Technorati’s New Ranking System

Earlier this month Technorati changed the algorithm for calculating the rank and authority of its technorati new algorithmaggregated blogs. Technorati rank was always considered to be one of the yardsticks to assess a blog’s authority but the older system had a lot of drawbacks. This time, it looks like, they have got their act together.

If you haven’t checked your technorati authority or rank recently, I suggest that you do it now. This blog’s new Technorati authority is 414 and the rank is 16154. Let me explain what these numbers mean to us.

Technorati authority and rank

Unlike the older algorithm, the new technorati authority is a value between 0 and 1000 – the higher the value, better the authority. The authority of a blog is calculated based on its linking behavior, blog category and what the blogosphere as well as the other media is talking about the same over a finite period of time. This time frame is not 6 months like it used to be in the older algorithm.

I hated the older authority system because people could manipulate it by link exchanges and blogroll entries. Also, since the six month window was always predictable, you had a chance to link back from sites that were going out of this six months (or 180 days) window. A lot of smaller blogs without any good content used to manipulate the authority.

One more important thing about the new authority system is that a blog can have more than one authority if it falls in multiple categories. For example, if your blogs come under ‘Technology’ and ‘Business’ categories, you could have two authority numbers. Unfortunately, the category is not something that a claimant can select.

Technorati rank is basically your blog’s rank among the authority of all blogs in the technorati directory. 1 is considered the highest rank and these numbers don’t duplicate as in the case the authority number. i.e. a number of blogs can have the same authority but no two blogs will have the same rank in one category. By the way, just like the technorati authority, you can have multiple ranks based on your listed category. This blog’s rank of 16514 means that it ranks at that position among the 853,799 blogs indexed, at the time of proof reading this post.

How to get high technorati authority & rank?

As I mentioned earlier, the blogroll linking does not play any role in deciding your technorati authority. However, deep linking has a bigger role here when you consider links from other blogs. The other aspect is the external non-blog links such as social media – social bookmarking and RSS directory links to your blog posts.

Becoming a ‘technorati fan’ of some blog was a major thing in the past and that was a deciding factor for determining the technorati rank. However, the little heart symbol indicating the love received (Check it here) is no more displayed while technorati claims that they still count the love coming in from 100s of thousands of technorati badges in the blogosphere.

Another important thing that may be counted is the comments on your technorati listing. Just like Alexa – which has visitor comments on your site info page – Technorati seems to count the comments on each claimed blogs in your account in order to determine the ranks (By the way, if you want to comment on this blog’s listing on technorati, please do so by visiting this link. This favor will be returned unless your blog has some rated or illegal content)

Flaws and incomplete features

Though, technorati has been working hard on their new site, features and ranking algorithms, there are still a lot of concerns. I heard a lot of complaints that some accounts have lost their claimed blogs or they are unable to claim them. Also, technorati is yet to provide a consistent mechanism to choose tags about blogs. At the moment, one can put anything out their at the risk of loosing the authority or rank.

But I really liked their new search mechanism which is a lot faster while searching for blogs as well as blog posts. Earlier, the search and the general performance of the technorati site was pathetic.


Though ranking systems such as Alexa and Technorati have their pitfalls, at the end, the stake holders (venture capitalists, sponsors, advertisers, co-bloggers, potential buyers etc) of your blog need to have some way to assess the authority of your blog. Technorati, at the moment, is one such mechanism and hence any step towards improving the system needs appreciation.

Over to you…

Have you checked your technorati authority/rank lately? If so, please share it here. Also, please provide your valuable inputs on how you see the new system going to work or even any means to tweak it.

Blogosphere rocks!


  1. yeah! and the good thing is ‘authority’ as well as ‘rank’ gets updated almost every day. But searching for a blog’s overall rank and rank in a particular category is pretty tough

  2. Trying to worry about technorati ranking is waste of time. I didn’t even bother to check it in past several months. I just did it today after I saw this post.

