something fresh even if things are okay with the current blog(s)

  4. Bang on!! But within the same blog, we can/might have to start afresh when we come to know we are not doing it right. Its always not necessary to call it quite and start something new from the scratch.

  5. i have started all again ajith…and it was mainly due to my previous domain name….

  6. Starting all over again should only happen as you mentioned rightly in the post.

    Google bans your blog / search engine marks the blog as bad / (could be n no. of reasons)

  7. Wouldn’t go starting it all over again.. but I always try to improve the current circumstances.. and banning is likely not to happen as 99% sticks to basics πŸ˜€

  8. Hi Ajith,

    Can you explain what you meant by ” irreversible monetization strategy” ?


    • Lakshmi,
      For example, I had planned some niche blogs that were supposed to be making money out of purely on Google AdSense and organic visits for certain keywords. I got banned by AdSense recently and had to close that project as no other monetization methods would work on that blog.

  9. Agree with all your points. Especially about negative branding. Online reputation is really important when it comes to blogging.

  10. Your points are true. Still, I cannot imagine myself starting all over again from scratch. Just takes more work.

    • Melvin, it’s the last resort… if one can improvise and get back traffic, it is okay to continue. At times, SE delisting can completely stop the traffic and in such cases it makes sense to start afresh.

  11. Divyun Raje Vaid :

    “No work, no mistake.” lol Well, that’s what my funda is. but at the end of the day you got to do a little bit of work to get your blog going.

    You try a lot of things where most of them wont work so you start to hesitate. A week later you come back start working again. Well, that’s what happens with me(but instead of the week its months sometimes).

    Maybe you can another thing to your list. Server failure, no backup, i.e., all’s gone. And now you have to start again. I had this problem in the initial phases but corrected it with a better hosting server and regular backups.

  12. Totally agree with you. I have seen some bloggers quiting their blogging carreer. And I think they must give it another try.

  13. Sometimes some blogs just do not work out and it is better if you begin it all over again.

  14. Excellent post, i am thinking of starting my blog again πŸ™‚

  15. I started adding adsense code to one of my websites . It has 8000+unique visitros every month…I make $30 to $70 from my adsense income.. Its a technology blog…Is it an optimal return??

  16. very agree…in fact I just recreate my blog 3 months ago after 2 year of failure…

  17. desperateblogger :

    Hi..i would really appreciate your advice on a problem which i am facing…i have been able to start a blog and got a pagerank 2. I get about 1000 views daily, which includes traffic from my mailing list and search engines. But i am still not able to find a way to monetize my traffic. I have a blog that revolves around religion. Thank you in advance.

    • Not sure if religious content can convert much. I would think that mostly the earnings per click will be in the order or 10 cents or less. Try adding some Yoga and Ayurveda content to it in which case you may get some US traffic. You can also try selling religious books, flipkart (or similar) affiliate links etc (esp around religious books, related products)

  18. Nick Rodriquez :

    I learned the hard way.
    After 3 years of blogging, I suddenly quit, without realizing that my blog was slowly getting a decent amount of traffic for potentially earning a few thousands per year. I am now starting my blog again from scratch and hoping not to quit this time around.

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