Technorati Love Game – Give and Take!

Technorati Love - Give and TakeJust like many inexperienced bloggers, I have not been concentrating enough on my blog’s vital statistics all this while. But after being a little bit successful in creating a small readership (Thank you all!), I thought, it is about time I took this blog to the next level. And this month, I am setting a target to myself to significantly improve my Technorati rank that is currently stuck at 358049 with an authority of 20 and 22 fans.

As you all know Technorati rank is the ultimate benchmark for measuring the popularity of a blog and it happens to be the best blog content aggregator and blog search portal. So if you have a blog and you have not got a Technorati account you should consider signing up right now! And then you could participate in my Technorati love game which is a value proposition for your blog as well as mine.

How do you take part in this game?

The rules are very simple! All that you need to do is to…

  • Add this blog to your Technorati favorites using this link or the Technorati favorite image on the sidebar!
  • Make sure that you use relevant tags about this blog, if asked for, while fave’ing
  • Once you add me, post a comment here with your current technorati rank and Technorati fave link or account name and I will fave you immediately!
  • In the mean time, you could also request other commentators here to fave you as well!
  • At the end of the month, all of us should be having an excellent increase in the Technorati ranking and we will publish it here! Now, that is a win-win situation right?

You could also discuss here any tips to improve the ranks!

Why is Technorati rank so important?

Being the premier blog popularity index, the blog advertisers care a lot about Technorati rank than just Alexa or Google PR both of which can be dramatically improved rather easily if you invest a few bucks. To obtain a high Technorati ranking, you really need some buy in from other bloggers and once you have a great rank that can improve your monetization power drastically! Instead of displaying Google or Bidvertiser ads, it wouldn’t hurt if you get paid $100 or $150 a month for a single 125×125 ad slot, right? That is the power of a high rank! (Of course, nothing would come your way without good content)

So, what is stopping you now? Let’s give it a go!

(Give and take valid till August 31, 2008)


  1. Faved you. This is a good idea and will help everyone in the long run. Good that you are sharing about it.

  2. Done!

    Please do mine:

    Rank: 112,149


  3. I have added your blog to my favorites. Like you’ve mentioned, I also never really did anything to boost my technorati ranks.

    My Technorati Link:

  4. Added you Ramesh. I am yet to figure out how the ranking can be drastically increased 🙂


  5. hi, i got your link from blogcatalog and subscribed to your feed…

    thanks, idealpinkrose

  6. since your topic is about technorati, i also added you to my fave technorati.. please do it with mine, too.

    thanks a lot!

  7. Deborah Katy :

    hello there,
    I favorited you, my technorati is and my rank there is 2

    I visit your website everyday and always like to read your tips. Hope you also fav my blog on technorati.


  8. i have added ur blog ajith to fav list………

  9. Hi Ajith, I have also added you to my list of Favs.

  10. Hi there Ajith! I just added your site as one of my favorites. I was hoping you can do the same for my site by clicking this link: Add Seek No More to your Technorati Favorites.

    For anyone out there who are willing to do this to my site, just inform me after you did it so that I can also add your blog to my technorati favorites.

  11. Kirhat, thank you very much for the fave. I have faved you as well…

    Friends, please feel free to fave each other and even visit each others blogs and/or comment.


  12. Hi Just added you to my faves.
    Here’s my link


    carol king’s last blog post…The Best Time To Manifest Your Desires

  13. @carol, thank you very much for the fave. I have faved your blog as well

  14. Hey, just added you to my favs

    Here is the technorati link to my blog:


    TheWitt’s last blog post…Updates

  15. Thank you very much for that TheWitt. You just got my fave as well…



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