Utilized your free $20 worth traffic yet?

I had an excellent run with my FREE Google AdWords campaign during the first two weeks since the launch of this blog. As I mentioned sometime back, when I opted HostGator as my hosting provider, I had received $50 in AdWords credit. I utilized that credit along with a $5 sign up charge to create the following traffic figures via Google AdWords alone over two weeks.

Number of unique visitors: 227
Number of times my ad was displayed by Google.com Search & Adsense: 456,134

This also resulted in some RSS subscriptions to this blog that I could not count. Buying traffic with AdWords was exciting, and even more exciting right now is getting some more free traffic with Bidvertiser as I don’t have to pay even a dime.

Most of you must have seen the ’$20 in FREE Clicks for everyone’ banners by Bidvertiser running around the web. But have you really d-bidvertiser-campaign.JPG utilized this $20 credit which can potentially bring in 100+ unique hits and some regular visitors over the next week or so? I did and the ad shown in the picture is now displayed in thousands of websites. The following steps are all it takes to get your site’s free premium ad campaign running.

Steps involved in starting a FREE campaign

1. Use the $20 in FREE CLICKS campaign (there’s one at the end of this post if you have not seen elsewhere) to sign up with Bidvertiser. If you are already a Bidvertiser publisher, you can use the same account to be an Advertiser of your own site
2. Create an ad campaign using ‘Advertisers Center’ tab after logging in. Choose the date range (from and to) while creating ads – You can choose like a week or ten days
3. In the next pages you have to select the categories of websites where your ad needs to run. It is always good to select those sites that have similar topics as yours. Then you have to pick the countries where this ad needs to run. Pick your geographic options here. You need to also pick your bid amounts for each category and here you pick the minimum.
4. You are now ready to fly! Bidvertiser will take up to two days to approve your campaign but once it is done you will start getting hits.


. You have to give a credit card number to get approval. This is because your free credit is only for $20 and beyond this you will be charged. To prevent from being charged, make your daily spending limit as $2 or so and then after ten days you can pause or stop your campaign. You won’t spend a penny in this case.

. The Bidvertiser will recommend some weird numbers as desired daily budget. Make sure that you change it to your value ($2 or so – $2 should fetch you 20 or 30 clicks to per day)

You are now ready to go with your own campaign! Good luck with increased free traffic!!

$20 Free Ads with Bidvertiser


  1. hi, i actually tried the free clicks and just for a few hours and i saw the balance went from $20 to $0 and i paused and deleted the ad. My bank statement was still showing pending settlement transactions of this charge weekly at $140. Will this amount be refunded ? I started using it since dec 1. pls advise tks

    • Mason,
      I haven’t used Bidvertiser advertisement for three years now and hence I cannot comment. However, did you read my ‘Tips’ section above? You have to restrict your daily spending as I mentioned and stop the ad so that the card is not charged.

  2. I also am using bidvertiser because google adsense disqualified me now I am having a big problem with my seo can you help me with this?



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