    I have the following for my blog:

    Auth: 419
    Ranking: 14109. (with a down arrow — don’t know what that means. )

  3. Well said Ajith. We may be aware how futile technorati, alexa and pagerank are. But people who matter (VC, advertiser, other bloggers) still judge us by these numbers and hence we have to care about them

  4. haha I dont have any technorati authority or ranking…think they hate my domain :p

    Though as binary said…its just another metric that is all but useless (unless it gets really high :p)

  5. i need to get a good technorati rank to build a good blog

  6. will check it, Thanks Ajith.

  7. probably the reason my rank has changed as well.. LOls, it took a long time for me to realize there was a change and yea, thanks to this post.. 😀

  8. @Raju, you are right. Though the general search is faster, it’s hard to search for various ranks of a blog under several categories.

    @Ramesh, your rank is similar to mine though that shows some discrepancy in their algorithm. Since your traffic and authority is a lot higher, you probably deserved better rating. The down arrow indicates that it has gone down from the last ratings (though this can reverse in no time as the update is very frequent)

    @Sita, thanks. Unfortunately, we have to still worry about these numbers right? Personally, I don’t track them often like I used to do in the past. When I was just beginning all these numbers mattered a lot.

    @Donace, right man. Let’s try to get on the top 100 list 🙂

    @Tushar, you may need it initially… soon you will realize that there’s not much into it.

    @Anish, let me know your ranks of your claimed blogs.

    @Melvin, You are welcome. How are your fairing with respect to the new ranks?

  9. When I started blogging I was so P@r@noid about my technorati rank and I even went for some technorati exchange programs via forums and it worked well.. but later on despite of good posts and genuine link back.. I can see my technorati ranking going high but no luck with traffic.. and later on I completely forget about technorati rank.. and now u reminded me of it 😉

  10. Ajith, Not claimed yet, i have posted that previously, now they change the claiming system. Submitted and waiting.

  11. I still don’t care much about technorati. When I see the rankings it boils my blood, now I have stopped worrying about it. I concentrate more on SEO and contents rather than such rankings.

  12. @Harsh, me too… In fact, I even wrote a post about being paranoid about these ranks and loosing sleep 🙂

    @Ricky, @Anish, yes.. traffic and most importantly conversions matter much more than these ranks.

  13. I am sorry, why do people relate Technorati with traffic? It is purely based on the “authority” of the blog. I am not saying their algorithm is flawless, but their new one is much better.

  14. Ajith, One more good post.

    I was using technorati 2 years back and was mad on getting people to add me in FAV list.

    But i forgot about it. I have to check my rank. I don’t think it will be good 🙂

  15. Ajith, is it possible to check the Technorati rank of a blog now? If so, how?

    And some of my blogs not appearing in Blog/Post search results. Why is it so? Cheers! 🙂

  16. I don’t know much about technorati ranking..

  17. Hi there! i am new to this world of blogs, my blog has just got listed in technorati, but i cant find any of my posts in the technorati post search. My auth is 118, can you tell me what should i do to get my posts listed.

    • @Skills2Earn,
      Ideally posts should appear in relevant searches. Try your keywords in your posts. However, as you know high authority blogs always lead in search results.

      • Dear Ajith, Thanks for your reply, I am quite worried because my blog posts are still not listed in the technorati posts search. 🙁 I tried to search exact title of the post but couldnt find it 🙁 is there anything i can do to get my posts listed?

  18. I only recently considered adding my year old e-zine to Technorati, and yes, I had difficulty getting my claim token verified. It took NINE tries! And I deleted the RSS post and started over each time.

    My current Authority is 121, I don’t know my rank. It’s only been one day, so maybe I don’t have one yet. Or I just don’t know where to look for it. In any case, I just want more readers and commenters who can add to the conversation regarding alternative & holistic health.

    It seems like a large number of people who love learning about anything and everything love Technorati, so I hope it helps.

    • @Andrea,
      Technorati ratings and stuff like that matter only in the beginning. Once you are an established blogger, all that technorati fetches you is a few visitors if you get your tags right.

  19. Hello Thanks for Info I’m New in blogging i dont know what those Figures they gave in technoarti ,thnx for Letting me know,when i see those details i feel bad of myself I have the following for my blog:

    Auth: 129
    Ranking: 43,000. (with an up arrow 🙂 )

  20. Personally, I believe I should be more concerned about creating quality content and driving traffic to my blog than be bothered about Technorati Auth.

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