The Twitter experiment: I too have started chirping err tweeting

Follow me on twitterWhen it comes to the modern communication media and devices, usually I am the last one to adopt and/or adapt. For example, I don’t usually throw away my mobile phones until I have used it for at least three years! The case is much the same, when it comes to the usage of various social networking sites and tools as well.

However, after reading Shoemoney’s take on twitter recently, I thought of giving it a shot! Shoemoney claims that a huge amount of ‘fresh traffic’ to his blog is originating from Twitter. Moreover, he is successfully using it as a major affiliation channel as well! Well, I thought ‘better late than never’! Moreover, Kim, one of our friends here, endorsed Twitter, so I decided to take the plunge!!

Practical usage of Twitter for bloggers

Though I am only a couple of weeks into Twitter usage, I already see some utility! I installed the Twitter Updater plugin for WordPress, that will send updates to my Twitter profile, as soon as I post new articles or edit existing ones. This happens in a jiffy – much before the content is available on blog aggregators or even Feedburner sometimes. This is an extremely useful feature, I think.

There are various other plugins that take your tweets back to your blog, send your feed to Twitter etc, but I don’t want to complicate things for the time being. At the moment I am using it only for blog updates, discussing any important event, clarifying doubts, answering queries etc (Definitely no tweets like ‘I am eating now’, ‘Going to bathe’ etc). Let’s see how things evolve – It’s too early to rule out a possible Twitter addiction as I spend 10-12 hours online every day! If some of you are already experienced Twitter users, please let me know about other possible ‘good’ usages of Twitter.

You can follow me on Twitter using my Twitter profile ‘edassery‘ or using this link. Right now, my Twhirl screen is full of bald heads – mainly two of them Shoemoney (Pink head and tongue out) and ProBlogger (Light tan head with spectacles) – as I follow them both. Two of them are really pumping out as much as 100 or 200 tweets per day, I guess! I would certainly like to see some less boring faces there as well!

Questions to you

  • Do you tweet? If so which all tools, desktop widgets, phone clients or plugins do you use? (I am trying to locate the best tools and plugins)
  • Have you drawn any major benefits – either personally or professionally – out of your Twitter usage?

Happy Tweeting!


  1. Nothing like jumping on the band wagon there Ajith. I finally added you because twitter search function don’t work and you for got to leave you link on my blog to add you the other day.

    Bruno Auger’s last blog post…How to Advertise yourself through Social Networking

  2. I use Twitter and I very much enjoy it. As far as benefits go, it’s provided me with a lot of entertainment but not much else.

    Wesley’s last blog post…Oh my gosh… what happened to Chris Brogan?

  3. @Bruno, thanks for adding me… I am following you now as well 🙂

    @Wesley, well, free entertainment is not that bad right? You never know, you may get to draw some other benefits in the long run as well.

  4. I am a big fan of Twitter. In fact, nearly all of MarketLeverage is on Twitter. I typically just tweet from the web, @MLRebecca, but occasionally I’ll use Twinkle for the iPhone. One of the greatest benefits I’ve observed to using Twitter is the ability to interact with our affiliates more. I really enjoy reading recommended posts from people that I follow, or answering questions that my followers ask. It also gives me a lot of perspective into the tastes or interests of our affiliates. I feel as though it helps build relationships.

  5. Using twitter too. Its really a nice tool.

  6. @Rebecca, good to see somebody from ML here… You guyz are creating a lot of buzz around the blogosphere 🙂

    Well, I see the value add that Twitter gives to you and the marketing folks to reach out your affiliates. Let me listen to you guys – I am following you now.

    @Kurt, great… Any tips to pass on in terms of tools to use etc?

  7. Now Mee to following Edassery ……… 🙂

  8. Thanks @Anish, let me find you as well…

  9. I used to be online on Twitter for hours a day when it worked on IM with Google Talk. Its a very addictive habit like you say, but also very useful. I have received instant answers to querries I have posted on Twitter and that too from quite professional and helpful people. I am not posting much on Twitter these days since it no longer works with Google Talk and I am loathe to use another Twitter client like Twhirl. I guess I am waiting for it to be fixed on Google Talk, but it really has been quite a while since it stopped working on Google Talk and no updates regarding it either.

    Anyways since you are now on it, I will be following you on Twitter too and happy twittering as they say.

  10. Hey Ajith,

    Wish your wife a wonderul birthday. God bless with the very best year of her life this coming year!!! I will have the cake and the sweets next time I am in Bangalore…

  11. Twitter really helps you with micro blogging and to be in touch with others very easily.. even I started with twitter 3 weeks back…. and feeling it good..

    TechnoSamrat’s last blog post…Fix Apple iTunes Folder Not Found Problem With Registry Trick

  12. @Rajiv, you defniitely been a pioneer on Twitter… Thanks for the information on possible client integrations. I guess, once your iPhone is with you (do you already have it?) you have better clients as well…

    And, (on behalf of Vidya) thank you for the B’day wishes… You are most welcome to visit us once you are in Bangalore.

    @Samrat, ah so you got in as well recently… Will hunt you down and follow. Are you using the Twitter Updater plugin as well?

  13. Ajith – I am almost always on the computer and have twitter running. I use Tweetdeck to access (I’ve probably already told you this a million times) 🙂 I go through phases with it though. Sometimes I read but am quiet. Other times I don’t shut up. It can be addicting. A search that actually found my blog was “husband addicted twitter”. I wonder if we are going to start seeing support groups. That being said sometimes I get sick of it.

    It’s fun and it’s useful. You need to give it time though. I used it for a couple of months before it became that useful to me.

    Recently I’ve been reading about “retweeting” where you repeat a link or promote someone else’s work. Doing this can help people get noticed and then other’s are more inclined to return the favor.

  14. When I started using Twitter, I did send the “I’m eating lunch type tweets” but after a few weeks of using it, I started to figure out the more important uses you mention in your blog. A lot of my tweets are brain farts or random ideas that may become a post someday.

  15. @Kim, you definitely are a twitter pro. I would actually like to learn more from you on this and do as much research as possible to come up with innovative ways of using Twitter. I am now convinced that this channel has got huge potential to drive traffic and market your services!

    I should try out tweetdeck myself.

    @Stephan, Now I know where to get ideas for my next posts. Let me follow you 🙂


  16. Hi Ajith,

    I need to get into Twitter. I tried it very briefly (for a couple of days) a few months back and didn’t really care for it but like Kim said above, I would need to give it some time. Kim’s suggested to me to get into it to help broaden the reach of my blog.

    I was totally anti-facebook for a while but once I’ve started using that, I’ve really enjoyed it. I think with Twitter it will be just a matter of me getting comfortable with it. It’s a bit intimidating to me at first.


    Jim’s last blog post… 3 Fake Game Shows Cooler Than ‘Deal Or No Deal’

  17. @Jim, thanks for your views on Twitter. Just like you, I am new on it as well and as you and Kim highlighted, may be it takes time to get results.

    Congratulations on your new blog. I have subscribed to your feed and will try to read the content frequenty.


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