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It’s FIFA World Cup and soccer season and most of these nights I stayed awake well past midnight. Though, it’s been sleepless and tiring nights I managed to enjoy some good soccer and also a few activities on the blogging front. The following is what I have been doing and decided over the weekend.

  • I have decided to discontinue my blogger (and other platform) based blogs and consolidate all of them at my new blog Ajith Prasad Edassery’s blog – Reloaded that has been reloaded and relaunched
  • DollarShower will deal only with the specific topics such as blogging tips, Make Money Online, SEO etc. No more personal updates here
  • I will be putting more Internet marketing efforts using these two blogs

AjithPrasad.com – Reloaded

I have been owning this domain since last ten years and on and off I have had content on it – varying from hand-coded pages, to my own CMS based blog to PHPNuke blog to WordPress. Since, it’s a very old domain, I thought it’s a better idea to keep it updated with my rants, thoughts and reviews in the areas of my interest such as cricket, automobiles, food, cooking, technology, politics etc. Basically, I have a lot more ideas to express in all the above topics rather than just writing about how to make money online.

Unfortunately, I could not retrieve and restore all my previous contents due to loss of some backup data. Going forward, though, I would like to keep my personal blog updated with interested content. At the moment, its design is not yet complete but moving to WordPress itself has been a major relief. It was really a painful process to extract content out of blogger and phpNuke DBs.

I would like you all to take a look at the reloaded ajithprasad.com and provide feedback.

Other updates

I have redesigned this blog with a brand-new logo which I got done by a professional designer. Unfortunately, I am not completely satisfied with the same yet and hence would want to change this theme itself along with a nice header banner soon.

On the money making front, I have started placing BuySellAds ad spots here on the sidebar starting with a very minimal monthly rate. I will be taking some measures to improve the traffic via targeted keyword optimization and SEO for the homepage.

That’s pretty much for now…

Happy Blogging!


  1. Great decision to have them all in one place. As for the logo, this one is simple and nice but still I liked the previous one better !

    • @Raju, even I thought the previous one designed by me was better than this one 🙁 Well, anyhow I have to move forward and get a professionally designed theme this time along with a nice banner head.

  2. Talking about World Cup, you watched France getting kicked with the Vuvuzela of the Bafana Bafana (South Africa) today? Haha. That was funny indeed. I was watching this match and wondered “Hey are they really the French?” lol.

    By the way your other blog look nice. Good idea to mix it all in one and share your other passion.

  3. Good Move. All the world now in FIfa Fever, but me not seen a single match :(, hope to watch the next round matches.

  4. Oh man! I just checked up the who.is and its 2001 for that domain. You should have registered a bunch of domains at that time, or did you?

    • @Arun, at one point – just before the dot com fall – I had as many as 22 domains. I got many of them appraised at $30 and managed to sell a couple of them for $200-$250 range 🙂 One of them was PennyDeals.com. But overall it was not a profitable business, as I just broke even.

      • I guess I am not very late yet, I wonder what it would be like after 10 years. People would see 6 letter and 7 letter domains as premium domains, the way 3 letter .com’s are now 🙂

  5. First time i am checking ajithprasad.com 🙂

  6. Man, you are lucky! I don’t own a domain name with my name.. 🙁

    Will check out your personal blog now.. 😉

  7. I like the logo it sells itself, its all about the money. For some tips on how to make money online please visit my website.

    • @Jason, thanks for your feedback. Anyhow, I am going for a total revamp.
      PS: Visited your blog that’s built on UBT. Looks like your header banner doesn’t show on IE6.

  8. Great news…

    I will nwo follow both the blogs…

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