Spam Comments Fun!

After a week of inactivity on the blogging front, I tried to moderate the pending comments today. Unlike my previous reactions on the spam folder, this time around, I decided to give some respect to the spammers and actually read many of those comments. To be frank, I do not entirely blame them for their backdoor marketing efforts. On the other hand, I thought, some of them are really very creative and childishly funny at times.

The following are some of the very interesting spam comments that I keep receiving and my answers to them, if I had actually moderated them in. I am sure, all of you must have gone through similar situations and hence please feel free to add some of your greatest spam comments as real comments here.

1. You are a very smart person

I thought I knew that before you figured out.

2. Your website doesn’t seem to work on PhaseOut 5.0. Thought of informing you.

We have minimal support for PhaseOut and that will be phased out soon.

3. I found your blog via bing search and bookmarked this page. Keep up good work.

Oops! When I searched bing, I couldn’t see this page at all!

4. You have excellent content here

Thaks for the reassurance. You have been very kind and consistent with your support over the past few months.

5. You should add a subscribers section to this blog, I think I’m addicted

I forgot to throw a sign-up popup like a couple of others do.

6. I love to watch you write!

Sorry man, I am straight!

7. hey everyone


8. Thanks for publishing about this. There’s a heap of great tech information on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your website. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs fairly on-going, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a solid job with this one. How do you do it?

You are so damn inefficient man, brevity is the soul of spam.

9. Hi, i must say fantastic blog you have, i stumbled across it in Google. Does you get much traffic?

I does no traffic

10. ? ??? ??: ???????!!
??????? ???? ?????? ?????? – ???? ?????? ?????? ? ??????? ?????
?????????? ???? ?????? ??? ??????? ????????????? ???? ?????? ??? ???????
?????????? ?????????? ?? ?????? ????????: ????? ????? ?? ?????? ????????
????? ???????? ?? ?????????? ????? ???????? ?? ????????
?????? ????? ???????? ?? ???????? ????? ???????? ?? ???????? ??????
??????? ?????????? ???? ?????? – ?????????? ???? ??????
?????????? ?????????? ?????????????: ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????
? ????????????? ????? ???????? ? ????????????? ????? ???????? ?? ??????
??? ????? ???????? ?? ???? ???????? – ????? ???????? ?? ???????? ???
????? ???????? ?? ??????: ????? ????????? ???????? ?? ???????

? ??? ??: ???????!!

Looks like you have too many questions for me. Can we set up a call?

Over to you…

Do you have any interesting and funny spam comments on your blog right now? Please feel free to share them. Don’t worry, they would be recovered from the spam folder and brought to day light!

Happy Spamming!


  1. yup ajith same happens to me also……
    and the spammers post all rubish links or adult links saying “your are too good” “your site is soo god” n bla bla ……
    nyways thanks for the post man.>!!

  2. Haha! I get a lot saying ‘I just signed up to this forum.’

    I have a blog, not a forum, and you don’t have to sign up!

  3. reading them is ofcourse not boring….but they annoy me a HELL lot

  4. lols. the funny thing even is that a lot of small bloggers seem to get persuaded they are real comments! I read a lot about those in small blogs.

  5. My favorite is “Thanks.” I’m not sure if it’s real gratitude. A fake “thank you” is really an insult!

  6. Getting hundreds of spams in all my websites, just empty the spam.

  7. ROFLMAO! Loved the 6th one esp, are you this funny always? OMG

    I get “You saved my day again” millions of times in my spam. Looks like I am Jesus 😀

  8. ROFL ! now i know that those are spams comment *shocked*

    these i got like 5 a day and its awaken me :

    The author of has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: Nothing works faster than a geek with a challenge Thanks for the info.

    while my site is not

    long live spam 😀

  9. Sometimes I enjoy reading those spam! But sometimes I don’t enjoy! These spammers leave many a times funny to read comments! Its quite a timepass.

  10. I recently notice this on my blog : “I found your blog via bing search and bookmarked this page. Keep up good work.”

    Its really funny to see they appreciate your work without reading it.

  11. My blog is new.Although I have already got several spam comments.Few of them are really interesting to read.

  12. Ha Ha HA 🙂

    Great spam comments…. THe funny won is the Bing one.

    I do get spam comments but never looked like you have checked it.

    I will also check it.

  13. You are amazing…you dig gems out of trash…creating a quality post on spam is an appreciative effort..

  14. ROFL Ajith. Very funny indeed. I’ve had my share in the past but the past few months thanks to using Disqus and Akismet most of the spam comments are filtered out.

    But really good selection you have put up. I’m still laughing!!!

  15. I rarely read a blog about a comment; actually this is my first time reading a blog about a comment of spammers.
    haha…. the next time if I read a comment like those you listed above I would reply … “Duplicate”.


  16. picture of genital herpes :

    Took me moment to explore each and every one of the comments, however I in truth enjoyed the article. It proved being really ready to lend a hand to me plus I am positive to every single one the commenters here! It’s normally polite when you can not just be informed, but in addition entertained! I am constructive you had pleasant writing this write-up.

  17. After I posted a couple of articles in my site, I was so elated due to the number of comments I started to receive(10 in the first day). I thought for a moment that the whole online world must have been awaiting my really useful posts. Got back to reality soon as I logged in to moderate and notice the sources of those comments.
    The last comment on this post is really interesting……

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