The Deep Linking Project

In June this year, I had written a post about deep linking and explained the important role that it plays in SEO Optimization of your blog. I have been trying to practice some of those nice things mentioned in that post but thought itโ€™s about time I took it to the next level.

Right now, I am planning to run a deep linking project whereby this blog together will all participating blogs will form a well deep linked blog network with relevant contents that will help the big search engines to rate us all better. We are not talking about paid links or blogroll here but relevant deep linking with no specific result expectations, deadline or target.

The goal of this project

The goal of this project is to attain the following in short term:

  • Better search engine visibility of the internal posts and hence more search visits to the same
  • Improved blog rank (Read technorati)
  • Improved homepage PR via boosted internal page PRs
  • Getting to know new bloggers

The rules

The rules, that the participating blogs/bloggers need to follow, are very simple. If you want to link to me from one of your relevant (old) posts, just contact me via the contact form with (1) the permalink of the particular post and (2) the keyphrase that you expect in the backlink from me. On receipt of your mail, I shall reply to you with my keyphrases and the link back post permalink. And the deal gets closed.

However, the following criteria need to be kept in mind for selecting your deep link posts.

  • Only blogs can participate in this project – no forums, generic websites etc
  • Only posts or pages with a valid PR (at least zero) will be considered and the link back will be from the same PR pages. Due to this reason, very recent blog posts may not be eligible
  • Relevancy to the linking posts need to be maintained (e.g. if you have a post about blogging tips, you may need to link to my post dealing with the same topic
  • Posts with a timestamp within last six months is preferred due to technorati reasons
  • Links (of course, dofollow) should be from within the content with the natural flow of the post maintained and not as link love posts that list numerous links
  • Please publish link edited posts rather than just saving it so that the WordPress ping services do their part
  • Do not discuss the backlinked posts or keywords as comments to THIS POST (Other comments about this idea in general are welcomed)
  • Paid services and link brokers please excuse!

Happy Link Building!


  1. Good idea.
    Internal linking can add more value in SEO to next level.
    I would like to participate in this project.

  2. Tech @ InkAPoint :

    Nice move. Will try to have my part with u soon.

  3. Sound interesting. I wonder if my blog posts would be fine for this exercise however ๐Ÿ˜› I’ll see if there smthn on my side and contact u soon.

  4. i have a PR2 blog…but i can’t get what i have to do exactly

  5. Hi Ajith,

    Good luck with your deep linking project. Peter Lee and I tried something similar last year, but we both suffered hits on our blog and that pretty much killed that. I wish you better success.

  6. I’ve a lot of internal posts which have PR0, PR2 and etc. Then I’m going to check out my internal posts and get back to you asap okay? Anyway, this is the best deep linking strategy when it comes to link building to improve search engine ranking.


  7. Sounds pretty cool actually; there are a number of my posts that could do with a boost.

  8. Ajith,

    Like your SEO optimization contest that you had a while back, this project is also an excellent out-of-the-box thinking from you.

    Great Job!

  9. Great idea….

    Its an great idea sir jee..

    WIll send you the permalink and keyword soon.

  10. Good idea, and yet another way for Ajith to reward his readers. I will look for a good post that I can link exchange with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi everyone,
    I have already sent individual mails to some of you on possible deep link exchanges. Those who did not receive mails from me, please contact me with the info on your posts that have a valid PR and are in the context of the topics that I deal with on this blog. I have already made a list of posts that could be targets as well as sources.


  12. This is definitely the right way to go about it, and the bigger your network, the more effective this strategy will be. Good luck with your endeavours, may the prove to be fruitful.

  13. hi
    the concept looks very good.

  14. Its relevant to appear desparate, apart from that, a great thought, do give us feedback on your success experience. All the best!

  15. @Jacques, @Chris, yep… deep linking is the key and I shall provide some feedback once there’re some visible results.


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