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Technorati Engage Blog Ad NetworkTechnorati launched their blog ad network in June last year and since then it has been sitting in beta stage. Dollar$hower was still very new at that time and my publisher application was rejected right away because only high traffic blogs were getting approved. At the moment, though, the Technorati Engage – that’s the new name for the Technorati Media Ad Network – is approving most blog publisher applications I thought of writing this little post about the new CPM (in fact they have a CPC option as well) ad network for blogs.

How does Technorati Engage work?

Technorati Engage is a flat rate ad network just like comparable programs such as the PerformancingAds blog ad network. Basically publisher blogs set weekly rates for their ad spaces that the advertisers can purchase on a weekly basis. However, unlike most blog ad networks, Technorati Media has a wide variety of ad formats supported and it operates at much higher volume.

Any blog that has legal content and decent traffic can apply as publisher. Once approved technorati will provide star ratings to the blogs based on their alexa ranks. Blogs with higher Alexa ranks (definitely due to high traffic and reach) are likely to get high (up to 5 stars) ratings because it is mainly a CPM program. Publisher blogs are added to the publisher directory from where the advertisers can find your blogs.

Ad formats supported

Technorati Engage supports Text ads, PhoText ads and Image banner ads (of popular dimensions such as leaderboards, square, large rectangle and skyscraper). PhoText is a new format that has an image as well as some text next to it.

Technorati Engage Blog Ad Formats

As an advertiser, one can choose to run their ads on a flat-rate basis (Weekly) or on CPC basis. In the case of CPC (they call in RON) what advertisers purchase is the number of clicks.

Ad customizing is a very easy process where the publishers design their ad block (rows, columns) style and size and then paste the resulting javascript on your blog.


Payments are sent out on 30th of every month on a Net 30 basis (earnings of this month sent out on 30th of next month) and when the minimum payout of $20 is reached. Payments are received via Technorati Media credit, Check, PayPal or Wire Transfer.


If the above description sounds interesting, you may try listing your blog with Technorati Engage by visiting their website. Though, I signed up a few months back, I am yet to use it here as I am experimenting with my private ad sales right now.


  1. Natasha | :

    hmm, I wonder how technorati engage will measure up to other marketing methods in terms of effectiveness

  2. So you advertice in technorati?
    hows the check is that expensive..
    tell me because im prefer to using and adwords..

    ray’s last blog post… Links for 2009-01-19 [Digg]

  3. thanks for the post, I did not know about that service, I will have to add it to my “when i am big enough that I don’t need advertising” list.

    Isn’t that really the case? If you are listed highly in those services aren’t you already most likely making private / direct ad sales instead of Techno-Adsense. I would suspect it fits the blogs that have mid to mid-high levels of traffic better.

    of course I have been known to be wrong.

    Chuck’s last blog post… Lets get to it – why are you here?

  4. One thing… the PPC is not contextual na? So it can be used along adsense with no problem?

    Gonna register and have a look about that.

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Blogs That You Read – The Why And The What!

  5. Nice overview. Sounds interesting, but I am pretty content with Commission Junction, which I have used for several years… Although, I am a bit interested in finding out some rates that people are using, with comparable Alexa rankings…

    Yeh, but I hadn’t heard about this service at all. They really kept it secret.

    Shirley’s last blog post… Do You Edit Comments Visitors Leave On Your Blog?

  6. Hmm…

    Let me check. Now a days lots and lots of networks are coming up and it is making a headache to the publishers. which one to go and which not to go for.

    Nihar’s last blog post… Improve speed using Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Windows 7

  7. @Natasha, Technorati understands blogs so they must be knowing very well about the bloggers’ needs. I hope they really make it popular

    @Ray, I do not advertise on technorati. But it make sense to advertise your blog on technorati because of the reach and the fact that the target audience will be mainly bloggers and blog readers.

    @Chuck, you should check out some of the rates there πŸ™‚ Some high traffic blogs have sold out ads at the rate of even $1600 per week!

    @Kurt, you are absolutely right. It’s non-contextual and hence would not infringe AdSense ToS

    @Shirley, Good point! (hsshh.. in fact, that’s what I have been doing as well πŸ˜† )

  8. have been using technorati engage for the past week or so, but the star rating based on alexa rankings is affecting me big time. First of all I do not think alexa ranking is the right way to judge web traffic. Anyway, i will wait for another week or 2 and if no one buys the ads I will take it off and try other things.

    Raju’s last blog post… Grab a Free Copy of Lavasoft Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition

  9. Blog for Bloggers :

    I’m definitely gonna check this out, it looks like it’s pretty promising but private ad sales may be better than this. I too wanna see what some of the going rates are for a site like mine. πŸ˜›

  10. Am I the only one wondering why they don’t fix all the issues with their main business before introducing other things they can screw up?

  11. Blog for Bloggers :

    @ Dennis: Whats wrong with technorati?

  12. @ blog – is this a trick question? LOL

    I’ve never (read:NEVER) been there unfeathered by issues….more often then not it’s the whole damn system down for one reason or another.

  13. Duuuuuude please update your commentluv plugin. πŸ™‚

  14. @Raju, who said they are going only by Alexa? They have the current best blog ranking information with them viz. Technorati Authority. They must be checking that along with Alexa and other things for rating publishers.

    @Ardit, private ad sales must be good enough. But for most blogs that sells only 125×125 banners. We have more possibilities with Technorati engage.

    @Dennis, I would like to repeat Ardit’s question. I thought Technorati ranking is pretty reasonable though it can be tweaked a bit via commenting etc (I guess, you understand that part better than anyone else πŸ˜† ) Unless a flaw-free blog ranking mechanism is devised, technorati will be the #1

    (And I am not going to upgrade my commentluv hahaa)

  15. Actually I’m referring to the whole kit/caboodle which is the much flawed, not just the ranking system.

    I’ll assume for now you were kidding about commentluv. Grr.

  16. Archie Pennies :

    I hope it works better than Performancing Ads. I had an awful experience with them. Its been some time though, maybe they fixed their system.

  17. @Ajit,
    I was actually quoting you from the article above – “star ratings to the blogs based on their alexa…”

    Raju’s last blog post… 45 Awesome Websites to Watch Online TV for FREE!

  18. @Luis, It better be not another PerformancingAds! They really screwed up things though I made some money out of it.

    @Raju, yep… I understood your point. Being technorati, they by default know everyone’s blog ranks internally. On top of that they consider Alexa (as publicized) – that’s what I meant πŸ™‚

  19. Another cool one coming from technorati. They really helped my blogsite a lot!

    qarla’s last blog post… Willie Revillame is not Miriam Quiambao’s Type of Guy!

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