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Starting today, I am adding a new category titled ‘Cool Websites‘ here. This section is not necessarily to write detailed reviews about websites but to talk about some of the handy websites or cool web services that I stumble upon. is one such site that I came across this week. In fact, they don’t have too many things to offer there but one simple service that provides estimated traffic for the past months. This service shows the visitor count for the past one month alone and a bar chart for the past six months from which you can derive the trend.

Though, I do not know where they pull out this data from, I concluded the following after experimenting with this tiny service.

Traffic estimate

  • Most sites with very less traffic are not figuring in their report
  • Mostly top level domains alone are yielding any proper result. Second level domains (e.g., when queried for, shows the entire traffic of their main domain (i.e. in the example here). However, for some high traffic free blogs are showing proper information.
  • There is a minor deviation of 4-5% from the actual traffic shown by tools like Google Analytics
  • For those websites that are rather new (say less than 6 months old or so), they show only the past one month’s bar and for one or two such cases I queried for, they don’t have any data at all!

Other than this single traffic query service, the site is full of advertisements. However, I hope this site is useful for you to quickly ping how many visitors a particular website (or your competitor) of your interest received in the past one month. Of course you have the Alexa public information available but that does not give you the number of visitors.


  1. I was reading the comments on Digg and lots of people were mentioning that its accuracy was off and it was giving traffic in the 1000s when no traffic was there. Think its better to take a look at it again.

    • In fact, for me it is providing more or less accurate results… I am not sure if they are pulling out data from Alexa or similar services…

      Probably those who are not monitored by Alexa, it is showing best guesses? Not sure…


  2. Hi, try also for daily unique visitors.

  3. We operate two separate websites with approximately 15k and 5k visitors per month. was estimating the visitors to each of them as 40k and 20k…

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