Top blogging lapses

Yesterday I received a wonderful one-liner review for this site. It was from a first time visitor and his feedback read like this:

More instructiveness, elaboration and less promotion will do the content no harm!

Initially I thought it’s just another passing comment but when I gave it sometime and tried to digest what he meant, I decided to take a deeper look into myself and motives behind this blog.

A detailed analysis of self as well as some of my peer bloggers on the web brought up the following points which are usually the case with many of us :

Tendency to abruptly stop where your gains end: Many times, the intention of the make-money-online type of blogs is to get the reader quickly into some sign-up or affiliation where your gain is taking precedence. The quality of your posts is often compromised in this case. Probably that is what he meant by the need for ‘more instructiveness’.

Missing elaboration: When you actually start composing the draft, you have a few bullet points in mind. You begin in great style by providing all detailing but somewhere down you loose the tempo and start skipping some information. Or you get tired and decide enough is enough! But your astute readers will easily feel this difference.

Self promotion for instant success: When you try to be successful too fast and too early, a few things could go wrong. Success in this context refers to visibility, monetization, huge reader-base etc. In the hunt of these success factors, the mistakes made will include :

– Monologue tone in your blogs and not listening and interacting enough with your readers
– Focus on providing quantitative and aggressive marketing numbers to common readers (e.g. I have these many RSS readers, these many backlinks and a great Google pagerank etc)
– Focusing more on advertisements than content

The above points are probably what my buddy reviewer mentioned as ‘promotions’ in general.

Finally, but most importantly, it is the quality of content that brings your readers on your way and everything else comes next. Today, regular bloggers are under tremendous pressure from technology end as well as peers and there will be always a tendency to move away from your original goal. Thank you my dear anonymous friend for the gentle reminder!

PS: After his review, I decided to make a few changes to the contents in terms of ad density and structure. I will also try to cut repetitive information on the progress of the site- APE


  1. Hmm. Seems like a very astute visitor you have had. Let me know if he/she has a blog so I can visit and read up on it. Good to know you are positive towards the comments left on your blog, even the not so positive ones. Hope to see a better blog and better posts in the coming days.

  2. Rajiv, that visitor was from linkreferral 🙂 and I was convinced that he wanted to genuinely help me to focus…


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