Top ‘content-related’ work-from-home jobs just in case Obama turns dumber than Bush!

Finally, the election is over and you have a new President! Howerver, as Obama mentioned in his victory speech, it is going to take a while before the economy stabilizes and everyone has a job and home! Though I cannot guess how job opportunities in the manufacturing or service industry will shape up, I could talk about some of those online work-from-home opportunities available for relatively unskilled people.

10 work at home content creation jobsEarlier I used to write more about this particular topic in this blog, though of late the focus has been shifted more towards my current interests. This post is more like a summary of what I have touched upon in the past. This is also an open reply to a couple of emails that I have received on how to make money online without getting too technical.

Work-from-home (mostly content related) jobs for non-technical people

  • #1 Forum posting: One can do a contract job to post on various forums and similar sites where your job is to bulk post into these forums. Usually the rate of payment is per 100 posts or so. You can find these opportunities in this DP forums thread or similar forums
  • #2 Get-paid-to comment: A number of upcoming blogs or niche sites actually pay for commenting on these sites. I had talked about this in one of my old posts as a get-paid-to-comment case study (I hope they still run that service)
  • #3 Data entry jobs: Online or offline data entry jobs are available almost everywhere. Read this post for more information on data entry jobs
  • #4 Moderating: Moderators deal with moderating blogs or forums. This is a relatively easier job but a job that demands high responsibility. You could find moderator job in forum threads such the one discussed in point #1
  • #5 Freelance writing: Freelance content creation and Pay-per-word opportunities were touched upon in another post. A lot of people make decent online income via this method. Please note that if you own a blog you could get paid to write reviews as well using services such as Sponsored reviews
  • #6 Proofreading and copy editing The post titled Online copy editors and proof readers talked about this opportunity. You could also check out the blogs listed at the end of this post to get to know more about this option as well as immediate opportunities
  • #7 Copy ‘n’ paste jobs and article rewriting: Article rewriting is all about modifying and rearranging the existing content of an article to look a little bit different. You could get such assignments online at this DP forum thread as well as elsewhere if you search Google
  • #8 Transcription: Read more on transcriptionist opportunities in this post
  • #9 Technical writing: Technical writing is actually a job that demands some skills and hence it is not an exact fit for this post. You could find technical writer or information developer positions on most of the job websites. Please check out the Poewar blog (listed below) for more legitimate technical writer opportunities opportunities
  • #10 Procrastination: If the above 9 suggestions didn’t work, you could as well continue to blame the government for everything and lead the current couch potato life ๐Ÿ™‚

The scope of this post was to address the needs of the non-technical online job seekers and those who send emails to me. I will not be writing too much about this particular topic on this blog anymore and thatโ€™s why this summary post.

I also read the following blogs that talk about great writing opportunities online as well as related tips.


Let me know if any of you have other suggestions regarding online jobs related to content creation.


  1. Nice post, but if everyone turned to work at home jobs, then we’ll see too many advertisers and workers, not enough ppl to be customers. I’m running a PPC site myself, for anyone interested in earning a little extra money

  2. Nice article Ajith excellent headline!!
    I would like to moderate forums it looks like a fun job. But if I had choose one of them I would choose Freelance writing. Well if I actually get to write good over time. People offer such services in Digital Point forums for those looking for Freelance writers or want to earn some money this way.

  3. Hi Ajith,

    Thanks for the post. It’ll prove helpful for people who are at a loss for where to start.

    I haven’t passed by Copyblogger’s blogging in a while so that’s my next point of call.

    take care and have a good week.

    2ThePoint’s last blog post…Online October: Big Mama’s Earningsโ€ฆ

  4. You can try your hand at a pay per call business for free using PremiumTalk ( All you need is a paypal account, a telephone, and a professional speaking voice. You can set your own rates and your own schedule and even hire people to work under you. You can start a virtual call center in minutes.

  5. @DudeWtf, PPC is a definite option so are paid surveys, other forms of paid to click / read / browse / watch video etc. My idea was to restrict the topic to content and writing related activities.

    @ArchiePennies, Freelancing defiinitely fetches a lot of money and the 2ThePoint (the commenter just below you) is already making a good part time money (see her income report) out of this option though he has another fulltime job

    And thanks for the compliments on the heading ๐Ÿ˜† I have been toying around with it… yeah, but not for all posts!

    @2TP ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, when I was a bit clueless where to search, people like you have provided cues, so I am just passing it on to others… Btw, I thought Poewar has got more opportunities listed on their site!

    You have a great week ahead! (And I am sure that you will reach your target of $2000 in the coming month!)

    @Meg, ah that’s another one… But as in my reply to DudeWtf, the idea behind this post was to talk about content creation / editing / posting related work-at-home options. Thanks for your link anyway.

    Thank you all… Please let me know others’ views on this post as well.

  6. Ajith, I lked your caption to this write-up ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. @SK, thanks for your compliments… Well, sometimes writing only technical stuff is too boring and hence I thought of spicing it up a little bit ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Well there seems to be more online business opporunuties for work from home projects. If push comes to shove, then an online business seems to be the best option.

  9. @Ruby, definitely the opportunities out there are many – you just need to digg out the right ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi Ajith – What a great list, but I never heard of getting paid to post comments. Who knew?

  11. @Barbara, thanks for your comment. GPT post comments really work… I just test verified it (read the post) and made more than $25 in an hour.

  12. Hi Ajit,
    good to know you someone has taken so much efforts to help people out. I too need your advice.I have been a simple teacher for 22 yrs. NOW I have quit my job . Sitting at home isn’t fun.I thought could take some online jobs but don’t know what exactly should i do or where and what should i start with.Can you guide me


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