Technorati launches blog Ad Network!

Technorati, the de-facto standard for blog ranking and blog content aggregation services, has announced the launch of their new blog advertisement network – Technorati Media. The surprise announcement must be a hint that they are all set to take on Google AdSense which right now leads the Tier 1 online advertisement market with the help of 100 thousands of bloggers (and not just high traffic websites). – the other Tier 1 player
Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) not being a favorite among bloggers as well as publishers outside the US.

Technorati Media

The right people for the right business model
Technorati probably already knows in and out on what bloggers need in terms of monetization and they have huge statistics with them on categories of blogs, popularity, feed-driven traffic, number of pages served etc. As they understand the pulse of the blogger better than anybody in this world, in all probabilities this ad network will be a huge success.

Directly taking on Google AdSense?
While filling up the signup form at the Technorati Media site, the majority of the questions asked are not really personal information but more on what kind of ad network do you use currently (with special mention on AdSense), what is the CPM yield, what kind of analytics (read Google, Google and Google) platforms are used etc. It is very clear that they are keen on taking on Google with respect to the ad network as well as supporting tools.

Next steps
Let’s wait and watch… I am hopeful that the Technorati Media will do more justice to the professional blogger where as Google had this infamous ‘get-banned-anytime’ attitude and poor customer support. I, for one, have been waiting for almost two weeks now to hear from the AdSense customer support as my eCPM suddenly started showing zero, despite quality traffic and clicks. Also, I thought Google’s blogsearch could always be improved!

While the details (we only know that it is CPM based) of the newly-launched ad program are not available yet, I suggest that all of you sign up with this program as soon as possible, though you never know the outcome in terms of approval. I will definitely have a D$ Review written about the same if I get approved!

Good luck!


  1. I heard about this a while back, and man, I am so excited for Technorati’s official launch!

    I’ve already signed-up, but I guess it either takes a long time to get approved, or I’m not worthy enough. Hope TM makes a better impact on bloggers than adsense!

    : )

    • Matthew, What I heard yesterday is not a very exciting news for all of us 🙂 There’s some rumours that they may first target only those blogs with 100,000 page impressions per month… I am definitely not there in that league.

      But definitely, they will come down to small time bloggers at some point of time.


  2. Ajith,

    Have you signed up for it? I probably will and check it out for myself and keep you posted. Is it in beta or rolled out yet? Seems like a good idea, but not sure it will dent AdSense much since its so well entrenched in the online advertising world.

    • Rajeev,
      I did sign up on the launch day itself, though not very hopeful of getting approved 🙂 Well, AdSense had this ‘approve-all’ and ‘ban-most’ policy with small-time bloggers. Technorati is not going to address this segment but higher end bloggers. One argument (favoring your thoughts) could be the fact that high traffic bloggers don’t use AdSense CPC or similar network, they have CPM ads + their sold ad-spaces + Text Link Ads. So for the CPM slot, they may go for Technorati.

      I have also seen some high-end bloggers having Google AdSense CPM banners. Is there a way to select CPM ad option in Google AdSense? In any case, I bid bye to AdSense after they ignored my customer support queries (I was not getting valid clicks accounted on this blog and eCPM was showing zero for many weeks. Bidvertiser looks much more promissing)



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