Updates – Going Slow on Blogging

As you probably noticed, I have been going a bit slow (in fact, quite slow) on blogging since last few months. In the month of January, I just wrote one post each on this blog and my personal blog and wasn’t quite able to post more than thrice a month in the past six months or so.

Well, it’s not just the case with blogging, but I had quit facebook around this time last year and have been maintaining low profile on other social media handles as well. However, unlike my Facebook exit, going slow on blogging is something to do with priorities in life and not that I am going to quit blogging.

Current Priorities

In the middle age, you are thrown with a lot of challenges in life – career woes, kids, relationships, health, wealth management issues, retirement planning to name a few. At the moment, though I do not have any major concerns regarding my relationships or finances, I would like to do a little bit more about stabilizing my career and that’s priority number 1 right now. Then there are kids at home that are not growing younger and their right upbringing needs a lot of attention. Lastly, I am trying to do my bit for the community that I am living in by taking up small projects that impact a few lives.

The above mentioned priorities come way ahead of blogging and hence the retardation.

Updates on my online ventures

Okay, this doesn’t mean that I am doing badly with respect to the websites that I own. While my personal blog doesn’t make any money, this blog still fetches some referral income – thanks to some of the great products that I used and endorsed in the past.

Then I have a couple of coupon blogs that are doing well even without any new addition of content to the same.

There’s then this autoblog that I set up for fun, which started building some good traffic without any effort. It’s being monetized with the Amazon program for the time being.

So overall, while I am visibly slow, the situation isn’t all that bad from the income generation point of view. I still run 8 websites off which 4 are doing quite fine.

I hope to continue updating this blog but definitely not every other day or week. Well, good thing about blogging is that it allows you to increase or decrease your post frequency at your will. That’s better than closing down altogether like many online businesses, right? (Just read that AdBrite closed down their advertising business)


  1. The funny thing is that your blog’s ranking doesn’t seem to be affected at all; that’s pretty amazing. However, one writes when one feels like it, so you’ll be back.

    • @Mitch, as I mentioned in a comment to your recent post (on quitting blogging topic again), there is not going to be a hard stop at all. I just want to align to a lower frequency based on my main job work load and other things in life 🙂

  2. We’re the same. Actually I’m quite passive with my blog for the past 24 months and most of the posts are either guest posts or paid posts. I think its kinda realistic to say that the passion that I had 4 years ago with writing isn’t quite the same as what I have right now.

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