Suspended from HostGator Affiliate Program

Update: After several requests with the affiliate manager, I am glad that HostGator has finally lifted my suspension. You can now keep using our HostGator Discount coupons listed on our exclusive HostGator Coupon Code and discount offers page.

Old post continues…

A few months back, I had written about the issues I faced with the thesis affiliate program. While those issues was mainly related to their shift to Share-A-Sale, today I got the shock of my life when I got suspended from the HostGator affiliate program. (In fact, I had praised this wonderful program in the thesis post)

I am not a professional blogger as in “I do not need to blog to earn a life”. I have a well paid job in the Software Industry and hence whatever money I earn online is going as donations, charity and cash backs to my referrals. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be going well with the HostGator affiliate ToS.

How I detected the suspension?

Unlike Google, nobody really sent me a mail stating that, I was slapped with a suspension. However, as pending referral money wasn’t getting paid so many days after the due date, I contacted the affiliate support and I got this news. It went like this “This account was suspended from the program for offering cash back rebates which is against our terms of service” 🙂

When I went through their affiliate ToS, there was nothing like this mentioned there. While I am still working with the support team to get the suspension lifted, I am not sure if it’s possible at all. The result is that, I am loosing a huge amount of money that are dues from HostGator side which I had actually agreed to share with some of my referrals. Basically I lost my face here!

Getting banned while dues are pending?

It’s a very common thing with Google AdSense program that they ban publishers without paying their dues. I wasn’t quite expecting similar behavior with HostGator and other affiliate programs. Anyhow, I feel it’s a pretty harsh thing from these affiliate schemes. Because, even when they aren’t paying your or suspending you, your referrals are still with them and hence you have created business for them. There has to be at least one warning mail sent out or cleared the dues, before such decisions are taken.

Anyhow, I am still a fan of HostGator shared hosting services and their wonderful affiliate program. But I hereby would like to apologize to my referrals that I am unable to pay back the promised rebates on HostGator signups. I have already sent you individual mails on this.

Over to you?

Have you ever got banned by any affiliate programs? If so, did they show the basic courtesy of sharing your dues before taking such a decision??

(PS: Rest of the rebate programs are still very much valid)


  1. That is really sad. They should have atleast mentioned it in their ToS. I still don’t understand why could they have problem with this- they are still getting the same amount of money from the users who sign up.

    Hope your suspension is lifted.

    • @Anshul, that’s what. They get money but they don’t want to give it away 🙂 In the case of Google AdSense etc I can understand whereby the fraud clicks can be at the cost of advertisers but this one is different. An acquired customer is always good for them.

  2. Some affiliate programs really can be a pain in the a$$. You’re totally right, your referrals are still with them and hence you have created business for them. Hope you can work it out with the affiliate manager so you still get paid somehow!

    • @Florian, you are absolutely right. I had problems with one or two affiliate programs in the past. Fortunately, the affiliate manager is replying to my queries in a reasonable manner.

  3. That’s a bad deal, Ajith. No, I’ve never been banned, though I’ve had affiliates up and drop me because I live in New York, which requires affiliates to collect taxes.

  4. I am not really into aff sales. However I do work with some aff offers, mostly free ones such as astrology etc. I prefer to work with an aff network than with particular…companies own aff program.

    Shareasale is good on my side (mostly because things I tend to promote are mostly holiday offers). CJ is also ok.

    I hope your issue with Hostgator is solved soon.

    • @Kurt, yeah sometimes larger affiliate networks that offer multiple programs are good. Some of the products that I offer are from e-junkie, click bank, share-a-sale etc. I am not using CJ any longer.

  5. That’s really bad. I never read affiliate ToS that much. Now I need to take this seriously. Thanks for sharing bro. 🙂

  6. Oh, that’s bad. I didn’t know HostGator has such terms also. All the best to you on the lifting of the bad. 🙂

  7. Sad to listen. But hope you get the account back 🙂 If not, leave it shift to some other hosting affiliate. As simple as that..

  8. You didnt mention that whether you have offered the cash back to your customers …

  9. Never used Affiliate programs but only tried CPM/CPC ad networks. However I’m not a fan of their hosting either. I was hosted there for quite sometime, no doubt the uptime is good and server is fast, but when the site started getting a lot of traffic and load was high on their shared. They shut the site and forced me to upgrade to their dedicated server. They wouldnt allow me to access the site till I’d have upgraded. So I had to fool them somehow to allow me access in which I took all backups and shifted to a VPS. Why pay for a dedicated server when VPS does it? Anyway, another problem with Host Gator was simply the “Shut the site” without pre contacting. I had emails used to be going out of Vbulletin, and they caused load on their server, so they shut the site and forced me to remove unnecessary email sending feature. i dont like them!!

  10. having the same issue , the buyer didt proceed to verify his account and still my commission is showing fraud :
    Screenshot here :

  11. Hi, I know little about affiliate program. I am a blogger and i want to work with affiliate program. Please suggest me which affiliate program is best to earn online money.

  12. …and this is why I do not believe in affiliate programs as they can pull the rug from under you at anytime with or without just reason.

    I left the affiliate scene and instead of referring business to other companies, Ive referred business to my own. That was a few years ago and the only regret is that I should have done it sooner.

  13. Jerry Berringer :

    That blows that Hostgator did that to you. It’s upsetting actually, we should definitely have some protection against that.

    I’ve been an affiliate of Hostgator’s for a while now, along with GreenGeeks, Bluehost and a slew of others. I guess the key is to keep constant contact and an open relationship and ask questions before hand to avoid problems later on.

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