T3Leads review – An affiliate program that is exciting

Of late, I have been searching for some affiliate programs for my blog as PPC ads eCPM rates were coming down drastically. I had tried some of those Pay-Per-Click affiliate networks as well where earnings-per-click was very low. Thatโ€™s when I stumbled upon T3Leads affiliate program which seems to be one of the most interesting Pay Per Lead affiliate networks available today.

Details of the T3Leads program

T3Leads focuses on the financial industry which is always a high paying domain when it comes to affiliate programs regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. T3leads guarantees the best possible conversion rates in the industry and it ranges from 1:6 to 1:9 which is really good. The typical products that they deal with are in the areas of debt relief, insurance, payday loans and mortgage. Most importantly T3Leads pays for the leads generated which means that the affiliates get paid even without a sale taking place via clicks from their affiliate links or banners. The conversions are based on lead generation i.e. activities such as form filled out by interested parties etc.

As an affiliate, after sign up and verification, you will get to use a bunch of promotion tools that are easy to use and help you to incorporate the affiliate banners on your website or blog. The generated lead report, payment and referral statistics are accessible via report and statistics options and I found their affiliate interface amazingly simple.

To receive your payments, you have a wide variety of options such as wire transfer, check, PayPal, ePassporte (see below) and Fethard. The minimum payment amount is $100 and you will get paid every two weeks. All payments are in US dollars. Top affiliates have the possibility to get paid weekly as well depending on the leads generated by them.

Other salient points

  • One of the best things about T3Leads is that they do not sell the leads generated. Instead they use a unique auction system and work with a quality network of banks and financial institutions in order to make sure that the affiliates get maximum profits
  • Top affiliates (who earns $300 or more) can avail ePassporte cards that allows them to have immediate access to the T3Leads payments
  • There is a great referral program available as well where by the affiliates get 5% of the revenue generated by referrals for life
  • T3Leads also have friendly support staff who are willing to help you with your technical queries or otherwise. There is also the T3Leads support forum where you can get your queries answered

Finaly thoughts

The T3Leads affiliate program looks really exciting if you consider the conversion ratios and referral program that they offer. Other major positives are simplicity of their system and frequent payment cycles. Yet another thing I liked is the ease at which I could receive an SMS or automated call on my phone to verify and activate my T3Leads account with the PIN provided.

The niche they are working on is a great affiliate option for the recession that world is going through at the moment. It should not take too long before you get your first $100 check as the financial products in offer are the right ones for the current conditions.

I hope you enjoyed this review and you may join the T3Leads program by clicking the banner above.

This is a sponsored review but the views expressed here were not influenced by the payment made by the advertiser


  1. Hi Ajith,

    Good post mate. T3Leads is something new for me. I will try out soon.


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  2. I should try out T3Leads too. That was a good review!

  3. Very good, thanks for the announce.

  4. will surely try out, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Ajith, thanks for sharing the info, need to try the same.

  6. @Krish, Arun, yes, it’s worth trying out considering the conversion ratios. It is mainly for US/Canada targettted traffic. So if you can nicely blend your banners with the help of some plugins (that track geo hits – OIO Publisher can do that) it will be great.

    @Powerball, my pleasure

    @Raju, @Anish, thanks for trying it out (hopefully from my referral banner) ๐Ÿ˜†

    I am planning to create a new OIO banner space and put it for my US traffic

  7. Ajith, I read about this in Yan’s blog before and registered it. but, after that never tried it.

    Did you earn any bucks from it? right now where is that banner placed in ur blog?

    I see more than couple of 125X125 banners on the right. you have got advertisers. Dude, let me know how do i get. i have the 125X125 just wasted in the sidebar. I have got performancing ads but very cheap ads.

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  8. @Nihar, most affiliate programs will yield well only for US traffic. If your traffic is predominantly from India, you may not find it very useful. I have not added it yet. Right now I am experimenting with some plugins to make my AdSense and some other ads appear only for search traffic, next step is geo targeting.

    As for the banner ads, yes, I get a good fill rate but I do not charge much and hence that’s not a huge revenue. I hope that I can start charging $50 or $100 per slot once I get good traffic ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @Ajith,

    How much do you charge? I am charging very less. but some how no direct advertisers. I think you remember i got only one direct advertiser.

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