Traffic Android for bulk social bookmarking & backlink building

I came to know about Traffic Android (to create bulk bookmarks) after reading a post on the same at The Nexus’s blog. He had provided a pretty detailed description on what it stands for and how this automated social bookmarking and backlink building tool can help your blog to increase traffic and improve pagerank. I readily utilized their $1 for 14 days trial offer and thought of writing this post on my findings.

What is Traffic Android?

As I hinted in the pretext, Traffic Android is a service to facilitate your link building campaigns via the social media-news route. Social media and social bookmarking play an important role in bringing in quality visitors to your blog that result in conversions. Moreover, if these bookmarks are dofollow links, then your target pages will receive an improved page ranks as well. Traffic Android works on both these aspects. The following video (9:33 minutes) from traffic android explains the powerful features of traffic android while maintaining its simplicity and ease of use.

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My views on Traffic Android after 7 days of usage

Since I started using the product, I have been able to steadily build backlinks to this blog. It has not majorly influenced the traffic yet as I am concentrating on the slow-linkbuilding approach. The following are my views on this cool product.

  • It was so easy to get started. I had to sign up with a few new social bookmarking services and could add a few (like digg, stumble, mixx,, propeller etc) that I had already signed up with
  • Supports around 25 social bookmarking services, some of which are less known but provide dofollow links. It has added those services with fast sign up
  • Once the signed up, creating a campaign (targetted bookmarking of a particular post/URL) can be done in as little as 10 seconds
  • Traffic Android schedules the bookmarking tasks for you so that overnight bulk link building can be avoided (Fast link building could be bad in the eyes of search engines). With scheduling, you have the possibility of book marking all your posts over a period varying from minutes to days (or weeks/months)
  • It adds relevant tags (extracted from your posts) and you have the possibility of adding more tags and description while submitting.
  • As per Donace’s post it has the possibility of text spinning as well, which I have not experienced yet
  • A couple of bookmarking services (e.g. Linkatopia, Myvmarks) listed in traffic android do not accept new subscribers. Also, I found that there’re errors while bookmarking with Oyax

Other tips

While signing up the social bookmarking services, it will be easier if you use the same login and password for all of them so that your profiles page can be easily managed. Also write down your newly created social bookmarking login-password details elsewhere so that you won’t loose them in case you decide to discontinue with traffic android.

At times, you may want to avoid submitting in bulk to leading bookmarking/social media services like digg or stumble to avoid any duplicate submission and hence potential ban (Or check for duplicates before submitting). Please note that bulk social bookmarking is not any blackhat SEO method but if you submit duplicates to the same site, they might ban you.

Final thoughts

Traffic Android, costs you $27 per month and it is worth spending that money for what it has to offer. But at the moment, the $1 trial offer for 14 days may be good enough to experience its power. If used effectively using proper scheduling, 14 days of trial is good enough to build 1000s of dofollow backlinks to your quality posts! Please do not forget to cancel the PayPal subscription if you are not satisfied with the product after the 14 days trial period.

You may subcribe to traffic android using this link. Happy link building!

Note: This is NOT a paid review!

Update on 18 Jul ’09: Traffic Android support has informed us that the product is no more open for new subscription!


  1. Donace | TheNexus :

    Ajith I’m a he :p

    Glad you enjoyed the trial (didnt see you on my afill list though :p).

    Had a talk with Nathan the brain behind TA and v3.0 is underway which promises a lot more! Such as Auto Article Directory Submissions / Standard Directory. Article Spinning. Auto account creation and loads more.

    Though yes TA is brilliant and is a very useful tool do have in your armoury.


    MR Donace

  2. This is my first time I am hearing about Traffic Android and for $1 14 days trial offer, i see no reason not to check it out!

  3. Is it not against big G tos in any way? I mean will the blog not be penalised for gaining such a quick amount of backlinks suddenly?

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… H1Z1 and Zombie Swine Flu Hoax on BBC Invade The World

  4. Cool I will think of giving it a try. Thanks for the info.

  5. Dennis Edell :

    The fly in the ointment must ask…this is different from ALL the other tools of the same nature, how?

  6. yep! wasting money for link building doesnot feels good it should be your efforts and what about not blocked as spam

    Nitesh patel’s last blog post… Google search included in Gmail

  7. Donace | TheNexus :

    Think i’ll swing by and answer a few Q.

    @ Kurt, the beauty is that you can schedule the links upto 30 days apart so you don’t have a sudden influx of links to your post / site. I usually pace them out over a month.

    @ Dennis, well for one the scheduling is a key point and the updates due in v3.0 will make it THE tool to have in your linkbuilding arsenal. I have but my opinion and that is what I feel.

  8. @Donace, 😆 sorry man, your name was confusing 🙂 Btw, I tried to connect your blog several times yesterday. The hosting service is down for most of the time.

    And thanks for the answers provided..

    @Nitesh, it can be as good as an organic link building mechanism if you are bookmarking your links with care.

  9. Donace | TheNexus :

    LOL really I thought my writing was ‘manly’ enough to give it away!

    what times did you try and access the site? I didnt get any downtime warnings, though it may be a move related issue.

    BTW is scraping your post 😉

  10. @Donace, thanks for reminding me about the scraping… I thought of writing a post about the same anyhow. That tjantunen site has been pestering me for a while 😛

    Btw, your hosting service seems to have a very high down time (at least, I experienced so)

  11. nice post buddy…..carry on… site loads slowly

    Devilslab´s last blog post… AVI File Fix in Windows XP

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