Top Internet Marketing Advertising Punch Lines (Humor)

Disclaimer first: This post is meant for fun alone! I truly have great respect for those affiliate marketers who possess amazing skills in marketing their money trees and instant profit formula. However, some of these self-proclaimed Einsteins of affiliate marketing are only good enough to get an eBook written by someone else, put a sales page up there (that doesn’t even rank on Google) and takes the ClickBank affiliate route to sell their garbage innovation. This post is essentially about such people.

Our topic today is on those punch lines (with minimal modifications) that make your eyes pop and lure you into clicking these banners.

Interesting Internet Marketing Ad Memes

affiliate marketing memes ads

Google pays me $470/hr

– Great! Is your name Larry Page?

How my 78 year old Grandma Made $87,203 per month by just browsing Facebook?

– Tell us more about her Will and what’s in it for you

Only 3 More Copies from Jeff! Grab the book, One of those 3 Millionaires could be You!

– Thanks for the compliments, but you have been telling this since Y2K

$132,000 from AdSense …

– Did you pose in the studio with that Shoemoney cutout?

How I quit my boring $4000 per month job and made 10 times as much monthly

– Quit or kicked out by your employer for doing IM from your workplace?

College-Dropout, Internet-Millionaire!

– That must be the latest oxyMORON!

60-Year Internet Millionaire getting hit on by Teen babes

– You perverted dreamer in Adult diapers!

Learn these Methods to Make $8500 Monthly with ZERO experience!

– Did you by any chance swap the numbers?

Divorcee Single Mom makes $500,000 on the Internet and Hires her Ex back as Office Peon

– Thanks for sharing your wife’s success story!

Top affiliate banks $300,000 in 30 Days FLAT

– Did you mean, he is bankrupt in 30 days flat?

Well, that’s pretty much I have to share for now although there are plenty out there to laugh about. But we all tend to click these ads right? And that’s what these rich gurus are tapping into. In fact, their only profit formula is you.

Over to you

Have you seen any other tall claims when it comes to affiliate marketing offers that you found exaggerated or even funny?

If so, please share them as your valuable comments.


  1. LOL! Funny post. Yeah whenever I visit new websites or to download something at sharing sites, I can see lot of these marketing advertising punch. The thing is we already know everything about google and facebook so we can’t click that links.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hilarious post! I am bookmarking it right away 🙂

  3. Lol. You just nailed it. You must have either been paying close attention to such marketing phrases or they must be pissing you off so badly. Personally, I keep wondering if someone could not come up with a more innovative and REALISTIC punch line because this is part of what leads to the “get rich quick blogging syndrome”. Nice job!

  4. Lol. This blog is just awesome. Keep posting such stuffs 🙂

  5. Exactly, I get marketing emails like this all the time, what I do is simply delete them, I think it’s high time internet marketing experts try and learn new skills, this old style of what I call “Get rich quick marketing” no longer pays

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