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TTZ Media is a relatively new ad network that was launched last year. It is the brainchild of John Chow, the millionaire blogger. Though I was among the first few to sign up with the same, I didn’t quite use it until recently. But after my first few days into TTZ Media, I thought of writing a complete review on the same.

First look
TTZ Media is a non-contextual ad serving program targeting ‘publishers alone’. This means that they don’t have an end-to-end solution involving multiple advertisers or in other words one cannot sign up as an advertiser and start selling his stuff using TTZ Media. The ads that they serve are from Shopzilla and hence it basically provides comparative price view of multiple products and the links to the same. The ads you see are based on the keywords you enter while setting up the ad script. Further, it is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program and hence the publisher gets paid for each click – no need of sale or lead to get paid. Since the focus is only on publishers, it is a great product for the publisher community worldwide.

The sign-up process
The sign up process is extremely simple and mostly you get approved on the same business day. To get approved one needs to have a domain registered under their name (Not a program for you if you write your blogs on blogspot, typepad, myspace etc and also host it there itself). Currently TTZ Media is accepting sites with English content alone.

Payment and Compensation method
As I mentioned earlier, TTZ pays for clicks and they have a flat rate. That way you know exactly how much you get paid if you get a particular number of clicks. This is one of the things I liked about TTZ where as many other networks have a lot of variable detailing that affects your pay. At the moment, click payout rates are as follows.

Up to 1000 clicks – $0.15 / click
1000 to 2000 clicks – $0.18 / click
2000 to 4000 clicks – $0.22 / click
4000 and more clicks – $0.25 / click

So there is a minimum of 15 cents per click in any case, which is pretty good. Other interesting fact is that if you click the little branding piece (Powered by TTZ Media), even that is counted as one click. Not only that, anybody who is signing up after clicking there will be counted as your referral. It is that simple and effective!

Payment is done via check, PayPal or wire transfer (within the US alone). For check payments, $100 is the minimum earnings required where as for PayPal it is only $25. For the same day wire transfer, they charge a nominal amount. Payments are done on a Net30 basis monthly, which means that earnings until March 31st will be paid on May 01st.

Ad customizing and display
Again, TTZ simplifies the process a lot. They seem to have learned a lot from the nagging issues of customizing the ads with other networks. Creating your ad is an extremely simple process and it is done in one single page where you create, preview and get code! Also I found that ad rendering is pretty fast (you may be already seeing the TTZ Media ad on this page). Ads have some non-conventional sizes (such as 500×200, 500×265 etc) as well which is probably targeted at the wordpress platform users. Another good thing is that you can customize the ads completely which include changing the colors and even font face to match the theme of your site.

I am attaching a screenshot of the ad design panel here (click to enlarge)

TTZ Media - Ad design panel

What I liked about TTZ?
Simplicity is what makes you feel good and that’s TTZ. Sign up, design of ads, payment method – all are simple processes. I also liked the customer support so far – couple of my queries, if not all, got answered in less than half an hour. Now that’s really fast!

What is not so good?
Unfortunately I am still getting some ad serving errors appearing on my page. On this particular topic, I am yet to get a reply from the customer support. The other thing I didn’t quite like is the size of ad script which is almost 0.75KB of javascript. Also, the bigger adblocks such as 500×265 is not optimally using the real estate well, there is a lot of white space wasted there. If not for the above smaller issues, I liked TTZ Media’s offering. However, I am rating it a little low (7 out of 10) as they are relatively new in this space and yet to show consistent progress with their product.

Final say…
TTZ Media seems to have made things really simple with their ad publisher program. Though it still in its initial phase of getting established, the potential is already promising. Simple payment calculation process means less room for complaints. If you like what you read just now, you may sign up with TTZ media here.

And to compare TTZ Media with other leading ad-network products please click here


  1. TTZ media write up is pretty elaborate and informative!

  2. Thanks SK… Will write about other ‘make money online’ options soon.

  3. Why not directly signup with sites like Shopzilla? Internally ttz is using Shopzilla right?


  4. Nithin,
    You got it right, it is always better to sign up with tier1 players. However, not many get approval for their publisher application with Shopzilla etc 🙂


  5. TTZ Media ads have been taken out of this blog due to the following reasons:

    – Very poor CTR (click through rate)
    – Too many bugs, many times the adserver connectivity is not there and ‘Could not display this page’ errors come in. That makes the blog look really ugly
    – TTZ Media reporting has been showing a few clicks for a long time in unaudited status

    Probably I will get back to TTZ once, John Chow and co fix the bugs. The D$ rating of TTZ Media CPC program has been reduced from 7 to 6.5 in D$ Comparator.


  6. I feel your pain about the speed of ads and reporting data. I’ve since creating a brand new advertising network also based on Shopzilla that offers a variable CPC based on what the affiliate pays. That way, you potentially get much more money. Most publishers are getting 25 cents for every click on ASE Adnet.

    Hopefully you’ll want to make more money than you do with TTZ Media. Give them a shot and write a review!

  7. I’ve been using TTZ for about a week now and have yet to be able to see any of my stats… and that’s when I’m able to log in (logging in seems to be hit or miss). I’ve emailed them a few times try to get an idea when I can expect to see my stats, but all of their replies are something to the effect of, “We’re working on it. It will be available soon.”

    Has any one else ever experienced this with TTZ? I expected something much more professional out of John Chow and if I can’t see my stats soon, I’m probably going to pull the ads from my site.

  8. @Jared, I got frustrated with it and removed long back… You may try shoppingads or pepperjam for a change, but the reality is that the good ol adsense is still the best PPC network than any of the above (And I see that you already have it – all that you need is some link units)


  9. Its a scam. I just removed ttzmedia, John chow is a crock! I was making a cool 80-90 USD a day with TTZMedia. But then all of a sudden my adverts received only a few clicks and thats with over 350,000 ad views per day and only 4 usd!! TTZMedia is a scam. Seems like John removed 99% of my clicks and now he won’t answer my emails. Must have hurt him to pay me? Learn from me, John Chow will ripp you off! He owes me over 2,000 USD! And I’m sure from that hes made over 3,500 off me.

  10. Jack, your right! I’ve also been screwed over by TTZ Media as John chow owes me two months payment from Sept and October 09 Its no Jan 2010 and no payment! Its just over 600 dollars he owes me, so not as much as you but I agree. John Chow is a crook, he hasn’t even bothered to answer my emails or my posts on his blog. I think he is scamming us all. I also saw this thread here on digitalpoint -> hxxp://

    Looks like there are many others too in the same boat. TTZ Media = Scam

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