TextLinks.com – 21 days Free Trial for 100s of Backlinks

TextLinks is a newest link building product from BackLinks.com. TextLinks, just like Backlinks and their other related products, offers textlinks for the cheapest prices to drive your link building campaign and this one seems to be more innovative – at least as a whole package.

This new product was launched only last month and now they are offering a 21 days FREE trial period which is completely risk-free (not charged for the first 21 days). Basically this 21 days free link building campaign may be good enough to boost your page strength and rank before the next Google PR update which is due anytime now. They offer 25 Free for life links with this offer. More over the monthly package comes with a lot of other goodies as well.

How TextLinks works?

Unlike Backlinks, which has both buy and sell links options, TextLinks (referral link) offers only buy links option but they come at the lowest possible prices and biggest packages. Compare it with services such as Text-link-ads and you will see the huge difference.

Once signed up as an advertiser you will get to use 99 text link credits for 99 dollars monthly fee (after the 21 days trial). These link credits can be exchanged for one way links (Homepage links $3, other links $1) during this period.

The feature list of TextLinks include:

  • Ability to place 100s of text links via more than 10,000 Google indexed WordPress blogs
  • Permanent links for life
  • The same account can be linked to any number of (your) domains and subpages
  • Unrestricted number of anchor texts and keywords
  • Easy to use control panel and simple report on your backlinks purchased via TextLinks
  • Build links at your own pace so that no overnight link building happens (fast link building may attract penalty from SEs)
  • Just in case any links are broken, you get your credit back
  • 99 FREE lifetime text links added per month and each additional link can be purchased at just $1 per link (non-recurring)
  • Possibility to write your own articles and link back to your target pages

Your links will appear on footer, sidebar (blogroll) or within the blog post content (deep linking) of the source pages.

In addition to the above, the monthly package also include the following goodies abolutely free.

  • Two PR5 one-way text links from Backlinks
  • 1500 oneway text links of various PR from OneWayBacklinks.com
  • 500 oneway text links of various PR GotLinks.com
  • …plus 1 hr SEO consulting, SEMRush Pro search ranking reports, Search monitor tools/reports etc

If the above description sounds exciting, you may sign up with TextLinks by clicking the banner below.


Update 22-Sep-09: In fact, they charged me $99 up front because I activated my account at a later time. If you sign-up for free-trial make sure that you activate at the time of sign-up itself in order to avoid the billing before 21 days.

Happy Link Building!


  1. Thanks for the information Ajith. Will give it a try and see

  2. Just registered

  3. Good info..Ajith. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These is good service. I need to check.

  5. Seems cool! I’m going to sign up and get the 21 days free trial version and get the 25 links, if it really helps then I’ll sign up for future usage.

    Ajith, how’s your experienced with TextLinks?

  6. Guys, it’s worth a try. However, $99 recurring is a bit on the higher side. First month may make sense especially when you get the goodies 2000 links + 2 PR5 links free.

    The links are all Google indexed pages with PR varying from 0 to 2. As you get to choose your keywords, the link building can be very easy.

  7. Thanks for the information. Will think of it.

    BTW, is it worth investing 99$. will this help improve the PR in no time?

    • It’s not an exceptional offer but not bad either. Via keyword targeted link building (though from PR0 to PR2 pages), you can really improve your search hits. But Nihar, for you the main problem is not search hits right? PR should improve once you have good backlinks.

  8. I like the idea of 25 free links but i have no intention of purchasing the monthly package, will i get billed?

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