Top SEO Tips from Practical Experience

In the recent Google Page Rank update, this blog was upgraded to PR4. One could always argue that whatever numbers that you see on the Google Toolbar or PR checker tools don’t matter much. The fact, however, is that Google keeps updating these numbers and along with that a number of your internal page ranks change that result in the organic traffic volume.

For the past five months or so, I started seeing some positive changes in my search ranks and search traffic as I experimented with a few things that I thought was the best for Search Optimization. In this post let me share my Top 3 SEO Tips that really worked for me despite reducing my post frequency on this blog.

My Top 3 & Best SEO Tips

The three things I want to focus in this post resulted in the following search traffic statistics which has been kind of saturated since last couple of years prior to these SEO Optimization experiments.


1. Speed of your Website

As I mentioned in an update in August, This website moved to VPS hosting in July this year. The speed of the website results in better search experience for the organic visitors and also results in reduced bounce rate. This is the reason why Google has included the speed factor in their search ranking algorithm. I think, moving to the VPS server was one of the best decisions I have taken so far with respect a couple of my websites.

In addition to this step, I kept optimizing the blog for faster rendering and continuously monitored the site performance to load the home page under one second. I also cared about the XHTML compliance of the code written though I am not sure if this particular aspect contributes to the Google search ranking algorithm.

2. Good Backlinks

When you think about backlinks, commenting on other blogs is what people keep mentioning. This was neither easy for me nor practical given the available time for my blogging activities. I instead took a different route to build quality backlinks via theme sponsorship. The investment made along this plan was more than worth it.

Two other important things about link building are:

– Internal link building
– Reworking on link anchor keywords

Like many MMO bloggers, I too have been madly in love with the ‘Make Money Online’ keyword. Recently, I reorganized my homepage contents to emphasize more on blogging tips and related topics. The link building was done along relevant keywords around the main blog context.

The takeaway here is that you have to start building links to your homepage based on the entire context of your website and leading topics there in.

3. Relevant Content

When you talk about relevancy, the first step is to stop writing about things that don’t belong to your blog. Since I prefer quality over quantity, I even brought down the post frequency to 4 or even 3 posts per month on this blog but made sure that every post is related to the overall content plan and useful.

In addition, I tried to cut duplicates and even took some effort to clean up the mess that my Google Webmaster Tools reported (Read: HTML Suggestions and Webmaster Tools Keyword Significance)


What I shared here is some of those SEO tips based on my recent positive experience. I plan to continue doing these experiments without taking any desperate measures or over-tweaking the website. Now that the speed factor is taken care of for midterm, I plan to continue doing my link building activities and focusing on value adding content!

Happy SEO Optimization!

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  1. Well good see the imporvements in after using VPS. I guess speed of site does matter a lot now.

  2. Well Ajit I was discussing it with someone and would like to share what came out.

    Sharing Link like these can actually get you banned by Google, i have heard in some cases google have even asked the site owner to remove all bought links 😛

    Any Ways i am still going to give it a shot. and see what happens just wanted to know what do you suggest

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