Some Updates on Internet Marketing, Blogging and Money

Well, it is exactly SIX MONTHS since I quit my regular job and I have been into full-time affiliate marketing since then along with occasional consulting on inbound marketing – SEO topics. Life has been peaceful ever since I bid good bye to the Software world in Bangalore – particularly happy about staying away from awful traffic situation and office politics.

So what exactly I have been doing these days? Here is the bullet summary (now that I don’t spend a lot of time blogging long and boring posts)

1. Affiliate Marketing

This being my main income stream, my main efforts go here these days. When I say, ‘effort’, it’s not more than two-three hours a day at the moment. The following are the main routes that I have taken lately:

Google AdWords based Marketing: I am heavily into this stream since last six months or so and have been in touch with the AdWords team in India to get a few things ironed out so that the outcome is optimal for me. However, this is an area which requires constant monitoring and improvement.

Affiliate Marketing via Keyword Domains: I continue doing this as it has been my tried and tested strategy for many years now. Exact keyword domains (e.g. coveroo coupon) can drive free, assured and converting traffic from bing and Yahoo (that is 25%-30% search engine share) and occasional traffic from Google. This is a profitable model once you have many such websites; it doesn’t even require constant intervention BUT there’s a shelf life attached to it talking from the Google SEO angle alone.

Facebook marketing: I stopped doing this recently after wasting some money and effort.

2. Blogging

I am not really spending a lot of time on blogging these days. It’s not that I don’t like it. While I still use it as a powerful medium to voice my opinion – especially on my personal blog – I do not expect any monetary benefits out of it any longer. In fact, the income from this blog is at an all-time low at this point of time.

3. Investments and Long Term Financial goals

I have been spending significant time on my investments and equity portfolio since retirement. I believe, this is one area where wealth creation and regular returns opportunity rests. A couple of friends from financial and portfolio management background is helping me in my efforts on that front.

Apart from building an equity portfolio in the booming Indian markets (check my equity portfolio here), I have been focusing on asset allocation to meet various financial goals of the present and future.

Other than the above topics related to money, life has been pretty much around family, the apartment community that I live in and some food/cooking adventures. I am also focusing a lot on health and fitness lately.

That’s a quick update. I shall be back with more precise details on how my Internet marketing efforts are shaping up!


  1. Good deal Ajith. I learned years ago that blogging for money directly doesn’t work all that well, even if there are one or two people who have done it. Glad the affiliate marketing thing is working for you; spend money to make money. 🙂

  2. Dear Ajith.. its nice to read from you. But regarding Adwords… i have found, one gets blocked from Adwords if they promote any 3rd party.
    plz tell me… what is the solution…?

    • I have been banned once from AdWords. This happens when you promote get rich quick schemes, poor affiliate marketing products (especially Clickbank) or some healthcare products/home remedies that haven’t proven to be effective. Directly sending the AdWords visitor to such product pages will attract ban. The alternative to market such products is to use AdWords or other traffic driving mechanisms to build a list and then market via that. For cleaner products, you can use direct landing page marketing via AdWords.

      The problem with AdWords is that, even after you remove all those problematic campaigns, your history remains bad. Another, violation any time in the future and you are gone!

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