Technorati Love Game – Follow up

Exactly a month ago, I kicked off an ambitious Technorati Love game with the intention of drastically improving the Technorati rank of this blog as well as every participant blog. D$ started this campaign with a Technorati rank of 358,049 on August 1st and today it stands at 293,681. Well, unfortunately it did not go anywhere near my expectations but at the same time, I would like to thank those bloggers, who faved me during the last month, by providing them a little link love (See below).

It did not take me too long to understand that having a lot of bloggers fav’ing your blog alone will not boost your Technorati ranks. You need to also have a greater number of blogs linking to you that will improve your authority. Basically the two Technorati traits – authority and # of fans – decide your final rank.

The implication of your Technorati rank

When a blog has a Technorati rank of say, 100,000, it simply means that this particular blog is 100,000 rank positions away from the blog that has maximum authority (Technorati #1). The authority is a measure of the distinct backlinks that you have from other blogs. In other words, when a blog links to your blog, your blog’s authority is increased by 1 or a blog with an authority of 50 is linked from 50 other blogs

The validity of these links, is only 6 months in Technorati’s eyes. This means that your Technorati authority (and hence the rank) can actually reduce unless you keep getting backlinks from other blogs and add new links from blogs that alerady link to you. Technorati believes in assessing a blog based on how it really grows continuously and that is why Technorati rank is much more relevant than any other blog/website ranking systems.

In short, the authority of your blog plays a bigger role than the number of fans that you have in deciding the Technorati rank. There is also a ‘belief’ that the link from a high ranked blog has more value than that from a low ranked blog in deciding the final Technorati rank but I did not find any supporting formula to prove the same.

Link Love

Finally, I would like to link to the following blogs that participated in my campaign. In fact, I improved my fan base by 16 or so in the past one month, but only the following 10 actually commented here!

Rajiv’s Blog
Rajaie Talks
The Geek Stuff
Deborah Katy’s Blog
Hoxful Monsters
Seek No More
Inspired Journey
The 4th Wall

Also, the following blogs recently linked to D$ which has again helped to improve the Technorati rank.

Random Blog
Findable Blogs
Earn Pakistani
Tender Loving Elder care

Thanks folks…


  1. Great to know that your Technorati rank is improving! Keep it up Ajith. 🙂

  2. thanks for the link love. i just used to give link love to the blogs i love and wow i like your blog 😀

  3. @Lucas, It is not going at the rate I had imagined, anyways, thanks for the encouragement 🙂

    @Hussein, thanks bud… I guess, we need to jointly launch some campaign to benefit all of us. Blogosphere success is all about mutual-linking and partnerships


  4. Its nice to see the improvement Ajith ……..and sure it only get better as it is only just the beginning……..just to remind……. if it is my blog u mention in post then it is wrongly spelt as hostful ………it shld be hoxful………..

    Nagraj’s last blog post…Simple animal with complex genome : Trichoplax adhaerens

  5. @Nagraj, I am extremly sorry for the terrible mistake man. I have corrected it and you got your link 🙂


  6. @Ajith – I am actually giving link love every sunday. I used to give link love to new blogs I found 😀 Like what I did to you.

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