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This is NOT a paid post and I do not know who Steven Lee Jones either. However, the tool – TrafficAnarchy – that he is supposed to have developed or promoting seem to really help drive traffic to your website and landing pages. And it surely helps with your SEO as well if used judiciously.


In a nutshell Traffic Anarchy is an automation tool that can do the following:

  • Submit articles to several article directories
  • Auto social bookmark your post links to a bunch of social book marking sites (e.g. Mixx, Digg,..)
  • Submit your feeds to RSS aggregators and directories
  • Submit your blog / website news to a bunch of Press release sites

And all the above from one single application that has a simple user interface (see the screenshot below)


Why TrafficAnarchy is so powerful?

Driving traffic to your landing pages is the key to making money out of your website. TraffiAnarchy helps with this process of driving social and directory traffic via increasing the visibility of your content. In addition, the SEO aspect comes into play as well because most of the social bookmarking sites that it submits to are do follow sites.

In addition, it allows you to submit spun articles (Read: Article spinning) to the article directories which is not exactly my cup of tea but it’s a powerful option that you have. Along with the software and its help files, they have also bundled 100s of pre-written articles in all kinds of categories and ready to be spun.

How to use TrafficAnarchy?

It is ridiculously simple! All that you have to do is to configure the tool with your article directories’ and social book marking sites’ account (login & password) details. Once the system captures it you can keep submitting your links and articles on a regular basis with the click of a button.

Now, if you do not want to create your own accounts, there is a service whereby you can get your profiles created at a nominal charge ($10).

As you probably know, some of these submission services sometimes throw a captcha at the time of submission. The TrafficAnarchy is smart enough to catch these captchas so that either you can fill them manually or use a decaptcher service that automatically fill it. The decaptcher service cost you something like $20 per 1000 decaptchas and with that it’s completely automated. To avoid the automated feel you can even control the delays between your actions.

Issues that I faced with TrafficAnarchy

For me, the tool ran without much head ache. However, sometimes submissions to and through some errors. Also, the tool still has the Social bookmarking account of Propeller in it which was recently acquired by AOL and hence you shouldn’t forget to uncheck it.

Except those minor issues, it worked perfectly fine.

How much does it cost?

The TrafficAnarchy is now available at just $27. If you proceed to their landing page using this link it may first throw you a sales page that shows $37 but when you try to click the back button or close the browser window, it throws you a $27 offer when you click ‘Cancel’ on the popup message there in (It says last two licenses etc but everyone gets it for that price – The typical CB landing page!)

Now, if you liked what you read, just go buy it!

Disclaimer: I really do not know if Mr. Steven Lee Jones is a successful Internet marketer as per the claim on their landing page but I liked the tool and it can be really handy if you play within the limits.


  1. Thanks Ajith,

    For introducing this tool…looks like it will be quite useful for creating niche sites..

  2. Look Like a cool Tool. some of these auto traffic generators really works

  3. Nick Rodriquez :

    Another rehashed garbage has been repackaged by Steven Lee Jones. By now, people should realize that mass article submission or social bookmarking is so 90s. Converting traffic is what counts and the time tested “free” SEO methods always do the trick.

  4. Thanks for introducing me to this new tool

    Have you purchased it and started using it? Do you suggest me to try it out?

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