Top Affiliate Programs that REALLY work for Bloggers like ME

If you happen to be a content owner or blogger in the Internet Marketing niche, one thing you will realize very early is that the likes of Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Network are just not going to work for you! In this niche, the money usually comes from affiliate sales and very particularly around certain specific affiliate segments.

The following are some of the affiliate product categories where some serious money can be generated online from your blog or content:

  1. Forex Affiliate Programs
  2. Hosting Services
  3. WordPress, Blogging related software, themes, plugins
  4. …anything that you actually use as a blogger…

Top Affiliate Programs for Bloggers (IM, MMO, Blogging Niche)

The following are the affiliate programs that do wonders to your online income if you happened to be in a blogging niche like mine.

1. Best Forex Affiliate Program – eToro Partners

Well, I have tried a few Forex affiliate programs here on this blog and the best one so far is the eToro Partners affiliate program.

The eToro Partners Forex Affiliate program offers $200 in CPA (i.e. 200 dollars for every customer that you refer who deposits at least $200) or the same amount of deposit if the customer happens to deposit less than $200. This Forex Affiliate program also offers the 25% revenue sharing alternative whereby affiliates get 25% of all revenues generated by all the referrals, for life. The payment is monthly and prompt. Even better, your assigned affiliate manager actually helps you with anything that takes to become a successful eToro Partner.

(There may be many Forex affiliate programs that offer similar CPAs but I can only recommend the best as I have experienced it)

2. Best Hosting Affiliate Program – HostGator

This is no brainer! Most bloggers that I know have been successfully earning from the HostGator Affiliate Program. This one actually works in almost all blog niches because their affiliate banners are actually very tempting. However, I should mention that the affiliate competition is pretty high in the Hosting affiliate space.

As a HostGator Affiliate, you earn a minimum of $50 per active referral and it can go all the way up to $125 per referral depending on the number of people that you refer to the HostGator hosting – no matter, what hosting package your referrals opted for.

The payment is on CPA basis (once per acquired customer) and you will get your affiliate earnings at least 60 days (between 60 to 90 days) after you referrals are verified to be active. I must admit that initially I had some issues with HostGator affiliate program but all that have been sorted out now and I am on track with respect to earnings from this wonderful Hosting affiliate program.

3. WordPress Plugins Affiliate Programs – MaxBlogPress, OIOPublisher, Gravity Forms etc

If you happened to be in the niche of WordPress Blogging then there’s no better option (after Hosting affiliation, may be) than marketing those amazing premium WordPress plugins that you actually use.

Some of the best affiliate programs in the WordPress premium plugins arena are the following:

MaxBlogPress Affiliate Program: Market those wonderful plugins like MaxBlogPress Ninja affiliate plugin to earn 55% commission on each sale. Please note that it is a ClickBank affiliated merchant and hence all terms and conditions are as per the ClickBank ToS.

Gravity Forms is an e-Junkie affiliated program. It offers only 20% in commission, but compared to many WordPress plugins they sell a lot and hence the volume sales strategy works here if you happen to have the right landing pages.

– Affilate programs of the other popular WordPress plugins also do a very good job for my earnings (e.g. OIOPublisher, WPRobot autoblogging plugin etc)

Tip: It’s always advisable to market those plugins that you actually use and found useful. Essentially, your readers are going to buy only those products that you actually use and review. Just putting some banners are not going to do any good in terms of affiliate conversions.

4. WordPress Theme Affiliation – Genesis, Thesis etc

Most Premium WordPress themes offer wonderful affiliate programs that offer 30% to 50% commission to their affiliates. As a thumb rule it is always better to promote those themes that you actually use yourself. This will surely increase your conversion rates and help you earn more money.

Tip: Hosting solutions, WordPress Plugins and themes are like ONE package that work together and can be promoted together as well.

5. Any other products that you use…

The essence of affiliate marketing success with your content or blog is to make sure that you promote those things that worked for you. For example, if you had success with aWeber email marketing solution, you may talk about your success story and thereby sell it and make more money.

And what about DONTs?

You should be very careful (or even stay away) while marketing those Instant money machines, profit formulas and chronic commissions systems that don’t have any kind of real proof attached to them in terms of REAL success. If you go greedy and try to market such baseless schemes, you are bound see some negative repercussions sooner or later. It can really spoil your image in the online world and hence don’t go after those instant success schemes.

And the above is true regardless of the Internet marketing channel that you use!

Wishing you the very best in your Affiliate Marketing endeavors!


  1. Forex never worked for me, hosting is where I made the most and next comes wordpress and blogging related.

  2. Can you suggest me few best affiliate programs for indian traffic…Thanks

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