ViralBlogAds Blog Ad Network pre-launch offer

ViralBlogAds is launching their blog ad network! Right now, the pre-launch ViralBlogAds
is going on with a contest that offers $1,650/- worth prizes from various sponsors. The ad program is open for subscription and bloggers can actually sign up now as publishers and take part in the pre-launch contest while availing the publisher options.

Too many blog ad networks?

Of late, there has been a flurry of ad networks that were specially designed to target blogs. Some of them are link or blogroll networks such as Blogrolledwhere as some others are flat rate banner networks (e.g. PerformancingAds). Most banner networks supported only the blog friendly 125×125 image ads and many of them stood for the cause of increased traffic and hence supported traffic exchange programs as well.

However, many of these ad networks could not deliver their promises mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Most of the famous and high-traffic blogs chose to directly attract advertisers rather than outsourcing their ad-spaces via blog ad networks. Even if they opted for blog banner advertising via networks, they preferred big CPM networks
  • The blog ad networks never cared about low to medium traffic blogs
  • The ad format options were limited and their ad serving technologies did not scale
  • Unreliable banner exchange programs – many of them chose to discontinue what they offered initially

What makes the ViralBlogAds different?

The ViralBlogAds tries to be different here by offering the classic 468×60 banner along with the 125×125 square image format. However, unlike some of the recent blog ad networks, they do not follow the flat weekly/monthly pricing system but it is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) banner network for blogs that will deliver context-aware banners that will match your blog’s content. They do support banner exchange like other similar networks whenever fill rate is low.

The other major benefit is that they offer an excellent referral program available whereby the you will receive 15% of your referral’s ad income for life!. Since it is a PPC network, the fill rate is expected to be good enough even for small blogs.

And last but not least, this new ad network is co-devised by Simon Emery of OIO Publisher and hence you can expect their ad serving and exchange technologies to be solid!

Pre-launch offer details

The pre-launch contest started on September 1st and it will run till the end of the month. You can participate in the contest by signing up with ViralBlogAds as a publisher. More details of the program can be found at their homepage.

Regardless of whether you want to participate in the contest or not, the ViralBlogAds provides yet another blog advertising option for you. It may take a while to know how good will be the earnings from this program but that does not prevent you from experimenting with this new network. So, why not sign up today?


  1. hey thanks for the advice I am always looking for new ad networks to try make some money on.

    make a pound’s last blog post…Entrecard pair with OIO publisher not good news for some

  2. Thanks for your visit and comment, make a pound. I will certainly try to list and review new networks here… I saw in your blog that you are already running viral blog ads… Hope it’s doing well wrt ad exchange initially and in the long term some good long term earnings as well.


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