The Best Time to Post or Update your Blog

Now, this is a tricky one! I have seen a lot of posts on the blogosphere regarding this topic and most of them suggested that that many pro-bloggers actually pick a particular time to post their new content. Why? While it is widely believed that good content will always sell, the timing of your blog posts can sometime matter – especially if you want to create the maximum impact within minutes after updating your blog.

Just like the timing on a day, there are people who publish their important posts on certain ‘good’ days of the week as well. When I thought about this topic a bit, I figured out that there are a number of variables that decide the best time and date to post. Let us talk about these factors first.

What decides the best date & time to post?

#1 Reader type

Depending on what type of readers/visitors your blog has the most, your best day and time to post may vary. If majority of your readers are search visitors this may not matter much (read: next point) but if you have a lot of direct visits, most of them may be active on weekdays – at least that is my analytics pattern suggests. However, if you have a lot of social media traffic, then it’s really difficult to find the right timing.

#2 Content type

If you have trend driven and news driven content, you will do the best when you deliver the content instantaneously (e.g. Those who posts based on Google trends). Research oriented and less time critical content need to worry about rest of the parameters.

#3 Geotargeting

If your blog is geo-targeted, then it is better to avoid the late night to early morning time of that geographic region to time your post.

#4 Post Frequency

For a blog that publishes 5 or 6 posts per day, the timing may not matter much. But those who update their blogs once or twice a week, the timing may matter. For example, if I look at my analytics, I see that I get most of my traffic and reader engagement on Tuesdays.

#5 Your expectation from readers

Depending on whether your aim is to engage (e.g. comments) your regular readers more then you have to tune your post timing according to their availability. However, if you want to just churn in search traffic and fewer expectations on reader involvement, it doesn’t matter much.

Other points

Holidays and days when some important events (e.g. elections, important game/sports days,…) take place may not be a good time to publish your important posts that need a lot of immediate attention.

You may use the post scheduling feature of your blogging platform to perfectly time your new content publishing.

Over to you…

Have you figured out ‘your’ best time and or day to post? If so, please share the same.


  1. I think about this more that I should. I have been posting on the same 4 days for awhile now so I think people who visit regularly know when that is. I decided to schedule for 12:01am of that day (in my time zone). Some people on the West Coast and some early birds will comment before I even get up.

    But most of my traffic right now is from search so it probably doesn’t matter all that much.

    • Kim, welcome back 🙂 You seem to have a strict post scheduling which is good for SE bots as well to get tuned to. Yes, if search traffic is more, it may not be that critical to find the best time to post.

  2. Thanks for sharing the post………but i do always believe that the time factor does not really pays much of a difference. It is the content which attracts the reader to your blog makes the real business.

  3. I think the timing is not that important if you are posting frequently. Like breaking news you have to update ur blog immediately to get max exposure.

  4. Timing is less important compared to regularity of updates. Two things are most important when you start a website: content updates and marketing your site. It is really important to always update your website to keep your readers in following your posts. Marketing your site is also a great way to drive traffic.

  5. For me i am utilizing the BSNL free time (2-8) for Uploads and Posting, Preparing it offline on the day time.

  6. Nice post. Yet never paid so much attention towards timing but I try to post before 11 in morning becuase my subscribers get email at 11:30 appx.

    • Ruchi, that’s yet another logic 🙂 thanks for highlighting that point. I used to do that when I started blogging – I used to time it along with tweaking the feed burner delivery settings.

  7. I cannot say I’ve ever selected a specific time because its good or will generate the optimum readership. However, when my posting frequency is regular and if I should have posts that are scheduled then I generally go with (00:05) five minutes past midnight my time.

  8. This is always tricky. Its been an year now, still haven’t found out the best time. It all depends on which time is best to get that initial traction (for new blogs). I always depend upon Twitter for initial traffic (and possible link backs), so the best time is when most of my power tweeps are online.
    Initial traffic is important since Google would crawl and index your post faster.
    This doesn’t hold good for popular websites, since Google would index the post within a minute of publishing the post.

    • Raju, in your case, it hardly matters I guess, since you have tremendous volume of search traffic. However, as for those first few hits, your twitter hookup logic seems to be another reason to time the posts.

  9. Well it depend upon what you write and when you write.If you have post an breaking news before other bloggers then you will get more traffic then others

  10. Good piece of thought. Time of publishing a post is depends upon what he is writing like Mr.Ajeet said. Some of the high flying blog in tech domain is getting distinct advantage by time zone and geographical positions. So others have to tune in to those blogs for sourcing news.

  11. Great post Ajith.

    I post whenever i find free time. Some posts like Friday Link Party post, i schedule it to be published during evenings on FRIDAY.

    Depends on what kind of traffic we get. If our blog gets lots of traffic from US. best time is to publish during the morning ours of US time.

    What do you think?

  12. Always maintain your posting frequency… Psycological tuning make reader expect post out of you on a particular day in every week…be consistent

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